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Ardent Tears: Awakening Audiobook Kickstarter!

Hey everyone, I am once again shouting out another Kickstarter from a fellow writer in The Wandering Inn’s community. Ren Carlisle has been part of The Wandering Inn’s Discord community for years now and her book, Ardent Tears, is in the middle of a Kickstarter to get an Audiobook made! The narration will be done by Jessica Threet, aiming for delivery of the audiobook by the end of the year.



On the verge of Awakening, Rowan is taken from her family by slavers intent on forging her into a weapon. Why? She doesn’t know. She doesn’t care. All that matters is freedom, vengeance, and reunion. In this world of harmony and dissonance, where Resonance and emotions reign supreme, Rowan must learn what it means to be an Ardent before it’s too late. She must find unity and purpose. She must not break. She cannot do it alone. Who will be there for her?


Please consider giving the Kickstarter or book a look and backing her story.


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