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Blog #10 – Chapter Release Changes

March 6, 2024

Ahem. Starting April 2024, I will release ~30,000 words only on Saturday instead of twice a week. It is my intention to begin this starting in April so my readers, but especially Patreons, aren’t blindsided by this notice. For the month of March, I’ll be sticking to my regular schedule. As for why—well, that’s a […]

Blog #9 – Writing and Suffering

February 14, 2024

I’ve mentioned I stream while writing. I do it for motivation, because if one person is watching me, I tend to try harder. Not many authors do it; in fact, I’ve only heard of one other person actually writing on stream. That’s because it’s not very engaging, at least compared to someone playing a game […]

Blog #8 – Music and Moments

January 19, 2024

I promised to do another blog post, and here it is. 18 days into my br—wait. Where did my break go? No seriously, it feels like it’s flown by. To say that eighteen days have vanished is…well, it feels like 8 days, seriously. I have noticed myself recovering from being so tired. Whether or not […]

Blog #7 – Vacation and Wiki Update

January 11, 2024

New Wiki Site —   This is an update, well, one-third into my break. How terrifying! Where did it go? I have two things to talk about. First is that the wiki is moving away from Fandom to another hosting site to mitigate the impact of ads, and so all links and the site […]

Blog #6 — Final Chapter Delayed

December 18, 2023

It’s 5:27 AM as of writing, and I believe I slept for seven hours? Eight? I cannot tell, and I was trying for nine, and I did sleep nine or ten hours the last few days. I cannot anymore. I was tossing and turning after I woke up. Hungry. I realized there was a part […]

Blog #5: Solstice Writing Pt. 2

November 15, 2023

Recap of the last three days. Sunday–my new designated non-writing work day. I did indeed fill hours of it with meetings and other things that surprisingly come up on days like these. I was only ‘free’ for the last four hours of wakefulness and debated working, but I felt like it’d just be work I’d […]

Blog #4 – Chapter release delayed. Solstice scheduling announcement.

November 11, 2023

(Book 11, The Titan of Baleros, comes out on November 14th!)   [We are running our yearly survey on the site. If you have time, please consider filling it out as it provides useful information and feedback.]     Recap of my break. Most of it was resting or doing management stuff and not writing. […]

Blog #3 — Extended Break and Rest

October 3, 2023

[I am delaying my return to the 14th. Apologies! It’s the best thing to do to keep rested.]   I am almost done. And then the largest actual book I have ever writt–no, wait. The first book I ever wrote was perhaps longer than this. But I never edited it, and that story will never […]

Blog #2 — pirateaba’s Calendar

October 2, 2023

For context, this is a real conversation edited to keep names anonymous in my work Discord two days ago. It was about the Huntsong editing and uh…I’ll let it speak for itself. I’ve cut the part where I worried and stressed for days about how much time I had. I did think my Assistant and […]

Blog #1 — Of Angels: Grace and Work

I swore that I would write a blog post despite knowing full well that most readers do not necessarily want to read what is essentially Author’s Notes in a more engaging form. Some do. What’s my % of people who’d read this instead of my chapters? 10%? 30%? I doubt the enjoyment is at the […]

No Chapter on the 26th!

August 26, 2023

Blame weather for this one. I was literally mid-stream working on the chapter back when a storm blew through and blasted my power out. For two days. I have JUST gotten power back and been tossing all my perishables and as you might imagine, during my two days without power I couldn’t write or access […]

Warsong Update

August 15, 2023

I am done. Gravesong, Book 2, has been written. The third arc, Warsong, is done. Actually, I’m changing the name to Thronesong. So you’re getting revisions even now. Speaking of which, I have finished a Draft 1, and it’s…rougher. It’s still hopefully good enough to be the bones of the finished novel, but it’s still […]

Writing Update – Warsong

August 2, 2023

I am back with an update on my progress throughout the month of July! To begin with, here is something I am bad at: math.   49500 + 16600 + 17700 = 83,800 words I have written so far. 49500 + 16600 + 41300 = 107,400 the current length of Warsong, pt. 3 of Gravesong […]