Audiobook & Volume 2 – The Wandering Inn

Audiobook & Volume 2

It’s here! Pay attention because I’m only writing this once! You can read it as many times as you want. Volume 2 of The Wandering Inn is coming out as an e-book…soon! I’ve swept the after-chapter comments for typos and the cover art is done! Functionally, all that’s left is to create the e-book file, do some work on the Amazon sales page, choose a date, and launch!

But that’s not all. The Audiobook for Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn is planned for launch September 10! Podium Publishing will be putting it out on Audible, so save your credits!

…Whew. That’s a lot coming out and I’m still writing chapters. But I might be able to swing a Volume 2 e-book around the end of the month if I can get a little help! What help you may ask? Finding typos.

Just…finding typos. I asked for Volume 1 and I’m still asking! But for Volume 2, if anyone has the time to find bad typos, I’d like to kill as many as I can before the release. There will be more and I’ll leave a typo-comment below for people to post them! But that’s all. Volume 2 is coming out, and so is the audiobook! It uh, I know it brings joy to all your hearts since you’re only on Volume 1 and waiting for the next one.

But seriously, I do hope more people will find and enjoy this story with you all. Thanks for reading and helping make this story succeed! Look forwards to the next chapter…and the e-book and audiobook!

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