Winter Solstice – The Wandering Inn

Book 4

Winter Solstice

It’s still winter, but everyone’s on the move. Rags the goblin is heading north, seeking allies against the Goblin Lord.

And Erin is going home…or trying to, at least. She’s determined to bring back cheer to The Wandering Inn – as well as Christmas! But the coldest time of the year leads to strange encounters with a number of people.

At the same time, Ryoka Griffin is far from what she would consider to be “home”. Deep in the north, in the city of Invrisil, she finds herself as the guest of Magnolia Reinhart. She must carefully negotiate the good graces of the Deadly Flower of the North. Like Erin, her success depends on friendships made by meetings of coincidence.

Includes the story of Wistram Days, when Ceria and Pisces first meet in the Academy of Mages, Wistram.