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Writing Break!

 I am taking off the rest of July and time in August to finish Gravesong, Book 2, tentatively titled ‘Huntsong’. You may notice that unlike every other break, I have not pinned a release date.

That’s because if I fail to write the second half of Gravesong (I did at least one half or up to two third last time), I will extend my break to finish it.

This is for two reasons. One, I’m up against a deadline, and two, I pushed way too hard last time I took a month off and burnt out. For my own health and the good of both this story and The Wandering Inn, I will not kill myself if I sense I’m between the hammer and anvil.

I’ll try to work efficiently, but writing a novel is very, very difficult. And I don’t have as much experience with that as I do with web serial writing, ironically. Well, two months to write a novel is still a bad idea.

Nor will I be turning off Patreon. I hope to give you something in August by returning, but Patreons noticed that I published drafts of Gravesong so if I’m happy with my work or need a break to show you something else, I will post the work. You may still consider this a less-content month for August, but I appreciate the support I’ve been given.

I’m determined to write a good story. And so I shall leave you with this chapter and let you know how it’s gone and what my timeline is later. For now, wish me luck, and thanks for reading and waiting.



Gravesong Alternate Cover by Stephen Sitton

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