Warnings – The Wandering Inn


8.05 I – This chapter showcases a section with suicidal ideation, and any who struggle with such an issue may find this part disturbing. If this concerns you, consider skipping this chapter and rejoining on the next.


Interlude – The [Rower] and the [Bartender] – This chapter’s latter half has a narrative concerning miscarriage and loss during pregnancy.


Interlude – Pisces – This chapter contains numerous examples of sexual and physical assault, slavery, and various forms of torture as well as suicidal ideation.


8.68 This chapter contains a non-graphic description of abuse in a relationship ending in death.


9.22 GN – Contains description of the aftermath of suicide without detail.


9.23 GGGGGGGGG – Bodily horror, gaslighting, suicide, mental control, mental abuse, torture.


9.56 – Hanging in detail.


9.68 – This chapter contains descriptions of bodily mutilation to a minor, attempted sexual assault, implied sexual assault, graphic descriptions of violence, and conversations about sexual assault and themes of slavery.


10.09 E – Themes of depression, suicidal ideation.