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The Wandering Inn Inktober 2023 Challenge!

Hey folks, Inktober 2023 is officially here! For the first time ever, TWI is hosting an Inktober Challenge, with all TWI related prompts.

Inktober is a time to recognize and support all of the great artists out there that have created so much Wandering Inn art. Artists are encouraged to improve your skills, develop creative habits, and have fun. Fans should give likes and follows across social media to every Wandering artist to show your support.

How Does This Work?

Visit to see how Inktober works in general. Every medium except AI art is fine to make!

The goal of the challenge is to embrace your creativity, but another benefit is Honor and Glory. Here’s how to get your digital flaming glory drink:

1. Post at least once a week and tag your art with #Inktober and #WanderingInn, or @ the official The Wandering Inn account.
2. When Inktober is over, a selection of finalists will be chosen. TWI readers will vote for their favorite piece of art in a public poll!
3. The winning art and the artist will be announced here. Then let the bragging commence!

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The Official The Wandering Inn Prompt List for October

October’s going to get wild. Jump in and enjoy it!

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