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“Needs more stick people. Racist.”

Stick Person 10454

“Anyone got any apples? I’ll eat the blue ones too.”


“Altogether enjoyable, the color scheme is terrible. White text on black background? Please. Why not stab out my non-existent eyes while you’re at it? Author, if you’re reading this, change it back to purple on orange post-haste. Love, Sticky!”

Stick Person (Grand Praetor of the Tau-Omega Empire Sub-sector 400B)

“BhJ5jg(&^bC2j  67*%^B,.m}{“


“I was enjoying the story right until they started hurting the crabs. Why? Why would you hurt those tasty, delicious crustaceans? I…I need to take a break. And eat crabs.”

Pot Head

“My favorite character was the acid fly killed in 1.06. R.I.P. Acid fly. You will be missed. BEGHJKMNOPQRSTUVWXZ. See that? I left out the ‘acid fly’ on purpose. That’s how much of a gap you’ve left.”

Stick Person Green

“On first glance, this may seem to the uninformed to be a simple story using the widely perpetuated ‘gaming world’ trope of the Japanese Light Novel. In the very first chapter we are introduced to our protagonist, one Erin Solstice. … Continue reading


“Special sale on acid flies and free drinks to whoever kicks the author of this story in the teeth. Seriously. Don’t I get hazard pay or something for all of this?”

Erin Solstice

“Vaguely acceptable.”

Barefoot Asian Running Girl

“Who wrote this? If you want a REAL story, go check out the light novel Overlord, or read something by Terry Pratchett. 1/10, would not write again.“


56 thoughts on “Reader Reviews

  1. The goblins in Wandering Inn has more character development than in RE:monster, and everyone liked -that-, so you should totally read this one too.

  2. “Nice mix of normal reactions to unusual circumstances(both from and toward newcomers) with a hefty amount of continual surprises. Never bored, interested in where it goes, enjoying permanent quirks of characters, the distinct imaginative races, the realism, and the eccentric world system. Rough draft shows in spots, but overall awesome. 9/10, would write myself; this story needs to be written.”

  3. One of the most interesting story i’ve ever read online, the characters are all excellently well developed and the plot very refreshing

  4. Great storytelling combined with realistic, likable characters and plenty of plot development as well as character development—which many web novels lack—make this one of the most enjoyable WN’s I have had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the good work, I’m loving it!

  5. I’m not going to say this story is the best ever made, but it definitely does hold its own. The characters have their own depth, and as a whole it’s a great place to find some entertainment. I hold Erin a much more enjoyable character than Ryoka for practically every reason, but even then Ryoka isn’t a write-off.

    If you wanted a story you check on about twice a week with a realistic grasp on a fantasy environment *regardless of how common that idea is becoming* this is definitely one of the better takes and something I personally could recommend. I also hope the author could keep up this project and its eventual length until the end, because I’ll damn well be there for it.

  6. I binge read this story. I love the lore, and the characters really grow in you. Loved it, wish you could write more faster!

  7. I’ve just spent two days (literally) reading this story, and it’s been amazing so far. Even though I’m left with a sore back and the need to catch up in sleep I just can’t wait for the next chapter to be released. Thanks for sharing this story!

  8. Hey! Loving this story! Just donated $5 to this story. Love everything about it. The feelings, differing perspectives, struggles, heartbreak, joy, laughter, ridiculous antics and conversations, it all makes it feel like I’m reading about actual people. Erin is a beautiful soul thrust into desperation time and time again and she comes out stronger each time even if she doesn’t quite realize it herself. Ryoka is a whirlwind of rage and running while also being a great counterbalance of caution and reasoning to Erin’s “innocence”. I can’t wait to read more of this story for a long time and hope the author can reach a satisfying conclusion for both reader and themselves. I’d love to have my very own character but I do not wish to take away from the authors creativity with my own ideas or bias. Keep writing this comedy and fantasy gold!
    A Smiling Cat

  9. TLDR: This work is consistently quite good (just get about, 3-4 chapters in before judging), impressively long, and fixes its genre’s worst sins.TWI regularly rises above the shoutouts and references its genre loads it down with to be something much better than its inspirations.

    Positives: The Wandering Inn (TWI) fixes a LOT of the glaring flaws of the genre it falls in with good old fashioned solid characterizations. There are “gaming world” light novels where protagonists are in almost any situation, even underdogs. But the genre as a whole is plagued with smarter than thou, mary sue sociopaths. (Seriously, what’s up with that… is it a translation thing? I swear most these protagonists are one youngling harvest short of a full Anaken Skywalker.)

    TWI characters feel like real people dropped into fantasy situations. They respond to stimuli in relatable ways. They aren’t inhuman munchkins and min-maxxers. And they’re interesting.

    Negatives: The shout-outs can make otherwise awesome moments fall a bit flat. Now the framework for the genre is one big reference to a lot of geek culture. So references fit pretty naturally here and TWI does them less frequently and much more gracefully than similar works. But I’m always a bit disappointed when an author decides to pull from the more common parts of pop culture.

    Beautifully crafted original universe or references to things somebody’s found from painstakingly deeper research (say into pre-islam middle eastern pagan cultures) show, oh so very much. But both of those take stupid amounts of time. References piggybacking on the common will get the job done to a lesser or greater degree… but as Erin might say, you don’t get an [Immortal Moment] without putting in the work.

  10. Recently I read the book Sufficiently Advanced Magic and really enjoyed its inclusion of magic in a game like structure as I had never read anything like it before. On his blog he recommended this to try out. I do not regret doing that at all. The complexities of the characters, world, and the story has made this a fantastic read so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Another reason I like it is its similarities to one of my favorite series right now, The Schooled in Magic series by Christopher Nuttall. If you haven’t heard of it I seriously suggest you check it out. The world building in it is amazing, just like this.

  11. Love reading your story! Just finally caught up to the newest chapters! Am a big fan of fantasy and LitRPG and have read tons of books. Love your world and stories and characters! Keep up the amazing work!

  12. Amazing story. I’m an Spanish person and it’s kind of difficult for me to read in English but I’ve been reading this for a week. In all my spare time I was with my mobile trying to catch up with the last post. I don’t know if I am expressing me well enough but I really really love this story. Thanks for all your work. :D

  13. I like the imperfect characters. That’s not easy plot wise I can tell from most stories, but the characters all mess up. I just wish Ryoka would take advantage of the leveling system.

  14. Great menu, but the green flies left me with stomach pains. Also, the necromancer’s uncouth appearance ruined some of my appetite, remove him before my next visit. passable Inn, I suppose.

  15. Despite the condescension they receive I am a huge fan of the Isekai genre as well as Fantasy. I have a weakness for stories involving modern day people thrown into fantastical situations. Part of the appeal is seeing how a futuristic education can be applied to a medieval (and magical) setting. The only downside is that a majority of the main characters become the dreaded Mary Sues. Luckily, I’m easily amused and not to picky when it comes to reading fantasy and even if I dislike a story I’m a fast reader so I just power through. This has led me to become a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to this genre and I can say without a doubt, that this is one of the most incredible stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The world building is phenomenal and the blend of popular tropes and original ideas is something I rarely see. The amount of research done must have been immense and contributes to the realism of the world. The character development is also out of this world, having finished reading it in it’s entirety and looking it over as I reread Erin appears to be an entirely different person. However, the change is so gradual that I failed to even notice it while engrossed in the story. Another aspect I adored was the realistic use of knowledge from modern day earth. Most people know very little about how appliances and machines work and would be unable to reverse engineer them. It is entirely plausible, though, that a misplaced person could recall various recipes and cultural aspects. There is so much to say about The Wandering Inn but I have little free time and the inescapable urge to once again read this excellent tale.

  16. I really love this story it’s really well done and the world is just so much fun. The characters are fantastic. And It’s an expansive world and it really makes my imagination soar. I know a story is good if it makes me want to write stories in that world and yours does. I’m not sure what your position on fanfiction is but your world is really getting my inner fanfic writer going.

  17. I am really enjoying this web serial. The characters and world that you’ve built are fantastic. The world is probably my favorite part as it is expansive. The world you created makes my imagination soar. The highest compliment I can give is that a work of fiction inspires me to write in that world. I’m not sure what your position on fanfiction is but the world has inspired many daydreams and ideas for fanfics set in this world.

  18. Thank you so very much for putting your first book on Amazon! I’m now hooked, staying up hours past my bedtime, every night, reading your wonderful stories. Please do not ever stop – they’re a breath of fresh air and are delightful!

  19. Picked up your first book on Amazon. Loved it. I have been reading the rest online. You have wonderful character development, engaging story lines, and excellent narratives. Thank you for sharing your work.

  20. I have been reading you exclusively in the past weeks. Subject matter is enthralling.
    Your editing is significantly better than lit rpg authors I buy or get free from Amazon prime. That’s where I found your work…
    I have at least 4 books from series I read that I am currently ignoring to read you.
    Thank you

  21. I love this story. It is really engaging. I admit that I stopped reading it for a time because some parts just went on for too long, but I came back for more. I really like Erin, the Clown guy, Rags, Laken, Toren, Niers Astoragon, Emperor of Sands, Pisces, and etc. (Except Ryoka, is it bad that I hate her personality?) I found that this story really makes you think deeply. It asks deep questions like: Who is right? What is right? What is motivating this character? and more. I absolutely love the fact that we grow to love and relate to some of the characters, and then they massacre people! That plot twist was awesome, and you can still see where they are coming from! It makes it easy for us to dehumanize people that do messed up things, but your story helps us to see just how easy it is to fall down that path too. Plot twists are awesome. The whole mystery of this world is awesome. The monsters and creatures in this world are awesome. Everything (except Ryoka) is awesome! I’m loving the emotions that build up, and the morals that are examined. The clown guy is pretty awesome too. Sure, this is story is boring in parts, but I think it is definitely worth the read.

  22. It is crazy good, and by that I mean I enjoyed it a lot. I’m enjoying this story. The MC is awesome, spontaneous I guess, with a great knack in interpersonal communications, which means she has a lot of FRIENDS! The world is vast and far-reaching. Oh boy, if you haven’t read it yet. Start it! You deserve this.

  23. I came across your web serial just before Christmas and have devoured it at break neck speed. It’s so well done. The waiting between publications now that I’ve caught up is devastating!

  24. Every now and then, you’ll read a book that changes your personal standard for what a good book is. The Wandering Inn is that book for me.

  25. I’d rank the writing quality and character development right up there with the best authors I’ve read.
    The only difference is how well known you are. This was a new discovery for me while browsing Audible. I loved the audio book. I binged it over the course of a few days. And, I’m a bit sad there wasn’t an audio book version of volume 2 yet. hm… what else? . The [Immortal Moment] skill definitely lent something different and emotionally charged to the story. I may have to buy the text volume 2 to see what happens next.

    • Bought the book. Finished that in a few days and now I’m on to the web serial, :). It’s taking a little effort to work through the side stories, because i mostly want to stick with Erin and her immediate story lines. I’m thinking if I make it all the way up to currently released chapters I’ll have to start contributing to the Patreon site. Good story, keep up the good work!

  26. Bought the audiobook and got hooked on the characters. Fun Story! Thanks for the laughs, tears, and thoughts. Signed up on Patreon for a few months; looks like you’re getting compensated properly! Thanks again!

  27. Just got the audiobook (volume 1), this is the most amazing audiobook I’ve gotten all year (I own like 200+ and spend an average 1/4th of my year listening to books)! I love it so much and I am hooked. I will be tell everyone in my circles about this series. Thank you.

  28. My friend recommended this for me via audiobook and I love it. I haven’t made it all the way through yet, but and very excited to “hear” what happens next! So far, that story is very intriguing and the characters are interesting. It’s a story worth recommending to the causal fantasy lover, and anyone who is familiar with gaming systems.

  29. I was introduced to The Wandering Inn when the first volume came up on Audible. Once I finished that I went looking and found this site – and then put my life more or less on hold for three weeks (or was it two? Not quite sure) while I read volumes two through six. You can be sure I will continue to be a faithful reader as the story unfolds!

    Oh, and I have read hundreds of books over the years but can count on one hand the number of characters whose deaths I have truly mourned. The one that had hit me the hardest was Sherlock Holmes; I put the book down and refused to read the remaining stories for several days because I was so shocked and angry that Doyle had killed off his character.

    That said, Mr. Holmes has now been replaced as my “most mourned character” by the wonderful Zel Shivertail. Unlike the Holmes stories, I was unable to set aside The Wandering Inn as I mourned for there were too many other characters that I refused to abandon, but it took nearly half a volume before I stopped wishing Zel could somehow return.

    Thank you for bringing us such incredible characters and such a fantastic world!

  30. I’ve been reading Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics since the 60’s. I have read “great” literature, I have read “trash”. I think this is pretty good. It may never be nominated for an award, it might not be considered “great”, but I believe this author has created a spectrum of believable, likeable, even more, sympathetic characters. Heroes, with flaws, or who make horrendous errors; Villains who have reasons for their monstrous actions; and (sometimes) regret them; Aliens who befriend humans for their own reasons, but who nonetheless are true friends, even until death. People trapped by their history, their upbringing, their natures, who try to escape their trap, and become more. It’s well-written, rich, deep, and I really enjoyed it, all 5+ novels worth of it. I hope to continue to read and enjoy the “Inn World” stories for as long as pirateaba writes them, and I am still capable or reading them. Thank you for writing it.

  31. Of Gods and Goblins [Spoiler alert]

    My idea stems from the following: Erin arrives to an abandoned inn, and finds the owner dead. Erin arrives to another world and finds its “Owners” dead. Just as an Inn without an Innkeeper crumbles, a world without Gods dies. However, puting someone in a place of power can be dangerous, so the Antinium are wary of new Gods. A newly appointed [Emperor] can make horrible, costly mistakes. And Fate is independent from the Gods, for everything dies eventually. A world without wardens could be likened to an abandoned house, undesirable critters can get in. And it degrades over time. However, the Antinium are old, and they remember. So they fear.

    The system is young, but there were Gods from the onset.

    [Goblin Lords] shadow [Goblin Kings] forcing them into war by blackmailing them. [Lords] of Izril hate [Kings] and [Emperors]. Some of them, anyway. Goblins worst enemies are amongst themselves. A bunch of Greydaths could make a goblin village, but they witness the slaughter of children and do nothing. Goblins are where they are because they were seen as betrayers. As savages. Velan formed a Company in Baleros, he made something there. He was known and respected, then suddenly he satrted rampaging which destroyed the image of his brethren.

    The god of Rhir didn’t give the crelers access to the System, So levels aren’t completely related to them, or him in particular. The Faeries said that they were only allowed to bring the seasons to this world, and that Gods guarded their demesnes jealously. What killed the Gods could be something else. The crelers and the creation of the Blighted Kingdom, as well as the aparition of Demons, were a problem when the Antinium, a race that could expertly change their Physical appearance, were forced back. Suddenly there are mutated people (Demons). So the Gods could have clashed between themselves, summoned people (Drathians) and sealed their enemies. They were killed and the evil guy is trying to set himself free when the other Gods are no more. The wardens (Antinium) were forced to retreat. To defeat a God it is needed to kill their followers, so they are weakened. But there is something else that has eaten the other dimensions (the problem of the [Witches] and [Summoners] losing power) and thus, destroyed the other Gods completely. After that the sealed one is steadily growing in power, due to there not being others, which takes time. But he is growing exponentially faster. I’m not saying that the world needs them. Just that originally the Pantheons balanced themselves. When the balance got broken, tyranny could have gotten a foothold. If that system is no longer viable, there needs to be something else that fills that hole.

    Immortals like the fae could move between worlds. So the playthings Velan was talking about… Maybe not of the Gods themselves. And there is something in the loose in the other place, something consuming, hungry, that is coming. Leadership classes have authority over others. Floss removed the [Traitor] class from Othernon and the [Slave] class from Gazi; Laken granted the [Paladin] class to his lover. Calruz now has the [Prisoner] class. So maybe when Velan said playthings aluded to that. People having authority over them. As in, if they don’t follow some guidelines their [Class] and their hole lives could change. Look at Floss, he is a [King] and has Human enemies. The [Wall Lords] wage war between themselves. Even the Hives are not united and the Free Hive was exiled. Just for belonging to a specific race doesn’t mean that they should be united. There are good and bad people all around. Some Earthers in Baleros joined Bandits and did bandity things against other Earthers, to the point that the Bushrangers are learning another language to be able to deal with them. Some Earthers had to be expelled from the United Nations Company. That’s the tragedy of Demons, and the sad story of the [Fool], who are apparently mutated people. Just like the Drowned People. However, war has heavy consecuences; and the cycle of violence continues.

    Rags understands this, and she is trying to break it. That’s why she went to the High Passes, building Gobland even though so many of her friends and people died in front of the walls of Liscor. And she knows of Az’Kerash. And the Drakes who closed the gates. And the Humans who were using them. But she knows that not all people of a race are the same. Just as Mrsha learned to love some Goblins even though her tribe was slaughtered in front of her eyes. And saved Calruz even though he did what he did. And this is why I love Pirateabas’ story.

    Earthers are not the protagonists. They aren’t the focus of the story. Not everything revolves around them. They just give context to the change that is going around, just another variable to take into account to understand the big picture. And relevant to the upper echelons because it interferes with their petty plans and schemes, with their little games that involve lives. Remmember the starving lizardkin that Luan saw, driven to cannibalism due to politics. The role Earthers apparently play in this story is bringing diferent peoples together. Because they have something in common, being form another world, they are the link between the Antinium and the Drakes. Between Baleros and Chandrar. Between Wistram and the Blighted Kingdom and the rest of the world. They are from different countries, but they are brought together by their origin. And due to that, they connect the rest of the world. Tyron Veltras who hates Drakes knows Laken, who knows Ryoka, who knows Erin, who changed Drakes, Goblins and Antinium by being awesome.

    From a narrative perspective, starting with that kind of metaphor is awesome. Pirateaba shows in her writing that having free will makes the world very complex. There are amazing things out there, but there are terrible things too. And she likes to write redemption stories (Lyonette, Ryoka, Laken, The Redfangs, Garen…) I have to say that she is an amazing writer who has brought into a work of fiction deep philosophical questions and moral quandaries mixed with some drama, tragedy, romance and comedy creating an ongoing masterpiece.

  32. I feel like i want to start a religion with this book as bible xD ok i have one core believe important to me, which was not yet confronted in this book, but still it is only a single one.

    i was literally jumping in my seat so many times, squealing and exclaiming with exitement! I wish i could share this amazingness with more people, but alas Wandering Inn is several magnitudes to magnificient for normal folks to be able to apreciate it, or at least to catch on to its amazingness before they drop it :( Of all the people i know there is only one person i could get to start to read and stick to this story all the way.

    But i just love this story, i wish the author a long healthy and happy life.

  33. Foul pirate sorceress! Your story has bewitched me, ensnaring my soul and defeating my time management skills as it Hoovers up my waking hours with it’s confectionary prose! Hard to put it metaphorically down. Great great writing, wonderful characters, fascinating world. Funny, touching, philosophical and always gripping , often all at once. Needs to be a TV series. Thank you.

  34. I’m not an english native speaker, so sorry if what I’ll write next is kind of weird.
    I started reading a few weeks ago from a friend’s recommandation.
    I can’t express well enough how this story made me feel.
    I’m pretty new to web novel and I didn’t read a lot in my life but I can be quite picky, but this one brings me much emotions : curiosity, enjoyment, sadness, and more.
    I never thought I’ll be so much into reading. I could read all day-night long to know what will happen next.
    There is something in the way the author writes and describes the world, the deepness of each character and the relationship between them. I feel attached to them.
    The author /is/ talented.

    I haven’t finished the first volume.
    Thank you so much, Pirateaba.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. This is something new for my eyes’ and caught my interest to read on. It’s quite fantastic for me that I only take pause or rest my tired eyes.. This makes my imagination work overtime and get the feel of every character. in the story Thank you author for this. wonderful novel.

  36. Put off reading this for a while because e-reading hurts my eyes and my stubborn old-fashioned soul that longs to have a physical book but I then consumed it so voraciously that I’m now feeling lost and a bit foggy-brained now that I’m caught up and forced to wait between chapters. This is like being a kid and waiting on J. K. Rowling to hurry up and publish another book. Wonderful read though. What did I used to do with my spare time seven volumes of TWI ago??

  37. Wow.

    What wonderful stories.

    What wonderful fans.

    Laugh, cry, adventure, friendship.

    Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read.

    Can’t wait for the next ebook on amazon.

  38. I have love-hate relationship with wandering inn. The story is very good, but sometimes it trigger me. Every chapter is a roller coaster of emotion. Keep up the good work Pirateaba.

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