Salvos Kickstarter by MelasD! – The Wandering Inn

Salvos Kickstarter by MelasD!

The hour has come once again. MelasD, is launching a Kickstarter for their book, Salvos!

Let me tell you a story about why that matters: MelasD first appeared in The Wandering Inn’s Discord server as one of the readers I recognized and talked to. But after a few years they vanished, and grew less active. Little did I know they were writing their own story.

Now, I will not take credit for their evolution as a writer, but they have mentioned they found The Wandering Inn as one of their inspirations. MelasD is the first author I know of to begin as a reader of The Wandering Inn and so I would like anyone interested to check out the Kickstarter and see if they’d enjoy Salvos. It comes from someone who likes The Wandering Inn, so hopefully tastes align!

Best of luck to you, MelasD!

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