Silveran’s Sweepstakes!

To celebrate the re-re-re-reopening of The Wandering Inn, a certain [Cleaner] has decided to sponser the first annual sweepstakes for merchandise! This is for actual merchandise, and it is free to enter! (Art by the wonderful BoboPlushie!)   Rules and … Continue reading


Now you believe. Of course, when the evidence is irrefutable, like a voice in your head, a destroyed Adventurer’s Guild, and a quest felt across a continent, most people tend to believe. Most of these reasonable people would then say, … Continue reading


They called it the Waning World, the era of decline where magic was somehow less magical and legends were only sort of inspiring. When the world’s greatest foe, the King of Destruction, was a conquering [King] rather than the world-ending … Continue reading


Chieftain Torishi Weatherfur fell through the earth. She didn’t know how long. Minutes? How far down? Her voice howled Belavierr’s name. She only knew the tumbling through air, the despair. Then she landed. Eleven minutes of free-fall. What should have … Continue reading


Drakes crossed the water line. The old peace that had lasted forever broke with the marching of boots. The burning fires…and a cold promise in metal and magic. The armies of the Walled Cities had reached the Meeting of Tribes … Continue reading


(Casualfarmer has released their first novel, Beware of Chicken on Amazon! I encourage you to check out their story online and consider reading the story. I am on break for an entire month. Thanks for reading.)   After all that … Continue reading