This page is dedicated to the awesome fans who created art, music, or other cool stuff based on The Wandering Inn’s story! Note that spoilers may be present here.


The two banners you see while browsing the site were designed by Raoul, a graphic design artist. See more of his works at!

This series of portraits and picture of Ryoka and Erin was done by the amazing Evionth! Check out more of their art here!


Spoilers ahead! These are some amazing character sheets drawn by Enuryn the [Naturalist]! They are fantastically cool and you should check out Enuryn’s Tumblr here! He’s done three of the Antinium, and I have nothing but gratitude for each one!



Minor spoilers. Here’s a cute interpretation of Mrsha the Gnoll! It’s drawn by SilverFighter, another [Artist] who reads The Wandering Inn!



Spoilers, oh the spoilers! This is the incredibly cool image of The Wandering Inn drawn by the [Possessed Painter] Pino44io, also known as Victor Koroedov! He worked on it for over a week–check out his Deviantart page here! It was commissioned by a [Patron of the Arts] who goes by the name of deathsand12, much thanks to him for adding to the art of The Wandering Inn!

(Full-size version here.)



Spoilers! There’s so many! Here’s more artwork by Miguel, who’s shared some sketches of his take of The Wandering Inn’s characters! Check out his site here!



Spoilers! This is a series of sketches made by Black Noise! They depict our favorite fey–the Frost Faeries! Or just Ivolethe. Honestly, it would be hard to tell. Either way, they’re somewhat cute, somewhat scary creatures and I think Black Noise captures that well! Big thanks to him, especially since he sent me the sketches long before this section even existed and I forgot to add them.



Volume 5 Spoilers! This portrait of Lady Welca Vis of the Knights of the Petal was commissioned by none other than Yarrick, an [Art Connoisseur] and a reader of the story! Credit to Zamberz for making this incredible piece!



Not spoilers at last! This is a work by HiuGregg of The Fantasy Inn! He’s a reviewer of stories, but also made this cool animated image of The Wandering Inn’s cover!


No spoilers here! Well, probably… This is a very cool ink sketch by Jason Yao! He has an Instagram filled with amazing art and he’s made the Antinium into a very cool dark version I could see in some kind of gritty battle scene. He admits that he forgot to add two arms, but I don’t think it matters. Just imagine a Soldier charging at you down a dark tunnel. Also Workers don’t generally get issued swords, but I’ll assume this one’s super cool or something.


He’s also done a rendition of Liscor’s crypts! I love the atmosphere, and I love the architecture! Nice seeing all those excited adventurers gathered around the front…



Sort-of-spoilers? This is a wonderful series of portraits drawn by the [Face Artist] known as Carol M! The full gallery is here. I truly enjoy all of their faces, especially Ryoka’s peeved look. Very true to her character!



Spoilers! Read no further if you don’t want spoilers! Aristide Twain, a [Sketcher] with a great cartoon-art style made a character sheet of a bunch of people from the story! Check out their Deviantart page here! I particularly like Mrsha, on the bottom left.


Massive Volume 5 Spoilers! I have a series of pictures, again from our [Art Connoisseur], Yarrick! He’s commissioned an amazing landscape of Liscor, how it normally looks and Liscor during the rainy season. The artist is Cristian T. Art and I hope you check out their Instagram for more great art!



And that’s not all! Yarrick’s also commissioned a portrait of Magnolia Reinhart herself! There’s a sketch of what she might have looked like as a young woman and a formal portrait. She looks quite austere…I imagine the real Magnolia might object to the portrait, but this is probably hanging in her family estate, probably commissioned by Regis Reinhart. I quite enjoy the portrait, and the younger Magnolia’s smirk most of all. (This was done by Stephanie Chen! Check out her Deviantart here!)



Cute spoilers! These are some lovely images of Mrsha, Apista, Bird, and Pirate that can be used as emojis! I like them as pictures, too. Scott Cross, a very cool reader made them!




A Level 19 [Cartographer] took the raw sketch I did of one of the main continents, Izril and turned it into a cool thing! You can see the full version here.




Glitchy has composed a really fun set of theme songs! I personally like Ryoka’s Theme the most, but I like all of them so I’m not really that impartial.




Spoilers ahead! Not too many, but Simon has written a poem about a certain [King]! Read and be spoiled at your own risk!

A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
His kingdom and dreams are dust in his hands, the sands rise to consume them both.
Hollow dreams and broken memories plague him, hope is gone, his people fade.
A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
His kingdom starves, his friends weep, the king still sleeps.
Footsteps echo in the empty hall, his heart stirs, will he answer the secret call.
He sees reason and truth, he sees his heart revealed.
The king sits upon his throne.
His friends gather, a message is sent and steel drawn, a new flame is borne.
His toes gather and armies march, will he survive the coming war.
A king sits upon a broken throne.
The earth is shaken and blood is spilt, the lightning burns the past away.
A war is won, a heart is broken as chains are forged, new slaves are born.
Flos sits upon his throne.
His people many, his army vast, his fire burning once again.
He marches forth, a nation is broken, it’s city in ruins, a great foe he beheads.
The world knows he is awake.
Flos the King Of Destruction sits upon a mighty throne.


Volume 5 Spoilers ahead! One of our [Poets], Paul McGrath, has come up with a few verses to celebrate the indomitable spirit of Liscor’s people and their scorn for the Walled City of Pallass after the famed battle agaisnt the Face-Eater Moths. If you haven’t read it yet, be warned!

Where were you when the dungeon came to call,
when monsters rose up and blood flooded the wall.
Did you watch and do nothing, just stand to the side,
making comments and laughing as we fought, as we died.

For those that we thought would come to our aid,
did nothing but watch, our deaths a parade.
Yet others rose up risking flesh, blood, and bone,
to fight for the lives of those not their own.

And after the fight, when all’s said and done,
if monsters came calling, Liscor stands as one.
No matter your creed, species or race,
we’ll stand side by side to spit in death’s face.