Reader Reviews

“Needs more stick people. Racist.”

Stick Person 10454

“Anyone got any apples? I’ll eat the blue ones too.”


“Altogether enjoyable, the color scheme is terrible. White text on black background? Please. Why not stab out my non-existent eyes while you’re at it? Author, if you’re reading this, change it back to purple on orange post-haste. Love, Sticky!”

Stick Person (Grand Praetor of the Tau-Omega Empire Sub-sector 400B)

“BhJ5jg(&^bC2j  67*%^B,.m}{“


“I was enjoying the story right until they started hurting the crabs. Why? Why would you hurt those tasty, delicious crustaceans? I…I need to take a break. And eat crabs.”

Pot Head

“My favorite character was the acid fly killed in 1.06. R.I.P. Acid fly. You will be missed. BEGHJKMNOPQRSTUVWXZ. See that? I left out the ‘acid fly’ on purpose. That’s how much of a gap you’ve left.”

Stick Person Green

“On first glance, this may seem to the uninformed to be a simple story using the widely perpetuated ‘gaming world’ trope of the Japanese Light Novel. In the very first chapter we are introduced to our protagonist, one Erin Solstice. … Continue reading


“Special sale on acid flies and free drinks to whoever kicks the author of this story in the teeth. Seriously. Don’t I get hazard pay or something for all of this?”

Erin Solstice

“Vaguely acceptable.”

Barefoot Asian Running Girl

“Who wrote this? If you want a REAL story, go check out the light novel Overlord, or read something by Terry Pratchett. 1/10, would not write again.“


59 thoughts on “Reader Reviews

  1. So, I picked this up for an audio book on a trip. Absolutely hooked. The Audible version of these books is amazingly well done. The story is wonderful and so engaging. I have such anxiety about books ending… because I want them to go on forever. This book series has been so wonderful because it just keeps giving love. The characters and the way the events are woven together just keep me so engaged. I laughed, cried, got pissed at wallowing characters, and elated with triumphs and changes in them as well. I have now listened to every one of the books available through Audible and will read them next. I really hope for the next Audible editions the author chooses the same voice actor. They nailed the accents and sounds each species makes in my opinion.

  2. I absolutely love these books, and can’t wait to read more. Except for one thing… ANYWAYS IS NOT A WORD! For the love of grammar, PLEASE stop adding an S on the end of the word ‘anyway’ and making every character say it every time they speak. In all other aspects, great work and carry on. 👏🏼

  3. Pirateaba, you are a great storyteller. I am so glad I found your web serial. I think I need to list you as one of my biggest influences as a writer, alongside Scott Sigler, George RR Martin, and Robert Jordan. The Wandering Inn is just so addictive and so much fun!

    P.S.– Your audiobook editions are incredible.

  4. Can you drop a hint for each password.? Like Hint “number of antinium workers in wandering inn”. JFF.
    I love your work, pirateaba. May you be in health of body and peace of mind.

  5. I discovered this story three weeks ago (via spacebattle or sufficient velocity recommendations). I am hooked. I have heard a good part of the first audio book but quickly switched to the website and didn’t stop reading since. I am at the 6.09 chapter and I can’t seems to stop laughing or crying after some chapters. The emotions invocated by the personality of your characters, the fact all is not black or white, but Grey nuances, the development! I am recommending this story to friends! (Also bought the 8 epub on amazon)
    Really nice read!

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