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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.

Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.


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266 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Hey Pirate Aba! I’ve loved the audibook of vol 1 and am trying to wait for vol 2. Thank you and the narrator for this great read =)

  2. Please have volume 2 on audible, I am almost done with volume 1 and am dreading the ending because I know that’s it!
    This book is magical, engaging, and WONDERFUL!

  3. Found The Wandering Inn Volume 1 on Audible and loved every minute of it. Two and a half months later and I am now completely caught up and kinda sad that I now have to WAIT between chapter releases. This is absolutely something I’ll be coming back to for years, and one of my favorite pieces of fiction across any medium. In my top ten for sure.

    The characters are fleshed out, flawed, and endearing. The story is gripping and rarely goes in the direction you’d expect; the world so enriched, so detailed, that I almost feel like I know more about it than I do of the real one. Which…is maybe kinda sad on my part, but ANYWAYS

    I fucking adore The Wandering Inn. Thank you pirateaba for creating this you amazing [Writer], you.

    • Just finished Volume 2 and would much rather purchase Volume 3 then read it here online (it both supports the author and easier to read). When can we expect another Volume to be published on Amazon? Any time line for the rest of the Volumes (one a year, one every two years)? LOVE this series!

  4. I am reading volume 2 now (purchased on Amazon). When will later volumes be released for purchase? Reading them here is nice, but (1) that doesn’t make any money for the author, and (2) I want to be able to read offline. Great series! Amazing worldbuilding!

    • I devoured volume 1&2 and eagerly await Vol. 3. I don’t mind paying for the books. Please release Vol 3 soon. Reading offline is way better for me

    • If you would like to give money to her, go to Patreon! donating 5$ a month gives you the chapter before the public gets it aswell!

      • I think he means he wants to buy book 3 so he can read it offline. Which will also take several months before the third book is released as well.

    • I just nabbed the first part of volume three on Amazon for my Kindle. I know they’re going to be released a thousand pages at a time pretty much just so the audiobooks collate with the Kindle files and aren’t longer than the app can handle.

      Really hope there’s a push to get the Kindle versions practically up to date with the current meta. I read volumes two through six on my phone but I’d really rather read them on my Paperwhite

  5. Hello Pirate Aba! I have been loving listening to Volume 1 on audible and I can’t wait till Volume 2 comes out! The story and writing is excellent and Andrea Parsneau’s performance is wonderful. Please come out with Volume 2 soon! I have been listening non-stop to the first book and am totally lost in the story!

  6. Ok, I’m absolutely hooked! Just finishing up v.2 now and awaiting more. Found you on my kindle as a recommendation, one of the best ones I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for your efforts.

  7. You have created an adorable piece of fiction. I am longing for part 2 as an Audiobook. Great Speaker for Volume one. Any clues when Volume 2 might be available?

  8. have just finished volume 1 on audible and was truly blown away, am now torn between reading volume 2 or waiting for it to come out on audible as the narration was truly inspiring and added to what was already a phenomenal tale, will volume 2 be coming out as an audiobook?

  9. Thank you for an amazing world. I can’t wait for Volume 2 to come out on Audible, I check weekly. I’m almost through my second listening of Volume 1. Well Done!!

  10. My husband loved your book so much on Audible he asks me every day to check if the volume 2 is out yet. Every Day. It’s is really adorable and at the same time really annoying. If you could find it in your heart to publish the volume 2 audio book very soon I would be very grateful.

  11. Hey, For anyone just finding this site, for pirateaba, and for everyone who’s been living here, I’m John Lapides, and I absolutely love this series… I really couldn’t stand it at first when I was introduced through the audible to the constant complaints about dust, but now I don’t know where my imagination would be without them… Erin and the other wonderful characters of this world comfort me so much that I caught up with volume 6 as it was being shared and remembered the dysphoric feeling of finishing a series, or having to wait for another book… ONLY TO HAVE THE NEXT CHAPTER COME OUT SOON AFTER!!!! I have been a devout One Piece fan for years, and now live by the same strategy with these two giant worlds: I TRY TO NEVER CATCH UP… (I know all caps are annoying, but thats how I feel…) I have found that I enjoy always having a few extra chapters of the wandering inn ahead of me… letting me know that there is something to look forward to… also, it’s easier to wait when its my choice, and I know that there is an accumulation of feast ahead… That is all, thank you pirateaba for writing, and thank you everyone else for continuing to read so that we can keep finding out more about this fascinating world and that wonderful Inn that I hope to one day stumble into… best clown ever… mumble mumble… I f@#ing love this series…

  12. I really liked this chapter! It was actually pretty nice that it didn’t do too much stuff at once. Excited to see where these threads go!

  13. If anyone deserves a bit of plot armor it’s Ryoka. Every time she does something brave or tries to step up disaster strikes.

  14. I know that audible just released volume 2, but I was wondering if volume’s 3-6 are being produced? If so, is there any timeline for their release??

  15. I am about to complete listening to volume 2 and these books are now among my favorites. I cannot wait for the next installments to arrive on audiobook. Please, please, please continue to utilize Andrea Parsn

  16. Hi Pirate Aba, Many thanks for your awesome story. I found it last year around this time and have spent many entertaining weeks having read the entire story 3 times now. I recently came out of a 3 year hermit mode and discovered I still have money in PayPal, you are the first to benefit as I consider you my top web entertainment. kind regards Brycie.

  17. Hi Pirate,

    I stumbled across the Wandering Inn when I was looking for long listens on audible. I love it, then forgot about it until Vol 2 – also found via audible. I knew there had to be more to the story so I found your web serial. I have just read up to Vol 6. Absolutely hooked, and loving it, but I do feel a little drained after so much non-stop reading. Actually I’m getting funny looks from my wife when I slip into into Goblin talk! Parts of your story remind me of Joe Abercrombie, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Jim Butcher, although I can’t imagine any of those authors writing your world. Love the genre, and especially Erin, and the goblins. There are some parts I have to skim though – uninteresting characters. I get the story is slice of life, but I don’t want to read what every character ate for breakfast every day. Some dialogue is slow or certain words feel off, and absolutely everything is on screen – not sure how I feel about that. My favourite chapters are those that are self contained and progress a characters story. Some chapters are absolute gold. The more Wandering Inn I read the more the story grows on me. My own theory why so many other worlders have appeared is that a forgetful dragon has been leaving portals open, because there is no TP, and the bathrooms are better on Earth.

  18. I found this series completely by accident while shuffling through audible. The world building so far has been absolutely excellent. I have only listened to a couple of LitRPG series, and they have been frustrating at best. The latest offerings from “The Father of American LitRPG” have an unbalanced mix of over-explained leveling/skills acquisition and story. I was so upset with the hours of annoying skill/leveling explanations that I gave up entirely on LitRPG-type stories…until this one. This is written so that the classes/skills/levels are a neat plot device that the characters have to deal with, without completely taking over the story. I care about the characters in this story and am truly curious where their stories are headed. I am not fixated on one or two characters. I want to know how almost all of the characters lived play out! I can’t wait to read the rest!

  19. Ah. You’re not doing Twitter anymore – too bad. To make a long story short, I’m a middle-aged, retired Navy (and soon to be on SS) fan. I dearly love your world-building and your characterization. Those whose lives revolve around testosterone – or who must criticize every little thing – will not like your work. But those who allow themselves to marvel, to wander in the world you’ve built, and to revel in the contrast of characters (esp. the extroverted Erin and introverted-like-me Ryoka), will absolutely love your series.

    Very, very well done!

  20. I’m moderately obsessed with Wandering Inn. The audio book version that is.

    I stopped by to share an image gallery that i compiled while listening to volume 1 and 2 of the audio book, based on how I visualize the characters without paying attention to the minute details on character description. Please light a fire under Andrea Parsneau’s butt and get her narrating more volumes. STAT!

  21. I’m almost done with Volume 2…..how soon can we get Volume 3? I love this world and the character detail! Wonderful work!!!!

  22. I really love your story. It’s truly epic, with unique worldbuilding and interesting character development. I adore the twist of Erin becoming an innkeeper instead of an adventurerer. Or that Laken can simply decide to become an emperor. These choices make the story feel fresh and original.

    However, I do wish you would consider accessibility issues concerning the presentation of your story on this website. While there are people with disabilities who have an easier time reading white-on-black, for others that is problematic and makes reading difficult or even impossible. (For example, I suffer from photosensitivity. The white-on-black contrast is a trigger for so-called hemiplegic migraines in my case. That type of migraine mimics the symptoms of a stroke and can even lead to lasting brain damage.) There are other visual disabilities that make it very hard to read white-on-black (but also vice versa!). Therefore I would beg you to consider that insisting on certain design choices can exclude readers with disabilities and health issues. Offering alternative reading (and screen reading) options would be very helpful and much more inclusive.

    Also, it’s really hard to find chapters that focus on certain characters at the moment. I’m re-reading for the first time right now, and I’d really love to be able to find all chapters about Laken or Erin or Ryoka at a glance. Using WordPress categories or tags should make that easy to accomplish. Or simply adding the names of the main charcacter to the chapter titles would improve the effectiveness of your presentation immensely.

    I am very much looking forward to the next installments of your series. Good luck and happy writing!

  23. I first found your stories through Audible just this past July. Enjoying Vol 1 immensely, I was sad when it ended only to find that Vol 2 would be coming out just days after I finished Vol 1. Then as I finished Vol2 I didn’t know what I was going to do to pass the time. Until I learned you’d been writing this story for years, and I had an additional 5 Volumes to catch up on!

    I do enjoy reading them very much but am an incredibly slow reader. I’ve basically been reading nonstop since finishing vol 2’s audiobook…every minute of my free time. Alas, I haven’t made it very far (only to the middle of vol 4 to be exact) which is both good and bad, as it leaves me with so much more to read and look forward to but at the same time seems daunting.

    I do hope you will continue to produce audiobooks for all your Volumes, side stories and interludes included. Its twice as enjoyable (at least for me) to be able to just sit back and listen to the world you’ve built, playout in my mind fluidly and continuously. Instead of occasionally losing the magic when I have to pause and re-read things (sometimes multiple times) to really grasp what is happening—at no fault of yours, my brain just takes a little extra sometimes.
    Not to mention you truly chose some great readers to be the voice of your characters, it just brings everything to life so easily.

    Regardless I will continue to happily drudge on, lack of reading skills in tow, until I catch up. And I’ll keep my fingered crossed about another audiobook announcement in the future.

    Thank you so much for your stories. I have my favorite characters and side stories but really do enjoy every single chapter so far. I look forward to everything I have left to read, and everything you have left to write.

  24. As with other readers, I eagerly await, volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, and now 7 being released on e-book via Amazon or whoever. Got my wife to read it and she needs the new volumes too.

  25. I listened to Vol 1 and 2 on audible and this series is easily within my top 5. I can’t stop thinking about it and I want to know more. I realize you’ve already written more, but, unfortunately, I only listen to audiobooks due to an injury. Please continue to release volumes on audiobook and have Andrea Parsneau narrate them, as she is one of the best narrators I have ever listened to. I am eagerly awaiting the next Vol of the story on audiobook. And, in the meantime, I think I’m going to re-listen to Vol 1 and 2. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and thank Andrea Parsneau, as well!

  26. Erin should make a night club with the ipod music and have Numbtounge DJ.

    I took a pill in Liscor to make Relc think im cool.

  27. So happy to see Volume 3 (Part One) on Kindle! Rereading one and two, and then I’ll get right onto it! Purchase made already! :D

  28. I love your books, my first was an audiobook as I am going blind in my right eye and my left slowly. I couldn’t wait for vol. 2 I am going to try to read vol. 3 because I don’t want to wait for it in audio. I hope you write more. I love these books.

  29. Hi Pirate! TWI brings joy into my life even during the darker times. Just as your chapters bring me happiness I hope you get the rest you need between them :)

  30. Is it just me or does anyone else kinda hope they fall into a 5-year coma so that when they wake up (that’s important) there will be months of reading Wandering Inn ahead of them?

  31. Months after months of reading, through laughs and through tears. Through sprouts of not so kind thoughts and weeks of wallowing in self-pity. Days spent doing nothing but reading, this is a story that will not only inspire the reader, but it will also fill them with determination, sorrowful thoughts, and many other emotions where many cannot be put into words. For some, this may just be your average story. But for others like myself, there is no finer masterpiece, even if I am just some guy sitting here in his office chair with no life to speak of it has given me a purpose in dark times of my life and have changed it so magnificently. I cannot thank Pirate Aba enough, compliment her enough, or love her work enough, but alas I hope this means something for someone just as it’s made me felt.

  32. I have read the Wandering Inn Volumes 1-3(Part 1.) on Kindle. There are no more books to buy on AMazon, but I want to continue reading the story. Where do I pick up on the online site after ending Volume 3 Part 1? It seems like there is not a clearly delineated spot to pick up. Please help!

  33. Hello oh great one(the writer of the wandering inn), I really just wanna say thank you for bringing my mind out of the cesspit that has plagued me since my military time. After reading your work I have rediscovered what empathy is again. This wonderfully written tale has taken all of us readers through a journey of emotions and ambitions reflected in our daily lives both small and large. Your work has taught us how to be better towards each other in gestures small and large. Please continue on your own self-journey through writing to re-discover how we as a species can help one other and beyond to better. :)

    P.S.(it’s my initials as well as postscript)
    I love this story often lucid dream as a living being in the inn-universe as a participant in your world!

  34. Are the books different than the webnovel ? I support PirateAba on Patreon and I wonder, if I decide to read the earlier chapters again in the future, if reading the books would be better than reading online again

    • Pirate goes back and fixes the typos and maybe some of the inconsistencies but other than that its the same.

  35. Hello, I read alot but I dont think I have ever enjoyed a story so much, thank you. The WanderingInn. At the end of every chapter you complain about your hand hurting, have you ever tried a good quality CBD cream? Give it a shot, look for one derived from hemp, I am sure it will relieve some of your suffering. Thank you again for so many hrs of extream enjoyment.

  36. I understand pact: the hard working lamb. I don’t understand how he can be a natural ally when he’s forced the lambs to do things against their will. That’s like Erin getting Natural Ally: Goblins after forcing all Goblins to work for her against their will

  37. Hello Pirateaba. I have been listening to your book on Audible. Will Wight (cradle series authour) recommended it during his stream for his latest book in that series. I am enjoying your book at a lot.

  38. Hey Pirateaba. I’ve been reading this series for over 2 years and it’s helped through a lot of tough and dark times and I just wanna thank you for writing this work of art. It’s one of the best literary pieces I’ve ever read. Keep on the great work.
    P.S Can anyone please tell me why TWI was removed from royal road?

  39. I just finished winter solstice on audible. Now when I look here I see parts of the story that either the audiobook skipped over or I have forgotten? Are these being released in a different order on audiobook? Also where can I go back to read the conversation between ryoka and kilbvetch about the anteneum wars? Thanks these series is fantastic!

  40. i just finished the 4th audio book Winter solstice. just wow I cant decide if i want to wai for the next audio book or read what comes next but I’m continually astounded by this story. I’m so glad i ignored the some of the more negative reviews on the the fist audio book i was captivated from the very start. Erin Reoka and the rest of the cast feel like real people that i wish i could meet. thank you Pirate aba for the wonderful story and i wait for the nest audio book with bated breath

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