(There is now a fan-organized Fanworks here with all the art! This page is not kept as up-to-date as the #gallery channel on the Discord server, either. The author will try to update with new art and other work periodically!)

This page is dedicated to the awesome fans who created art, music, or other cool stuff based on The Wandering Inn’s story! Note that spoilers may be present here.

Table of Contents

Music and Poetry


The two banners you see while browsing the site were designed by Raoul, a graphic design artist of Corella Studios.

This series of portraits and picture of Ryoka and Erin was done by the amazing Evionth! Check out more of their art here!

Spoilers ahead! These are some amazing character sheets drawn by Enuryn the [Naturalist]! They are fantastically cool and you should check out Enuryn’s Tumblr here! He’s done three of the Antinium, and I have nothing but gratitude for each one!

Minor spoilers. Here’s a cute interpretation of Mrsha the Gnoll! It’s drawn by SilverFighter, another [Artist] who reads The Wandering Inn!


Spoilers, oh the spoilers! This is the incredibly cool image of The Wandering Inn drawn by the [Possessed Painter] Pino44io, also known as Victor Koroedov! He worked on it for over a week–check out his Deviantart page here! It was commissioned by a [Patron of the Arts] who goes by the name of deathsand12, much thanks to him for adding to the art of The Wandering Inn!

(Full-size version here.)


He’s also done a fantastic scene of the Redfang Goblins vs the Goblin Lord! A truly epic battle! See if you can identify all of the Redfangs, and spot the special non-Goblin guest! Amazing props to Pino44io, and deathsand12 for funding the commission!

(Full-size version here.)


Spoilers! There’s so many! Here’s more artwork by Miguel, who’s shared some sketches of his take of The Wandering Inn’s characters! Check out his site here!

Spoilers! This is a series of sketches made by Black Noise! They depict our favorite fey–the Frost Faeries! Or just Ivolethe. Honestly, it would be hard to tell. Either way, they’re somewhat cute, somewhat scary creatures and I think Black Noise captures that well! Big thanks to him, especially since he sent me the sketches long before this section even existed and I forgot to add them.

Volume 5 Spoilers! This portrait of Lady Welca Caveis of the Knights of the Petal was commissioned by none other than Yarrick, an [Art Connoisseur] and a reader of the story! Credit to Zamberz for making this incredible piece!


Gore spoilers! This is a massively impressive commission, again by Yarrick! It’s by Nico Saba, a very talented artist who’s drawn a Knight of the Petal…when they don’t win. However, due to the graphic nature of the picture, it’s not being displayed. To see it, click below, but be warned! There is blood and entrails. Still fantastic. Massive thanks to Yarrick again!

(Click for the picture!)

Amazing spoilers! Yarrick strikes again! And this time he (and a number of generous readers!) have comissioned a beautiful landscape image of The Wandering Inn and the surrounding Floodplains of Liscor! It’s got so much detail that you should zoom in and take note of all the little things in the picture! I love it! But I’m never visiting. Those Rock Crabs are awful. Check out the artist, Asanee04, here!

(Full-size here!)

Floodplains of Liscor

Not spoilers at last! This is a work by HiuGregg of The Fantasy Inn! He’s a reviewer of stories, but also made this cool animated image of The Wandering Inn’s cover!

No spoilers here! Well, probably… These are a collection by Jason Yao! He has an Instagram filled with amazing art and he’s represented the Antinium, two of our favorite Goblins, and a drawing of Liscor’s crypts! He admits that he forgot to add two arms in the case of the Antinium Soldiers, but I don’t think it matters. Just imagine a Soldier charging at you down a dark tunnel. Great work, and extremely detailed!

Sort-of-spoilers? This is a wonderful series of portraits drawn by the [Face Artist] known as Carol M! The full gallery is here. I truly enjoy all of their faces, especially Ryoka’s peeved look. Very true to her character!

Spoilers! Read no further if you don’t want spoilers! Aristide Twain, a [Sketcher] with a great cartoon-art style made bunch of sketches of people from the story! Check out their Deviantart page here! I particularly like Mrsha in the character sketch, on the bottom left.

Massive Volume 5 Spoilers! I have a series of pictures, again from our [Art Connoisseur], Yarrick! He’s commissioned an amazing landscape of Liscor, how it normally looks and Liscor during the rainy season. The artist is Cristian T. Art and I hope you check out their Instagram for more great art!

(Unflooded Full-Size Version)

(Flooded Full-Size Version)


And that’s not all! Yarrick’s also commissioned a portrait of Magnolia Reinhart herself! There’s a sketch of what she might have looked like as a young woman and a formal portrait. She looks quite austere…I imagine the real Magnolia might object to the portrait, but this is probably hanging in her family estate, probably commissioned by Regis Reinhart. I quite enjoy the portrait, and the younger Magnolia’s smirk most of all. (This was done by Stephanie Chen! Check out her Deviantart here!)

Cute spoilers! These are some lovely images of Mrsha, Apista, Bird, and Pirate that can be used as emojis! I like them as pictures, too. Scott Cross, a very cool reader made them!

No spoilers! Here’s a picture of Erin by CatloverK, an artist who captures Erin with a plate of pasta in hand! And honestly, isn’t that what we all aspire to be? Holding pasta? And eating it? She’s also done a host of other great characters, from Ceria to Magnolia to Ryoka!

Obvious Spoilers! A talented [Mouse Artist] by the name of DemonicCriminal sent me a series of sketches and an inked drawing of some of our favorite characters from The Wandering Inn! Antinium, Ryoka, Halrac…it’s all amazing! Check out their deviantArt  page and give them a like! I personally enjoy the distinction they’ve made between Workers, Soldiers, and Klbkch.

Goblin spoilers! Do you like Goblins? One of our local [Goblin Artists], who may or may not be a Goblin, drew a series of heartwarming and heartbreaking pictures! Also, his vision of the Antinium, which resembles a certain video game…I’d play it! But then I’d get depressed. Great work, and check out his Imgur album here!

Iconic spoilers! Cyan of has kindly drawn a series of amazingly cute images, including Rags and Erin playing chess! It’s a wonderful scene, and I encourage you to check out more of her works!

Scary spoilers. Here’s a horrific…ly great drawing of a Creler by Typist Kid! It’s most definitely a baby if anyone’s asking. The older ones aren’t as uh–well, aren’t. But this Creler certainly captures the imagination. And if you get too close to it, it’ll capture you as well. Great, and horrible stuff!

Creler by typist kid

Nostalgic spoilers. Here’s an incredible commission by Joseph G, drawn by Daniel Gonzalez of all five Redfang warriors. I appreciate that you can tell each one apart with just a glance. Just amazing work and a big thanks to Joseph, an [Art commissioner] of fine taste!

(Full-size version)


Tabletop spoilers! If you remember Yarrick, our [Extraordinary Commissioner], well, you won’t be surprised to see another fantastic piece of art, this time by Devin Night of! By all means check them out and enjoy these four miniatures of Garen Redfang and Redscar, ready for battle!

Portrait spoilers! Here are some lovely sketches by the talented Briose! More sketches of some of the ladies of The Wandering Inn! Not the actual [Ladies], by the way. But just as cool!

Selfie spoilers! No, for real. If you understand this picture, you understand how great it is! Thanks to Carl Zornosa for drawing this great image of Teriarch, and to Blue Juice Junky for commissioning it! While their Cookie Clicker skills leave something to be desired, their artistic tastes are top-notch!
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Chalky spoilers! Not really, though. This is an incredibly cool bit of calligraphy by Reddit’s u/CalligraphyPen! Much love for the brilliant writing! Much better than any of my handwriting. A [Calligrapher]’s work indeed!

The Wandering Inn by CalligraphyPen

Pisces spoilers! And Gazi! Vreemdear, an awesome [Illustrator] with a gallery drew our favorite [Necromancer] and half-Gazer! I love the mossy Pisces. True to character!

Incredible spoilers! Proof that there’s amazing stuff no matter how far down this page you go–Socs, an [Artist] with a Deviantart page here has made their first entry into The Wandering Inn’s fan works in a huge way! They’ve made a gallery of a huge number of species and characters from the story! I especially love their take on the Lizardfolk of Baleros! If you want to visualize some of the species in the story, take a look at Soc’s take!

(Full Version here!)


Video spoilers! This is an incredible picture by Snowstorm, a user who dedicated over a month of work to create this picture of The Wandering Inn’s most iconic cast! It’s great, and it has a video! Check it out here! I truly appreciate all the hard work and love the image. It’s great not only to see and remember how far the story’s come, but see how it was drawn.

wandering inn

Volume 6 Spoilers! New artists appear and create amazing stuff! John Doe is a great artist who has done a line of Volume 6’s cast, including the new [Witches] and some of our classic characters! I think my favorite image is of Jelaqua, because that Selphid is pretty darn accurate towards how I imagine them! The body’s clearly in super-fresh condition, though. Jelaqua must have paid a mint for it!

(This image is darker than the others below and contains non-graphic depictions of a scene of assault from Volume 1. Click if you wish to view it.)

Minotaur spoilers! One of our artists, Brack, has brought some of our dubious villains to life! Calruz, and a certain fellow with a nice…smile? Points if you know who it is! Or spoilers! I like Calruz and his cute little friends! The smiling guy scares me.

Termin spoilers! Blue Juice Returns has commissioned a moment from Volume 2 involving a certain [Wagon Driver] and Erin herself! It fits her character completely! I also would like to eat a hamburger now. The art was done by Allen Walker, whose art can be found here!

(Full version here!)

Termin and Erin

Non-Human spoilers! There’s some great art here of Relc and Klbkch, the timeless duo, and a certain suffering Minotaur who’s still popular–at least among artists! Buckaroo Joe’s picture of him really captures Calruz’s anguish. It’s great and I love it! Well, I feel bad for Calruz, but I love the art!

Tremborag spoilers! This is a set of some truly beautiful art by Sabina Malla! It was commissioned by The-0-Endless, a reader who helped bring art worthy of any picture book to life! Look at it! I mean, look at it. I love it, even if Tremborag the real Great Goblin Chieftain wasn’t uh, as nice as the images indicate. Still awesome!

Horns of Hammerad spoilers! The [Artist] known as Chalyon has created two great pictures from your favorite adventuring team, the Horns of Hammerad! Ceria’s a lot more relaxed than Calruz–check out more of their art here!

Horror…spoilers. No, seriously, this is an amazing pixel art by Chironyx! Take a look at more of their art here, but beware–this Skinner’s pretty accurately horrific! Great work; I hope I never meet the real thing!


Angry fae spoilers! This is a combination of a great map of Izril and some very angry Humans and Fae! And a cute selfie! All by the artist known as Auspicious Octopi! Because that’s a cool name. Almost as cool as pirateaba, right? Right?

Gnoll [Shaman] spoilers! This is a Gnoll [Shaman] drawn by Dylanisyes! And yes Dylan, this is a great Gnoll! Who says that Gnolls can’t use proper magic? I love the art style too! There’s all kinds of great art here! Where’s the Picasso imitation?

Gnoll [Shaman]

Sad spoilers! This is actual spoilers since Mike_Tav has recreated a sad scene from the story! Pisces and Mrsha! And tears! I like it, but it makes me sad. But I’m happy for people who like the story so much!


Card spoilers! Do you play card games? I do not! But I think you could use this one in Magic the Gathering! This is a Toren card designed by PanzerSoul! He looks like an annoying pain with that regenerating aspect. Take him out quick! …I don’t know how to play that game.

Toren Card

Moth spoilers! This is glorious. Horrible, but glorious. Quinten E. has made an image of our most beloved…and hated moths! Face-Eater Moths do look like that, so keep them from eating your face or anything else! Love the art! Let bugs like that never haunt my city.


Goblins spoilers! This is an incredible drawing of Rags by ExplosiveVent! It’s an amazing picture of our first and iconic Goblin character, and I love it. My only question is…can I have the crossbow? It looks shooty.


Removable head spoilers! This is some art of our characters who can remove heads or other body parts at will! And yes, there is a subsection of characters who can do that. It’s by Nanobeaver and I admire their good taste! If I could remove my head, I’d do it so I could stare at other things while I exercised or something.

Volume 7 spoilers! Also, character spoilers! pkay has done an amazing set of pictures of characters! I’d link to their Twitter page but it’s uh, not always for kids. Amazing art, though! Huge thanks to them; search at your own risk!

Secret Toren spoilers! I don’t know whether you’d laugh or cry at this touching scene…I laughed. FinnLamora has drawn the saddest moment of Erin dying in Toren’s arms. And if that shocks you, you clearly don’t get the joke. I love it. Especially that mask!

Erin's Death

Half-elf spoilers! Ceria Springwalker is our favorite elf! And it seems like she has one more fan because Woogie has drawn a portrait of Ceria in all her expressions! She mostly looks annoyed or angry when Pisces is around.


Byres spoilers! This is a legitimate spoiler because Yvlon Byres is sporting a new look! Tomeo has drawn Yvlon Byres’ new Skill–and arms! They don’t always look so spiky, but when they do, you’d better not ask for a handshake!

Arrival spoilers! This is a take on how Erin made her infamous journey to another world by Catprince97! And yes, I assume her expression was close to that. Too bad we can’t see the Dragon’s!

Erin Arrival

Skeleton head spoilers! This is a rendition of Toren in four colors by sinsmi! And it looks like something I could hang on my walls! Not anywhere I plan on sleeping…he’s staring at me. But maybe in my bathroom? Wait…let me think about it.


Character spoilers! mg has done characters from The Wandering inn–so many of them! Even the inn! I love the humor, the iconic moments like the band and Bird’s moment of glory–it’s amazing! Except for Purple Smiles. He’s…a bit intimidating. But that’s the point!

Gazi spoilers! These Gazi pictures are done by yet another big Gazi fan! Tilman has drawn Gazi in color and as a sketch–watch out for her eyestalks! In that she’ll cut you if you don’t.

Illusionary art! No spoilers. I mean, some spoilers, but if you’re down this far…do I need to keep up this gag? Peanut has drawn Pisces’ illusion in all of it’s horror/glory, as well as Mrsha! Seriously, Pisces was sort of a jerk.

Wistram Days art! This is a scene from our backstory for two of our favorite [Mages] by seenkay! If you don’t know what it’s referring to–read the Wistram Days art again! Love that someone read and enjoyed it!

Pisces and Ceria by seenkay
Smith art! A Drake [Blacksmith] has been captured by Foe! I love the style and the acknowledgement that Drakes smith too! Not just Dwarves!

Smith by Foe

Ryoka’s art! Ryoka is caught on-the-run by woogie! I love the attention to detail–I just hope Ryoak doesn’t step on anything! Because that’s always a concern for barefoot people.

Ryoka by woogie
Cute art! I mean, also skeleton art, but Lyonette is very cute in this picture! Toren’s Toren. Also endearing in his/her way! Big thanks to Anito for drawing both!

More Toren art! And this one’s an actual painting! ReaderRabbit has captured Toren’s…good side? Let’s be real, he has photogenic issues, but the painting more than makes up for them!

Toren by ReaderRabbit

Is…is this lewd? Or rather, a lack thereof? This image by Mehoag is of Belgrade…in a quintessential moment. If you don’t know what this is instantly, go back and read more. I laugh! But seriously, it was a moment.

Belgrade by Mehoag

More Gazi Spoilers! Another Gazi image! It’s like she’s a favorite character or something! Bellaco’s drawn her with her classic smile! It’s…not meant to be reassuring.

Gazi by Bellaco

Old-school art! I mean, the art style reminds me of that. Erin has been drawn by Staugroan, an artist with a page I…can’t link to because it sometimes contains adult material! But check them out if you’re interested. Either way, enjoy their art of Erin! A classic!

Erin by Staugroan

Iconic art! And two great (but different, you have to admit) styles! Zelanter has drawn the Horns of Hammerad in a cute fashion–and The King of Duels, Raelt Leysars in an epic scene! Both amazing and deserving of praise! Give praise!

Animation art! I mean…animated constructs? Flausche Soeckchen has done some amazing art! Socs for short–they’ve  done Golems, Undead, and I love all of it! But I’m not fighting any of the constructs. Not even the mud-Golems. I know when I’m outmatched.

Header art! Literally–Raoul of Corella Studios has made the very art that sits at the top of the page! And more! 3D art is their forte and they’ve brought Enuryn’s Shield Spider to life! I uh–never want to meet anything they create. That’s a compliment.


Sprite art! Ether has name some edits of a sprite to make them more Erin-like. Very Erin-like, actually. She’s armed with all the necessary items to emote with!



A Level 19 [Cartographer] took the raw sketch I did of one of the main continents, Izril and turned it into a cool thing!


We also have a second map by Straw, who took my awful sketch and gave it color! Excellent work by another [Mapmaker]!


This map of Chandrar is done by Diederik Hulsebos, a [Historian] who translated one of the maps I did into a high-quality, incredible version! I love the style and hope these maps help people a lot better than my sketches!

(Full-size here).


Bring on the mapmakers! This is an amazing set of series done by the [Cartographer], Enyavar! They’ve done a series of maps expanding the known locations of the world! I can’t as of yet give my full, world-map or confirm all the details, but I will say that Enyavar is very close on a lot of areas! Check out their series below, and the full-size, scalable map at this link! Amazingly hard work!

Izril spoilers! Wait. Are they spoilers? I don’t know, but I like maps. And this is a great map of Izril done by Waytfm! I love the style; it feels like a map of a video game, waiting for me to explore. Don’t forget to stop by the inn! Love the details!

(Click here for the full-size version!)



Systemglitch has composed a really fun set of theme songs! I personally like Ryoka’s Theme the most, but I like all of them so I’m not really that impartial.


Spoilers ahead! Not too many, but Simon has written a poem about a certain [King]! Read and be spoiled at your own risk!

A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
His kingdom and dreams are dust in his hands, the sands rise to consume them both.
Hollow dreams and broken memories plague him, hope is gone, his people fade.
A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
His kingdom starves, his friends weep, the king still sleeps.
Footsteps echo in the empty hall, his heart stirs, will he answer the secret call.
He sees reason and truth, he sees his heart revealed.
The king sits upon his throne.
His friends gather, a message is sent and steel drawn, a new flame is borne.
His toes gather and armies march, will he survive the coming war.
A king sits upon a broken throne.
The earth is shaken and blood is spilt, the lightning burns the past away.
A war is won, a heart is broken as chains are forged, new slaves are born.
Flos sits upon his throne.
His people many, his army vast, his fire burning once again.
He marches forth, a nation is broken, it’s city in ruins, a great foe he beheads.
The world knows he is awake.
Flos the King Of Destruction sits upon a mighty throne.

Volume 5 Spoilers ahead! One of our [Poets], Paul McGrath, has come up with a few verses to celebrate the indomitable spirit of Liscor’s people and their scorn for the Walled City of Pallass after the famed battle agaisnt the Face-Eater Moths. If you haven’t read it yet, be warned!

Where were you when the dungeon came to call,
when monsters rose up and blood flooded the wall.
Did you watch and do nothing, just stand to the side,
making comments and laughing as we fought, as we died.

For those that we thought would come to our aid,
did nothing but watch, our deaths a parade.
Yet others rose up risking flesh, blood, and bone,
to fight for the lives of those not their own.

And after the fight, when all’s said and done,
if monsters came calling, Liscor stands as one.
No matter your creed, species or race,
we’ll stand side by side to spit in death’s face.


Proof that the best is certainly not last! Wait. No. I mean, we save the best for last? This is really good is what I’m saying! A fabulous [Analyst] actually came up with a set of statistics about The Wandering Inn, from word count to the most used words in the story! It’s an amazing graphic and presentation of hard research, and for that they deserve this final slot of honor!

By the way, the picture is actually a few months out of date as of writing; we’ve passed 4 million words by the way. I have to thank u/noneo for just some excellent work and hope that they’ll update their analysis some day! I love informative and entertaining statistics like this one.

(Full-sized version here!)



Game spoilers! One of our users, 8thinline, has decided to translate the world of levels and classes into another world of levels and classes! This is an adapted ruleset for the race of Stitch-People in the game of Pathfinder 2e! If you’re rolling up some characters, consider downloading this .pdf and sewing up a great game!

Stitch Folk (P2) _ GM Binder