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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.

Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.


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  1. Picked this up 3 days ago, and hardly slept or got my work done since. Fantastic world building, character development, and gripping plot. Keep it up!

  2. What is with the password on 2-16? I assume Patreon content, but will the rest of us poor college students get to read it someday?

    Will we still be able to read further posts?

      • Sorry, I’m on a mobile device (android, no magical texts for me) and there is no sidebar.

      • I found it and am going to start helping. I’ll increase it when I get paid more! I promise I’m not a freeloader.

        • I never thought you were. Thanks for the help, and don’t feel like you need to donate if you need money! I appreciate comments and reading my chapters as well!

  3. I’m a new patron of yours and really enjoy your work! I read a lot and find your story to be very fun. The world building is interesting and the characters are very fun. Anyways keep up the good work, friend.

  4. I just read a comment about being a free loader and i realized what is going on. DUUURRR. I fixed that. anyway, i love your stuff and look forward to sharing this with my wife! keep up the fun work

  5. Any way we could get the current page link up at the top of the page, rather than below these comments? The getting started list of links would be nice, too. Thanks for the story, you rock.

      • Ah, okay. I’m on a Kindle Fire, so after the “Updates every Tuesday and Saturday” there’s these comments, then Current Page and the rest below. C’est la vie.

  6. This story is absolutely amazing! When are you going to package it up and start selling it on Amazon?

    • Uh. I’d probably take as long as Wildbow did for Worm. Revisions take a long time, as are my weakest point as a writer. Ask me in a year when I’m further away from (that part of) the story and I can take a keyboard to it to make everything flow better.

      Glad you like it, though!

      • Yeah having an Ebook version of this on Kindle would be a huge help, and would make it easier to suggest the story to others.

  7. Hey this might be a weird question but could you change where the most recent chapter hyperlink goes on the mobile page? currently it displays current page at the bottom of all these comments, which are continually increasing so it takes longer to get to it *sweats* Love love love your story!!! Once I am no longer a broke college student (soon) I shall become a loyal patreon user. BTW sadly no one will ever donate a million through patreon because patreon has an upper limit of 1,000?

    • I have the same issue, and on my Kindle Fire I just checked and if I use the desktop version of the site, the link to the latest chapter is to the right.

    • I guess I’ll never get rich that way…but I did add the Current Page to the top, as one of the links. Can you see it?

      • Yes indeed, and the link being subtle is probably a good idea.
        Thanks again for what you’re doing, and do take care of yourself. Cheers!

  8. Hey love your story. Binge read all of it over a couple days. I’m a broke student so I can’t donate, but I will begin fleshing out the TVtropes page as well as making sure the Wandering Inn is actually on the pages of the listed tropes.

    • Thanks! I appreciate everything, especially help with stuff like TV Tropes. I was a broke student not too long ago, so I totally understand.

  9. Marvellous story! I check each day, just in case there is more.

    One downside – White On Black is just ghastly to read – it makes my eyes swim, and brings out the astigmatism. I found I can read without pain if I force off all CSS styles in the browser, but that’s rather not the point is it?

    Any chance you can offer an alternative scheme which is kinder to the eyes?

    • I doubt I can toggle fonts or backgrounds that easily. I’ll look into it, but two options I know work is reading on Royalroad or by using the WordPress Reader. Glad you like the story, and sorry about the font/background — it’s always how I’ve preferred to read my stories online.

      • I didn’t try it ‘cos of the “for the best experience” it at the top … but actually it is much, much easier on my eyes, and I enjoyed reading the latest page much more because of it.
        Love Lyon/Lyonette – she is *so* horrible.

  10. Hi pirateaba! I just want to say….never stop writing!!! This story is incredible, I just discovered it last Friday and haven’t been able to stop reading (much to my employer’s chagrin) :P I really hope you get the chance to make this your full time job because you are truly talented. Erin and Ryoka just feel so real and relatable I can’t help but root for them. This is truly an awe-inspiring world you’ve created and I hope I never have to stop experiencing it! Can’t wait to read more :D Hope you’re having a great day!

    P.S. Was the mating rituals interlude canon?

    P.P.S. your profile picture is adorable

    • Uh oh. Don’t get fired just because of me! It seems like I’m getting closer and closer to my dream by the day thanks to all you great readers.

      PS. All side stories are canon. Some are even more canon than others.

      PPS. Thanks! My profile pic is from my old blog, and the character — Pirate — has a story I hope I can publish some day!

  11. If there is a way to put your Patreon at the top of your site it may be a good idea to do so. It took me too long to find it and others with less patience may not notice it at the bottom. (I’m on mobile so that may be the issue) Anyways great story and I’m now a donor!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve realized that mobile/tablet users to see differently from me. There’s only a limited amount of room on my top bar for links, but I’ll see if I can make it more obvious somehow. Thanks for reading and donating!

  12. For half a year me and my friend have deliberated if the inn was actually north, west, south west, or south of liscor cause there’s reference detail to alude to each. … we’ve given up.

  13. Normally a forever lurker here, but I suddenly caught a bought of commentgitis.

    I really love the story. It is so cute and adorable.

    Erin is the bestest evar. I love how she unites and uplifts everyone no matter how they feel about it. One of the coolest moments to me was early in part 1 where the Inn had like five different races all peacefully coexisting.

    I could say a lot more but I am busy today. I’ll just say that Erin better (threatening the author works right?) have a long conversation with Flos at some magically future point in the magical future. Just from a story perspective it seems like such an interaction would be awesome. I also feel like the two of them would have a lot of interesting back and forth. They might even get along on a personally level.

  14. Just subbed to your patreon, wanted to say : love your story so much front to back. And love you as well! Keep up the good work and don’t go nuts!

  15. Love your novel. I really do. There were multiple chapters where I laughed really hard, and some when I cried real tears. Hope that reading this comment will make your day just a little better.

  16. I have been reading your story for a few weeks and really enjoying it. I think you are very talented and I like the large range of moods and feelings your story encompasses and the deep characterization you have been able to achieve. I have been recommending your story on the litrpg reddit quite a bit the last few weeks so I hope you see a lot of increased traffic from it since this story deserves it.

    Also, congrats on giving your two weeks notice and having more time to write! I am looking forward to reading the quality of your already quality work now that you will be able to devote more time to it. :)

  17. O.M.G. This is soooo awesome! I found thsi a few days ago and I’ve been binge reading it for DAYS. I really wish Relc would get that stick out of his ass about goblins and stop giving Erin grief I mean he is her first friend in this world right? I am shipping Erin with so many characters, Relc, Olesm, Pawn and Klb.. oh my.. I’m really suspecting that Klb requested the two arm thing to be closer to her, I mean he did say ‘Beautiful’ when he ran hsi fingers through her hair when he first died~

    2.33 was so much <3 I can't help but wonder if Erin's new skill and drink would cause her popularity to boost.

    Also I noticed that this thing started late July 2016 so.. Happy Almost Birthday The Wandering Inn!

  18. I look forward to these every Tuesday and Saturday. It’s like getting saturday morning cartoons twice a week! I love your characters. Adding my $1 was the first time I’ve contributed on Patreon. Keep running. I look forward to your chapters.

  19. I binged read this in about two weeks, staying up until 5am occasionally because I was so entranced. Finding out that you do 10k word updates was great, but that you also do 10k word updates TWICE A WEEK is both incredible and slightly insane. In sheer awe of your writing and commitment and to hopefully keep my Tuesdays and Saturdays as something to look forward to I’ve subscribed to your patreon. I want you to know that is specifically because of how often you update and how much you update that compelled me to subscribe-your busy schedule has earned you my support!

  20. Ryoka and Ivo! <3

    Persua's an utter bitch. She deserves that beating and I hope her idiocy gets her killed or Shes forced to swallow her pride and stop. Not sure which is more appealing

  21. I have read just up to Erin’s and Ryoka’s story, and have to say that something about them feels so relatable to me. (spoiler alert for potential readers) Like how Erin coping over the lose of someone who protected her, and how Ryoka has such a high pride and keep up a strong image…

    On one side, I’m so grateful for you to write this story. I have laughed and cried reading it so far. On the other side: DAMN I”M SO JEALOUS ON HOW YOU COULD WRITE!

    Yours, with Love and Hate — TSH

  22. The map shows only one continent, Izril, not two. Terandia is across the ocean to the north of Izril. The humans of Izril originally sailed there from Terandia.

    • I know, I made this very early on when it waa unclear-ish. Patreons have access to a much better map commissioned by aba herself

  23. What would an emperor do? Claim the village as his, and use his awareness to find buried people!

    • Well, if there are any survivors, and if they want to rebuild, they’ll likely need his benevolent tyranny – and capital.

  24. I was wondering if you had any plans to sell this on like amazon. I have been reading the story and enjoy it. I dont want to do the paetron thing but I would buy the books if they were on Amazon for kindle.

  25. I was wondering.. Have you ever come across the Goblin Slayer Manga/Light Novel? I read through it today and I was struck by how eerily similar it was to Wandering Inn Goblins. There’s Shamans, Wolf Riders, Goblin Lords, you name it.

    • I have, and I like the story, although I have to say that I think the elements which define Goblins are fairly universal. Lord of The Rings had wargs and Goblins, which are the first wolf riders.

      Still, I’ll take that as a compliment, even if the Goblins in this world are a bit more civilized than their kin. Plus, Goblins in the Goblin Slayer world are expert trap-masters.

      • Ah, apologies. Now that I read my post again, it does sound fairly accusitory :V

        I simply found the two stories very similar and thought that was interesting, if not fascinating. I aboslutely love Rags and her Goblin side of the whole story.

  26. Your chapters are sizeable, which is good normally, but with this flash backs should not take up a whole chapter. Also flashbacks should only(mainly) occur for main characters. Wistram Days 1 and 2 were already kind of hard to get through due to being too large and jumping out of the main story for so long, having multiple of them in a row is too much. Full length flashback chapters for side/supporting characters is just ruining any story flow you had. You are sacrificing story telling for world building in a big way.

  27. Im pretty sure this is not the right place to post this but i have been re reading some pages and noticed that i get taken back in the story when i click the next chapter. for instance when i click next page at the bottom of
    i get taken back to

    the link at the top of the page worked fine, just the one at the bottom.

    this happened on at least on more page but i dont have the example

  28. (Strongly worded recommendation)
    Hello there.
    If you are here reviewing the comments and wondering if these books are worth your time, rejoice. They are.
    There is magic here. A full and breathing world. If you are a fan of Zelazny, Brust or Sanderson you are in good company.
    Also, beware.
    There is pain, and moral ambiguity, and so much character development it hurts.

    It’s so very good.

  29. Happy New Year’s Eve pirateaba! I really love Wandering Inn. Thank you for being a writer of this awesome novel. May success and wisdom be with you, always.

  30. I just spent the last week binging all of The Wandering Inn until four in the morning at times. It’s a miracle my work didn’t suffer for it. I love the cast of your story so much. You’ve built such a lovely world and populated it when even lovelier characters. My only regret about spending so much of my week on this story is that now I have to wait for updates.

  31. Well Pirateabal. What can I say. I chanced across your work a few weeks ago and I have been hooked since. I have laughed, cried, smiled, smirked and scowled my way through the three volumes so far. It is a great breathtaking piece of work and I am delighted that I was so new to the series, as it allowed me to miss work deadlines, stay up late and generally be unproductive whilst I caught up. However I have joined the depressed ranks who will wait for the weekly down loads. This is hard. But if Erin and crew can live in a new world, then I can wait in line with your other fans.

    Seriously I don’t critique Grammer and other typos, I day dreamed through too many lessons to do that, but I do like a good tale and story. Original characters and a really original world are a pleasure to explore along side you and your other fans. I look forward to stepping out into 2018 and seeing what the road brings.

    Great work, great fun and thank you for sharing the gift of your imagination with us.

  32. Odd question, but is Flos inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte? I can’t help but see a few odd parallels: 1.They both conquered entire continents (Terandria v.s. Europe), 2. They were both almost frantically loved by their people, 3.They both had a little… interlude in their leadership (Flos’ sleep v.s. Napoleon’s first exile), 4. When they other wise returned the people instantly rallied to them (The people of the surrounding lord rally to Flos, while the people and soldiers of France rallied to Napoleon), 5.After regaining power they both quickly returned to war. At this point the resemblance ends however because Napoleon was routed at Waterloo, while Flos succeeds in defending Reim. Please do satisfy my curiosity.

  33. I’m a fan of the wandering inn and was wandering if you’d mind putting a poem in that was partly inspired by the Frost Faeries?

    • Do you mean one you wrote? By all means, share it! I’ll put it in the Fanworks page if you’re willing and it’s not derivative of another work/contains offensive imagery or words. But I don’t take additions to the actual story itself.

  34. If a mage can create a recharging enchantment, could they enchant an iPhone to automatically recharge it’s battery? No more need of repeated repair spells. Also, a similar tactic could be to enchant the phone with a recharging message spell so iMessage could send to another single phone at any time. The mana recharge rate would be kind of like a data-plan :)
    If the Wistram mages are putting all that effort into massive group chats and things they almost certainly have the ability to enchant a phone with a recharging message spell. It could be that each iPhone user once they get to WIstram have their phone modified in this way to enable future communications easily between people from Earth.
    It might also be possible to lock a phone as one end of the door’s teleport, allowing the holder of the phone to dial 911 and instantly appear back at the inn.

  35. Love the stories, and finally found a more comfortable way to read them on my e-reader.

    If you have a Kobo e-reader, use “pocket” in Firefox or another browser to mark the episodes you want to read, and they magically appear in a readable/scrollable format. Even the blue text works…

  36. Is there a glossary of the chapter titles and the characters?
    If not then I’ll start

    R – Ryoka
    H – Horns of Hammerhead
    T – Mr. T the spooky sentient skeleton
    G – Goblin
    K – King
    C- Clown
    E – Emperor
    L – Lyonette
    D – Doctor
    M – Mrsha OR Magnolia… apparently… c’mon let’s get some consistency here
    KM – King + Twins?
    N – Niers

    Did I miss any?

    • L is Liscor. It’s also about Pawn when Erin is away from her inn.

    • Yes, it’s getting out of hand. The general idea of not having to scroll through x chapters and see some indication of the content is nice, but imagine my sadness when i saw M and thought MARSHAAA and it turnes into old ladies…

  37. It’s annoying how there are no upper links to the following chapters in the upper part of the chapter while using a mobile device. Being this such an amazing story that deserves being reread

      • PS
        There is some problem with the links of the second book. They skip some chapters and the like.
        There’s the tging of loading chapters from the Table of Contents, but…

  38. Really cool book! Love the world!!! I just really don’t like Ryoka’s hate for the level system and Erin unnaturally strong hatred of killing things. Erin!!! The goblin leader of whatever tried to rape and murder you! Why do you feel guilty??? Kill that thing!!!

    • Good question! If you have a link to it online, just post it in the comments of the latest chapter. Otherwise, you could attach it to the comment manually I think…let me know if you want me to put it in the fanworks section!

      • I’ll put it here, it’s not online so I’ll put here..
        A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
        His kingdom and dreams are dust in his hands, the sands rise to consume them both.
        Hollow dreams and broken memories plague him, hope is gone, his people fade.
        A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
        His kingdom starves, his friends weep, the king still sleeps.
        Footsteps echo in the empty hall, his heart stirs, will he answer the secret call.
        He sees reason and truth, he sees his heart revealed.
        The king sits upon his throne.
        His friends gather, a message is sent and steel drawn, a new flame is borne.
        His toes gather and armies march, will he survive the coming war.
        A king sits upon a broken throne.
        The earth is shaken and blood is spilt, the lightning burns the past away.
        A war is won, a heart is broken as chains are forged, new slaves are born.
        Flos sits upon his throne.
        His people many, his army vast, his fire burning once again.
        He marches forth, a nation is broken, it’s city in ruins, a great foe he beheads.
        The world knows he is awake.
        Flos the King Of Destruction sits upon a mighty throne.

  39. I love this so much! I wished you’d stop teasing us with a certain minotaur though…

    I am worried that these questions will be taken as criticisms.


    Why did the “prev chapter” and “next chapter” buttons at the top of the page go away? It is now mildly inconvenient to get to the latest chapter when I’m compulsively reloading the page until it becomes public

    Is there any way you could make the chapters public at a set time? Unless you already do… I guess I’m just bothered by being awake at 3:00 in the morning and wanting to read the latest chapter xD

    • +1 for announcing an official set time for making chapters public (which still allows for them to be posted early :D)

    • Hey Jimbo, sorry for the late response! I just scrolled down and this was literally sitting there…

      To answer your question, I write a chapter right before releasing it, so the publishing time varies. I can’t standardize it, sorry! You could just sleep and wake up knowing the chapter will probable be there…?

      Also, I removed the top links to the chapters because they were a default WordPress feature that went to posts in the order they had been posted. As a result, readers kept reading out of order and missing chapters and I decided they had to go. I’ll see if there’s a way to implement the chapter links the way I want them, but that’s tricky HTML stuff. Hope that answers your questions and thanks for reading!

  40. I have a few question about the dungeon, in 1:40 one of the adventurers thinks to himself that the first chunk of the dungeon that was found could be the burial place of one of the Old Things, it makes his blood run cold when he thinks on it. What are the Old Things? are they truly monstrous threats? will they be mentioned again? and will one or two of them be locked in the dungeon, waiting to rise against the world? Or will the dungeon be a resting place for a dark and evil god that’s still sleeping?

    • Hi Miguel! Wow, thanks for the page of doodles! I’d love to put it on the Fanworks page. Let me know if you’d like me to add it there and under what name you’d like to be credited/want me to link to an artist’s page. Thanks for drawing and reading the story!

  41. Any sammich (sandwich) monsters guarding the inn, Pirateaba? Just an idea, to help Erin keep thieves away from the pantry… 😀

    • What, like a “club” sandwich? (Yeah, bad I know, but it was just begging to be said.)

  42. Hi!
    Dont have much to say, but I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing. Just caught after 3 weeks of what feels like non-stop reading and wow what a ride! :)

    I am generally a huge fan of world-building and you have really crafted a wonderful world here , the contrasts between the different cultures (although a bitch tropey at times i guess?) comes across so well, this paired with characters that feel very real and have very satisfying developments makes it such a treat! I am “secretly” hoping for some more Erin growth, she feels a bit stagnated at times, that might just be her playing up the ditzy tho :)

    Im now a proud patreon member and cant wait for the next chapters :D

  43. Hi Pirataba,
    Just read the first volume (on kindle) and absolutely loved it! Cannot wait for the rest to be released in the same format (although I may well dip into the next one here!). Please continue with the great work and looking forward to reading the rest ☺️

    • Also, do you know when you’ll be able to get the next volume up on kindle? No worries if not, just seriously excited for the next one 😊

    • Another reader who started on the Kindle here. Your e-book was a suggestion by the amazon shop, and I liked the idea of an innkeeper as a hero(ine), so I bought it. After finishing it I came here immediatly to continue!
      I especially like that you have two female heros – a nice change from a lot of other fantasy literature! Thanks for your work!

      • Same here, read on the Kindle after it put Vol. 1 on recommended list and 3 weeks later I’ve caught up and become Patreon member. Amazing work!

  44. What is your stance on fanfiction and/or crossovers with your story? If you are okay with fanfiction about your story, what are some guidelines and/or limitations (ex. things/situations you don’t want happening to your characters)?

    • Hey Curious, my stance on fanfiction is like most author’s. It’s not something I’d ever go after someone over unless they were claiming credit for the story itself. Or, I dunno, doing something completely awful with it. Hard to tell what that might be. Fanfiction’s fanfiction! You do you. Just write well and with passion!




  46. Hi, I am new here and have a question. How do I read this without using the Worldpress reader as advised at the beginning?? Read the book already with my Kindle but this Scrolling is getting old. Any advice ??
    Thanks !! 😉

  47. While I waited for the story to load for the non Patreon readers I did search for what the corresponding letter would reference. I thought that it would be for Reynolds the Butler, but this one about Bird was amazing.

    What I believe to have figured out.
    Blank= Erin, though later (in book two) R dropped and merged into the blanks
    D= Doctor
    E= Emperor
    G= Goblin (five so far: Rags, Garen, Goblin adventures, Lord, Tremborag)
    H= Horns of Hammerand
    K= King Flos
    M= Magnolia
    M= Mrsha
    N= Niers (the Titan)
    R= Royoka
    S= Selys
    T= Toren

  48. not sure where to add my comments, but here goes.

    was reading through the glossary, and came across two corrections:

    Illphres – Fix spelling: “Wistram UNDER..” –> “Wistram UNTIL..”

    Mossbears – “Mothbears are larger…” –> “Mossbears are larger…”

    and lastlly
    Ishkr – What’s his secret?


  49. Will post my Amazon Canada review here and look forward to purchasing your other volumes as released. Just discovered by a recommendation on Goodreads so word of mouth works Bravo and thank you.

    Great read, fun enjoyable characters interesting world.

    Starts very slow in an enjoyable leisurely way, however it contains all kinds of joy, heartbreak and hope before you hit the end. This novel feels paced like an excellent TV series as opposed the more instant gratification typical movie that due to its nature must move the plot forward quicker.

    Enjoy the ride is my recommendation.

    Look forward to reading more hopefully the quality continues to this high bar.

  50. I just came across this image on Wikipedia for a post-glacial valley in Tierra del Fuego that reminds me of the description of Liscor- towering mountains (not high enough, but getting in that direction), a narrow valley that is full of pools and lakes and run-off. But no Bird. That I could see, anyways.


    The photographer has given permission for anyone to use it (if they give attribution).

  51. Now I wonder if they’ll just tunnel them down into the city of the dead in a dead drop, with the Necromancer allowing it because of all the high level premade undead.
    Also Goblin town

  52. It’s really weird. I get this odd very low, buzzing sound whenever I open this website for some reason. I can’t figure it out.

    • Sometimes (on my home PC) I get a virus warning. Not at work or on my tablet though. It is not a low buzzing, but a loud screech. Donno, if those are connected

      • Altra: that sounds like a audio alert sent through your speakers by your anti virus software. Probably different than what Lhans is talking about.

    • Buzzing is usually some “coil whine” on your motherboard, video card, or PSU rattling around at a very high frequency. It can occasionally be a fan dying too but its less common.

      Usually it means those components are getting stressed a bit too much. It can also mean a fan died inside your PC and its not getting ventilated properly too when that component is stressed. Or that there is dust build up on some components causing localized over heating when stressed.

      Occasionally its just a poorly manufactured part at play and it miiiiiiiiiight be getting near the end of its life but that is unlikely if you don’t hear the sound all the time.

      Easiest fix is to open the case while the PC is running and eyeball all the fans are spinning and dust isn’t caked on anything. If a fan is stopped then turn off the PC and replace it. If dust is caked on stuff then turn off the PC and blow it off with compressed air. If that doesn’t stop it then install some hardware monitoring software that lets you check temps like CPUID and make sure your CPU temp is less than 70C and that any motherboard temp readouts are below 90C.

      If temps are OK and there are no fan or dust issues then its either a poorly manufactured component that is getting over stressed on this site for some reason. The old fix for that was to find the coil causing the noise and hot glue it to stop the vibrating but that is seen as a half assed fix these days.

      If all that DIY PC fix it stuff is too much for you than you can of course pay some guy to find and fix it but its pretty expensive to do. You might just have to live with it for now. Or perhaps move your case farther away so you don’t hear the noise so much?

      Good luck.

  53. BAM! 7.5K OVERNIGHT after that chapter :D

    Take your time :D, you’re not losing readers by waiting and making your chapters better

  54. Where does the kindle book end in terms of the online chapters? Does it have everything to date?

  55. I am not a native speaker of English and I have a stupid question: Could you, please, elaborate on the meaning of the phrase “a moment of grace”? Does the word grace in this case mean “effortless beauty or charm of movement, form or proportion” or “divine favour”? Ivolethe said it once, and then Ryoka used that phrase, as well.

    PS: I LOVE The Wandering Inn! I hope it never ends! May you live eternally and may you never cease to have all those amazing and wonderful ideas!

    • Hi dreamyfill,
      Not sure if anyone ever responded to your question but I have some thoughts that may help.
      It seems to me that a “moment of grace” in this context was probably intended to mean something similar to the “unmerited divine favour” definition of grace but since the gods are supposed to be dead in Innworld, I’m not sure that any particular divinity is supposed to be responsible.

  56. Hey Pirateaba, would it be possible to se some blueprints / drawings from the inn, how you envisoned it?

  57. Are you going to publish volume 2 on the Kindle? I prefer reading on my kindle over any lcd screen and am totally willing to pay to do that. I’ve only read volume 1 because of this but I loved, loved, loved it – and would like to get further into the story.

  58. I just realized that whenever read about a nameless/faceless woman on the internet that has an “alpha” quality to her, I think of Ryoka.

  59. Hi pirateaba. I read and enjoyed volume 1 some time back and am keen to get stuck in to volume 2. However I find I have less than perfect recall concerning events from the former. Are you aware of any sources where I get can a summary of events from vol. 1?

  60. I have a question. Will Erin ever become a General? I mean she simply told the world’s system to shut up and it essentially kind of went “FINE! NO LEVELS FOR YOU!” Was curious will she ever get that back?

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    The world you’ve created has become so very big but you’ve accomplished the extraordinary feat of making the whole thing personal and familiar. So many different characters, so many different stories, and yet every one is realistic, fantastic, and soon to be (if not already) intertwined with all the rest. There is the potential for so very many stories still to come in this world. It’s incredible!
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    Oh, and are we ever going to find out how Niers learned chess? At one point you wrote that, though he is credited with creating the game, he knows that to not be true. If I remember correctly, I think it was said that only he and Foliana knew the truth. Does he know about our world? Is that why he’s starting to show interest in the United Nations Company?

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    The characters are fleshed out, flawed, and endearing. The story is gripping and rarely goes in the direction you’d expect; the world so enriched, so detailed, that I almost feel like I know more about it than I do of the real one. Which…is maybe kinda sad on my part, but ANYWAYS

    I fucking adore The Wandering Inn. Thank you pirateaba for creating this you amazing [Writer], you.

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    • I devoured volume 1&2 and eagerly await Vol. 3. I don’t mind paying for the books. Please release Vol 3 soon. Reading offline is way better for me

    • If you would like to give money to her, go to Patreon! donating 5$ a month gives you the chapter before the public gets it aswell!

      • I think he means he wants to buy book 3 so he can read it offline. Which will also take several months before the third book is released as well.

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    I stumbled across the Wandering Inn when I was looking for long listens on audible. I love it, then forgot about it until Vol 2 – also found via audible. I knew there had to be more to the story so I found your web serial. I have just read up to Vol 6. Absolutely hooked, and loving it, but I do feel a little drained after so much non-stop reading. Actually I’m getting funny looks from my wife when I slip into into Goblin talk! Parts of your story remind me of Joe Abercrombie, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Jim Butcher, although I can’t imagine any of those authors writing your world. Love the genre, and especially Erin, and the goblins. There are some parts I have to skim though – uninteresting characters. I get the story is slice of life, but I don’t want to read what every character ate for breakfast every day. Some dialogue is slow or certain words feel off, and absolutely everything is on screen – not sure how I feel about that. My favourite chapters are those that are self contained and progress a characters story. Some chapters are absolute gold. The more Wandering Inn I read the more the story grows on me. My own theory why so many other worlders have appeared is that a forgetful dragon has been leaving portals open, because there is no TP, and the bathrooms are better on Earth.

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    However, I do wish you would consider accessibility issues concerning the presentation of your story on this website. While there are people with disabilities who have an easier time reading white-on-black, for others that is problematic and makes reading difficult or even impossible. (For example, I suffer from photosensitivity. The white-on-black contrast is a trigger for so-called hemiplegic migraines in my case. That type of migraine mimics the symptoms of a stroke and can even lead to lasting brain damage.) There are other visual disabilities that make it very hard to read white-on-black (but also vice versa!). Therefore I would beg you to consider that insisting on certain design choices can exclude readers with disabilities and health issues. Offering alternative reading (and screen reading) options would be very helpful and much more inclusive.

    Also, it’s really hard to find chapters that focus on certain characters at the moment. I’m re-reading for the first time right now, and I’d really love to be able to find all chapters about Laken or Erin or Ryoka at a glance. Using WordPress categories or tags should make that easy to accomplish. Or simply adding the names of the main charcacter to the chapter titles would improve the effectiveness of your presentation immensely.

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    I do enjoy reading them very much but am an incredibly slow reader. I’ve basically been reading nonstop since finishing vol 2’s audiobook…every minute of my free time. Alas, I haven’t made it very far (only to the middle of vol 4 to be exact) which is both good and bad, as it leaves me with so much more to read and look forward to but at the same time seems daunting.

    I do hope you will continue to produce audiobooks for all your Volumes, side stories and interludes included. Its twice as enjoyable (at least for me) to be able to just sit back and listen to the world you’ve built, playout in my mind fluidly and continuously. Instead of occasionally losing the magic when I have to pause and re-read things (sometimes multiple times) to really grasp what is happening—at no fault of yours, my brain just takes a little extra sometimes.
    Not to mention you truly chose some great readers to be the voice of your characters, it just brings everything to life so easily.

    Regardless I will continue to happily drudge on, lack of reading skills in tow, until I catch up. And I’ll keep my fingered crossed about another audiobook announcement in the future.

    Thank you so much for your stories. I have my favorite characters and side stories but really do enjoy every single chapter so far. I look forward to everything I have left to read, and everything you have left to write.

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    I took a pill in Liscor to make Relc think im cool.

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    P.S.(it’s my initials as well as postscript)
    I love this story often lucid dream as a living being in the inn-universe as a participant in your world!

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    • Pirate goes back and fixes the typos and maybe some of the inconsistencies but other than that its the same.

  108. Hello, I read alot but I dont think I have ever enjoyed a story so much, thank you. The WanderingInn. At the end of every chapter you complain about your hand hurting, have you ever tried a good quality CBD cream? Give it a shot, look for one derived from hemp, I am sure it will relieve some of your suffering. Thank you again for so many hrs of extream enjoyment.

  109. I understand pact: the hard working lamb. I don’t understand how he can be a natural ally when he’s forced the lambs to do things against their will. That’s like Erin getting Natural Ally: Goblins after forcing all Goblins to work for her against their will

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    P.S Can anyone please tell me why TWI was removed from royal road?

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  114. Just wanted to let you know, there have been problems purchasing the wandering inn books on audible the last couple of weeks. All other books on audible seems to be working but not the wandering inn series, Audbible techs guys needed to escalate the issue and add the book manually when i contacted the support. (Book 3 last week, and book 4 this week).
    So it the sales are suddenly down, this is probably why!!

    Love the books, can’t wait for more!

    • not sure where you are in the world but i just successfully bought and downloaded book four to my phone in the uk, hopefully it was just a glitch

        • I just had this same issue now in november, for book 3 and 4. I also had some issues pre-ordering book 5 but it was solved over night.

    • Volumes 1 and 2 of the Wandering Inn correspond to Books 1 and 2 respectively. However, the volumes themselves are so long (and getting longer) that a decision was made with Volume 3 to split it into two books, Book 3 and Book 4.

      • Doing my first re-read after so long is a trip; “Whew! Remind me never to write a SEVEN-THOUSAND-WORD update again!” Now I hit PgDn and the slider barely even moves, or spend an hour reading and am not even half done… .

        Not that that is a bad thing, but the retrospective contrast is amusing.

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  116. Have you ever considered turning the wandering inn into touchable books? I listen and re-listen to the audiobooks regularly, and know there are ebook. but I would LOVE to have something tangible, something to add to my bookcases. Please please please give it some thought!!

  117. I understand that print format has difficulties, colored text, length of books, etc… but I would gladly pay a couple hundred for a print copy. (And I’m generally very cheap)

    • Not going to lie, I would as well! Hoping and praying that I one day have a Wandering Inn collection on my shelf!

  118. I just bought volumes 3 and 4 on Kindle (I’m not very far yet, just started reading about two months ago) but looking through the website I can see that some of the chapters (like Wistram Days never made it in my version of the book. I know that certain books were split in two because of the word count, but are there any other side stories or passages that I might miss if I only read the Kindle version? Thanks.

  119. I have problem entering the Patreon every single time I try to enter google chrome give me the ( this site can’t be reached ) is there solution to this problem

    • I don’t know exactly and it keeps get longer, but the story is approaching 10,000,000 words (as of 8.75ish). So it would be about 60,000,000 characters.

    • I am only on volume 4, but the story seems to follow two main characters and then you sometimes get narration from secondary characters and a couple extra in&out short stories. Characters get introduced over time though so you get to know them pretty well and it is not overwhelming.

    • you can look at the glossery for bio’s on main characters up thru book 5 i believe.

  120. As someone who only follows the audible edition and wants this series to go on forever the title ‘epilogue’ gave me a scare.
    To my relief we seem to have only reach a end, not The End

    • “The update was not the ending. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of.. .”

  121. Would it be possible to put the ebook versions of TWI on the Kobo store? Kobo partners with lots of local bookstores and it’s my preferred storefront for ebooks.

  122. “World of Warcraft is gonna be great from now on. Totally. ” Famous last words….. Sorry I couldn’t help it :p

  123. I can`t even describe how grateful i am for adding reader settings to this site.

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