Volume 8 – The Wandering Inn


May 3, 2022

And then she woke up. The young woman opened her eyes. Erin Solstice sat up in her bed and thought for a moment it was a dream. Then she realized it wasn’t. It was her inn. Her bed. Her room. But the panoply of people who stood around her weren’t ghosts. The Horns of Hammerad, […]


Chieftain Torishi Weatherfur fell through the earth. She didn’t know how long. Minutes? How far down? Her voice howled Belavierr’s name. She only knew the tumbling through air, the despair. Then she landed. Eleven minutes of free-fall. What should have ground her bones to dust—didn’t. The hole that Belavierr had opened was a portal. Though […]


Drakes crossed the water line. The old peace that had lasted forever broke with the marching of boots. The burning fires…and a cold promise in metal and magic. The armies of the Walled Cities had reached the Meeting of Tribes at last. What did the Drakes see as they arrayed for battle, deploying in the […]


(Casualfarmer has released their first novel, Beware of Chicken on Amazon! I encourage you to check out their story online and consider reading the story. I am on break for an entire month. Thanks for reading.)   After all that time, it was Izril they came back to. The split continent with three species, each […]

8.82 (Pt. 3)

April 26, 2022

The King of Avel, the current [King], was napping on his throne. He had slept lightly, having stayed awake with considerable, nay, understandable concern over what was going on. He hadn’t taken part in the war with Ailendamus, although Avel had quietly shipped a lot of arrows to Gaiil-Drome. But his damn councilors and court […]

8.82 (Pt. 2)

After so long, an age of waiting, the first gods returned to Terandria. New strangers washed up on the northern continent. Would-be gods. Carrion of their flesh. The dead lands that echoed Terandria did not change. They showed the slow change in geography, the advance and destruction of kingdoms, fields that lay fallow until they […]

8.82 (Pt. 1)

(The final chapter will be released on May 3rd for Patrons. I am taking a one-update break to make sure it is fully edited. Thanks.) (Podium is hosting an apron giveaway! Check out the contest here! The General of Izril, Book 6 is out on Audible! Purchase it here!)       A storm raced […]


April 20, 2022

(Book 6, The General of Izril is available for preorder on Audible! Check it out here.) [I am taking a small delay of one update to revise and write. The next chapter will be out on the 26th for Patreons, and the 30th for Public readers.]                 The […]


April 17, 2022

(Book 6, The General of Izril is available for preorder on Audible! Check it out here.)         My old friend. That was how it felt. Like an old friend walking through your door when you least expected it. It might be foreign to other worlds, but all the peoples of this one […]


April 13, 2022

Did you believe that a sin could be so great that it followed you after death? That some deeds were so wrong, some crimes so heinous that they haunted an entire people? Children held responsible for deeds done long ago that they could never have prevented, or even known? Some crimes were beyond forgiveness, if […]

8.78 F

April 10, 2022

They called it Norechl. God of the Forgotten. Dead God of Lost Things. It had been named before all of this, in a time when it had first arrived. Not even the others quite knew all of what Norechl was. Tamaroth. God of Rulers and Leaders. First of his pantheon, first among all. Kasigna. Three-in-One. […]

8.77 B

March 30, 2022

(The author is on break until the 9th of April! Be ready. We’re closing the volume.)   They were burning it all down. Enchanter Ilekrome watched the blazes spreading. Lamia hurled [Fireballs] into the wet brush, but mainly it was Lizardfolk with actual torches slowly setting blazes. Fanning flames. They were bad at it at […]

8.76 B

March 27, 2022

The Titan of Baleros was on Izril. Not just on Izril, he was leading a Gnoll army with Goblins in tow—and Antinium—and Doombringers, whatever the heck those were—against Drakes. Classic Niers. When news of his confirmed survival spread, many who knew him or his reputation were unsurprised. However—that did not mean all was well. The […]


March 18, 2022

(The author is now on a break until March 26th after writing a chapter a day for the last week! Whew…that was a lot. Don’t let me do it again unless it results in good writing.)   Sleep after great deeds was an endemic problem that most flesh-people faced. Some cloth-people too. They had to […]

8.74 DR

March 17, 2022

It was a silly thing, but she preferred being called ‘Dioname’. Her full name was Dionamella, but she wanted the last three letters left off. Dee-oh-nah-mei. That was how you’d say it. As opposed to dee-oh-nah-mell-ah.  Did this matter?…No. Not at all. But it made her feel rather in-tune with the modern parlances of the […]

8.73 R

March 16, 2022

The war against the Dawn Concordat, as mentioned, was a gripping affair concerning the fate of now five nations, given Pheislant’s involvement, and continental repercussions in the short term at the least. It got little billing abroad. Yes, updates were shared daily by Wistram News Network and the other burgeoning magic-television networks to fill air […]


March 15, 2022

Ryoka Griffin took one moment to reflect upon her failings on her journey to meet the Archmage of Memory. Just one. Perhaps it wasn’t even a true failing. The thing was— She didn’t kill people. She was neither good at it nor did she have the ability to look at someone and do it. Even […]


March 14, 2022

May 12th, 2017. A day that was almost overlooked for a year. It would later become a timestamp synonymous with conspiracy theories, governmental coverups, and a worldwide crisis. Its nickname would be simply—the Melbourne Incident. The Melbourne Airport’s logs would show—once they had been leaked by whistleblowers and people panicking over what they’d seen—the inexplicable. […]

8.70 E

March 13, 2022

Chess fact. On Earth, the queen-piece used to have the ability to move like a knight-piece in ‘L’ directions. Her ability to do this was removed by people who objected that a queen shouldn’t have the powers of a knight. Also, possibly because her abilities made her too powerful. Chess, as a certain [Innkeeper] could […]

8.69 T

March 12, 2022

One of the easiest ways to tell a casual poser, imposter, or fake out from genuine nobility was to bring up the Hundred Families of Terandria. The most basic test was to talk about them like a literal hundred. Because they weren’t. The Hundred Families of Terandria, each one who could trace their bloodlines back […]


March 9, 2022

Trigger Warning: This chapter contains a non-graphic description of abuse in a relationship ending in death.   [The Wandering Inn now has a fanmail and business email! Please check Contacts for the business and fan-emails. If you have anything to send.] [Have you filled out the survey? It will be ending midnight, March 12th. Please […]


February 27, 2022

[The Wandering Inn is conducting a 2022 survey! Please consider filling it out here!] [The author is on break until March 8th! See you then.]   When he grew up, they told him he’d been in the tribe. Grown up on the Great Plains. But he was too young to remember. This vast wilderness, free […]


February 23, 2022

[The Wandering Inn is conducting a 2022 survey! Please consider filling it out here!]   Someone was dying before his very eyes. Everyone walked by, ignoring the plea written right there in ink. The look of—apathy. Hopeless apathy in grey-yellow eyes. Granite grey, shot with thousands of tiny lines, and the faintest yellow starburst around […]

Interlude – Satar

February 20, 2022

When she was unhappy or upset, the young woman could always count on a ball of fur to slowly somersault into the room. Light brown fur, like fresh spring bark, two ears, which perked up, and a little black nose that still seemed too large for his face. Curious brown eyes—and that high-pitched voice which […]

Interlude – Hectval (Pt. 3)

February 16, 2022

Selys, [Heiress]   Two and a quarter months since the army marched upon Hectval, the city felt different. A month was a long time. A year was a long time. To Selys, it felt like it had flashed by in some senses. Dragged on after Erin’s death. But the war… Liscor was changing. Not a […]