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pirateaba has worked hard to create an audiobook version of “Gravesong”, the first book of a stand-alone trilogy about Cara O’Sullivan, The Singer of Terandria. The audiobook will be available on Audible and is narrated by Andrea Parsneau, who has narrated The Wandering Inn audiobook series. A text version of “Gravesong” has been available exclusively […]

TWI Inktober2023 Prompt List

Hey folks! I’m the [Liscor Public Relations Manager]! I manage the Innverse social media (when you receive a response from “The Wandering Inn” on Instagram, that’s me). I also manage some of the fun events like this one. What fun event is this? This year The Wandering Inn hosted an Inktober Challenge, with all TWI […]

In honor of the most dreadful of days of the year–if you’re facing the Black Tide of shoppers, The Wandering Inn’s merch store is offering a sale! It will run until Monday, November 27th, so snag some new merch or maybe the Solstice-themed poster from the store! Happy shopping and remember–stay away from crazy shoppers […]

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Casualfarmer, the genius behind Beware of Chicken and the hit new series Soaring Heaven’s Isle, has just published Book 3 of their series! Go buy it now and huge congrats to Casualfarmer on their second series. A brave new venture into unplumbed depths. Always with the chicken.   Buy the book here!  

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Every year, we run a survey for The Wandering Inn. It used to be fan-run, but I found the insights fascinating and we do share what we learn (not private data if there is any). If you have time to fill it out, that would be appreciated! The link is here. Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone, I am once again shouting out another Kickstarter from a fellow writer in The Wandering Inn’s community. Ren Carlisle has been part of The Wandering Inn’s Discord community for years now and her book, Ardent Tears, is in the middle of a Kickstarter to get an Audiobook made! The narration will be done […]

The hour has come once again. MelasD, is launching a Kickstarter for their book, Salvos! Let me tell you a story about why that matters: MelasD first appeared in The Wandering Inn’s Discord server as one of the readers I recognized and talked to. But after a few years they vanished, and grew less active. […]

I have done an interview. And before you say anything–this one is on Youtube. It’s voiced, but it’s not my voice. Riddle me this: how do you conduct an interview if you’re anonymous pirateaba? If you said voice changer or using AI-dictation…I tried both and wow, they suck. Seriously, I don’t know if it was […]

Hey everyone, I’m happy to once again shout out a fellow web serial author I know personally, Axel Terizaki! They’ve commissioned amazing art for The Wandering Inn and have just released Blind Spot, a trilogy of Light Novel books about a visually-impaired girl of Japan. Blind Spot is a coming of age story spanning several […]

Hey folks, Inktober 2023 is officially here! For the first time ever, TWI is hosting an Inktober Challenge, with all TWI related prompts. Inktober is a time to recognize and support all of the great artists out there that have created so much Wandering Inn art. Artists are encouraged to improve your skills, develop creative […]

That’s right. There will be official TWI Mugs available soon! For the next three weeks to celebrate the release of Book 10: The Wind Runner, Podium Audio is hosting an exclusive giveaway for a limited edition mug. When you win you can curl up on a chair in front of the fire with a mug […]

Book 10 of The Wandering Inn is out on Amazon and Audible! Pre-order it here! The Wind Runner is back and I hope you enjoy the amazing art by JAD Illustrated! It’s an amazing cover.

Attention guests of The Wandering Inn! We have new items in stock! Pans and pan handles are now back in stock and for sale! We have two new posters by Enuryn the [Naturalist], featuring the High Passes and a certain Earth Elemental! The merch store also has a shirt and the Horns are on it! […]

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