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Youtube Interview with Matt’s Book Reviews!

I have done an interview. And before you say anything–this one is on Youtube. It’s voiced, but it’s not my voice.

Riddle me this: how do you conduct an interview if you’re anonymous pirateaba? If you said voice changer or using AI-dictation…I tried both and wow, they suck. Seriously, I don’t know if it was overhyped or what, but the voice changing software and ‘AI’ voice bots were so awful as to be unintelligible.

So I did the weirder thing and asked Andrea Parsneau to narrate an interview I had with Matt’s Book Reviews. This is then the *first* interview I have ever done ‘verbally’, and I would like to thank Matt and Andrea for the hard work!

It took 4 months to pull together due to delays, but I think the interview is worth that wait. It doesn’t have silly questions and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s already got 12,000 views which is…just a huge amount of readers. So thank you for the interest and I hope you enjoy!

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