Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn

It’s out! The e-book is on Amazon right now for the price of $3.99! I encourage you not to buy it!

Not unless you like reading on Kindle. Because honestly, if you’re reading the latest chapter you’ve already read Volume 1, right? This is just for new readers and to tell people that The Wandering Inn exists. I tell people to read the web serial right in the book’s description. I don’t want to take your money and the e-book is simply the web serial’s first volume with a nice cover.

With that said, I have an appeal! Please review the book! Anyone can do it regardless of whether they’ve purchased the e-book, and it would help me out a lot if you gave me a review. I don’t want you to just 5-star it; I’d rather you tell people exactly what you love and hate about the book, what keeps you reading after five entire volumes. I’d love to know as well.

Apparently, Amazon’s algorithms only acknowledge a product in the rankings after 15 reviews. At that point it will start promoting the book to other customers. If we can get to 15 reviews, it’ll already help out a lot. More than that and…?

Thanks for your help. I hope the e-book sells a bit, but I’m just grateful to be in a position where I don’t have to rely on it to earn enough to live off of. I appreciate everyone who pledges on Patreon, shares my story with other people, reviews the book, leaves a comment, or just reads. We’ve just started Volume 5 and I’ve finally released Volume 1. All those new readers will have a lot to catch up on. Thanks for reading!



70 thoughts on “Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn

  1. Ahem. Take my money. But no seriously, I consider the convenience of having your book on hand to read whenever I want, without internet access, to be worth the price. So take my money.

    • Thanks! I am going to work on Volumes 2-4 soon, but this is an important first step mainly in getting it to the attention of the general public. Thanks for reading and supporting the story. Hope there aren’t too many typos and like I said, I’ll keep editing and revising the e-book!

      • I would love to see a volume 1-4 roll up in an ebook format.
        even though I have read it all in the web serial having it in an ebook would be awesome.

      • I´d love having vol 2-4 as an ebook/mobi, too
        finished vol1 on my kindle while on vacation, for the flight back I had to print a few chapters of vol2 as pdf and read those on my mobile phone – not nearly as nice *g*

        all the best from Hamburg Germany

        • update: in a copy&paste orgy I copied all chapters of vol. 2 in a word document (a staggering 500.000 words, says word!) and then send the .docx to my Kindle via email. Worked perfectly, I can now read vol. 2 *g* Will become a Patron, of course! Thankyou for a great reading experience

      • I read vol 1 and aside from some grammatical errors, I loved it. I can’t figure out how to get the next volumes.

    • Like I said, this is just the web serial version of the e-book with a fancy cover. I fix typos and change chapters on both the web version and the e-book, so there is virtually no difference as far as I know. One more reason why potential readers shouldn’t waste money and just read online!

      • Nope, sorry please take my money. I have bought all the volumes up to 6 and have pre-ordered volume 7. Here’s the reason: I can’t adjust the size of the text when reading from the web on my phone which is how I prefer to access the book as a laptop is unwieldy to read from. But the text is very very tiny! At least on my phone. And the HTML does not adjust in my phone web browser. In a Kindle I can enlarge the text and read it easily. I tried copying the chapters into a Word document and I can’t adjust the text size then oh, but it is a big pain in the patootie. I really want to read on my Kindle and it’s worth the small charge for the e-book. I do enjoy reading the comments after each chapter and I encourage you to include those in the e-book at the end for those who want to read them!

        But the (kinda) short answer is that you charge very little for what is honestly a massive amount of wordage, and having it in a Kindle document is way more convenient for offline reading and text size adjustment.

        So please please get your entire body of work up available from Kindle as soon as possible! I am a massive fan and love love love the story !:-)

  2. Bought and reviewed. Long term, I do hope you revise/rewrite the first few chapters as it was a struggle for me to get through them the first time. The quality improves exponentially by the time chapter fifteen rolls around, but I very nearly didn’t make it that far.

    Left that out of the review, but here’s to a successful future for the story and you.

    • Thanks so much! I do intend to keep revising my work. But to you and anyone else who reviews, don’t feel obligated to keep details out. Telling people exactly what you just wrote is very helpful! Glad you stuck with the story and hope I keep improving!

        • Just the pages on this website. I don’t update Royalroad with typos…which is a problem now that I think of it. Here’s a better place to start in my opinion, but I’m biased.

          • Hello,

            First I want to thank you for this amazing story. I cannot even tell how much I love it. Thank you again.

            I started reading your story on royal road. This is a great website when you don’t Know What or where you can read good novels. Please consider updating your typos in there. I switched to the wandering inn website super late and I think à lot of people might be like me.

  3. Great, I was looking forward to it!

    By the way, the book is not available for sale on amazon.co.uk (so I’d guess it’s only released in the US? Or North America?). If it shows up in the UK you’ll have another sale :).

  4. I will be buying the book, and leaving a positive review this afternoon. I really love your story, and quite literally look forward to the twice weekly updates. I don’t do patreon (perhaps one day I will get there), but this gives me another way to support your work.

  5. Aba, you are doing it wrong. Stop telling people not to buy it, reap the rewards for the amazing story you’ve written. Bought and reviewed.

  6. Can’t do, sorry.
    Amazon only let me review if i buy something.
    But soon i will buy your novel.
    Very soon.
    My gold is… disappearing those days.
    Too many things.
    Let me just get to level 30 [nerd] and we will talk about it.

  7. Bought, and love the fact that I have a book format copy! Please set up your Author page on Amazon so I can follow you there as well.

  8. Wow. I’m nearly halfway through volume one and I can say it’s easily one of the best things I’ve read this year. I’m enjoying it so much it’s honestly hard to put into words!

    Enough hyperbole; I’ve been reporting errors on my Kindle version as I come across them as it’s honestly something I enjoy doing (not as much as reading, of course, but it’s still satisfying to assist). Is that a worthwhile effort? Reading through the comments, you’ve stated that you fix errors as you encounter them; I’m just hoping you’ll be looking at one’s reported through Amazon too.

    Thanks so much for the Wandering Inn; looking at finding my place on your Patreon at the moment…

  9. Just started reading the series yesterday. I am enjoying it as Erin’s actions seem believable, although frustrating in a couple of cases. I will recommend it. Thanks for having it available for preview online.

  10. I found this interesting new ebook on amazon and read it. Very very good. And now with a bit of research I found this website. Thank you very much for publishing it as an ebook. I would never have found out about it otherwise.

  11. I had not heard of this before it hit my you might like’s on Amazon. I just finished the King’s Interlude and was interested enough to come find the website. TBH I actively prefer reading on the kindle versus a web serial – but with 5 volumes I might try to catch up a bit here. I’m enjoying it overall, though I can tell between the King of Destruction and the nearby Dungeon that it is going to go in a not-happy direction. As a D&D player I’m certainly enjoying the leveling though, it’s an entertaining direction :)

  12. Hi!

    Your Book already got promoted to me even with just 11 reviews.
    I suppose because of the litrpg genre i have read a lot latly.
    The wandering in was recomended to me in the sections below the message when i bought a different book :-)

    Maybe that information is interesting for you :-) i love it, and i fear the darkness a bit but the level is still managable after the first volume. Now continuing online :-)

  13. Are there any plans or intentions for paperback versions? I’d love to own all volumes on physical copies sometime in the distant future

  14. Well, free wins out over Kindle, though I prefer the latter when possible. If you’re not concerned about income from Amazon, would you consider making the book (and future ones) available under the Kindle Unlimited program?

  15. had your book come up on my recomened list and gace it a shot. as soon as i finished i had to go to the website to see what happens next cause i liked it so much! i’ve burned through the next 3 volumes and just start the 5. its going to drive me nuts when i get caught up, lol.

  16. It was fantastic!! Thank you for the good read! I have you a good review!
    I hope you get volume 2 up on Amazon soon. Yippy deserve too be making good money for this.

  17. I stumbled over the book at amazon by chance. I hadn’t heard anything about the webseries before. I found it amazingly different from other fantasy books because of the charater-development-before-action type of storytelling. I like it a lot and i do hope that there will be a Volume 2 of the Wandering Inn at Amazon anytime soon.

  18. Pirateaba, I love your tale! I also love that you took the time and initiative to make Volume One into something to be sold on Amazon. Otherwise, I never would have met your enchanting characters and fascinating realm. While I am only on 2.18, I am catching up a quickly as I can. Reading here on the website is a totally different experience. So many Comments! And so much interaction by you. I cannot wait until I am caught up. Did you say you were at 2 million words somewhere? That is a lot, and I plan on reading every one of them. Thank you again not only for making yourself known to the world on Amazon and Goodreads but first and foremost, for creating such mesmerizing serial. I cannot stop. Thank you Pirateaba!

    Keep up the good work!

  19. The book truly is amazing, and was an awesome read. You’ve really put together an awesome world, but I would appreciate it if it was a little less Game of Thrones! Man you can be ruthless sometimes! Anyhow, as others have said, the convenience of having it in Kindle is worth the money, and I am happy to put the four bucks in your pocket to remunerate you for your effort! Not going to pull a Pisces on you, for sure! Less drain on the battery and less strain on my eyes. Speaking of eyes, btw, first book had me crying my eyes out at times. Like death of Dumbledore crying. Man I hate that. Don’t worry too much about the cover – after all, no one is buying the Kindle version for the cover art. You can always go back and change that whenever you want, I suppose. Anyhow, keep up the good work!

  20. Well, if it is going to Kindle, reins are lines that guide horses and other beasts of burden while riding and driving. Reigns are the time periods that a particular king or queen was in charge, or regnant…

  21. I got the volume1 on amazon and would love to read the next parts. But online is exhausting and not kind to my eyes . The convenience to read it on kindle anytime anywhere is worth the money.

  22. I just finished the king of destruction interlude in volume 1 and saw this Amazon menu option. I want to buy a physical copy, do you have plans for that yet or is that not something you’re considering?

  23. PLease make more of your work available on the Kindle! For those of us that love your work, but find the online version inconvenient. I can’t wait for the next installment to be made available!

  24. I just reviewed volume 1 on amazon (I bought the book because yay offline reading)

    You have 85 reviews and 5 stars! wow!

    also, please publish more books so I can read them offline please.

  25. I am new to The Wandering Inn series, but have absolutely fallen in love with it!! I purchased the audiobook for Vol. 1 and the kindle version of Vol. 2. I was wondering if you were planning on making the others audiobooks as well? The reader you’d chosen was amazing.. I hope to see more as this story is absolutely brilliant!!

    • Yes the Audible audio book couldn’t possibly be better–superb! I have rearranged my entire schedule to listen as much as possible. Will leave a “practically perfect” review when finished. PLEASE get volume two recorded as fast as possible (by the same narrator!). To the author–you are immensely talented. I am heavily invested this…

  26. I’m an Audible listener with a three hour plus daily commute. Half the time on a motorcycle. When I look at a new book to spend a credit on, I admit that the book’s length plays a big role in my selection. I go through books quickly and 3 credits go fast. The 45 hour length caught my attention, but once I started listening, Erin and Ryoka had me hooked. I found myself binge listening, and 45 hours flew by far too fast. Thanks for a fascinating story with unique characters. Some of them I’ll miss. Since there’s no audiobook of Volume 2 out (yet), I’ll have to visit the Inn the old-fashioned way.

  27. I got into this series from the ebook. Such an amazing world buildt. Ive read a lot! Of litrpg this is one of the best out there. :)

  28. Pirate, there is some chapters(the two last interludes with Foliana and 1.09R and 2.12) that you use some tricks that don’t stay so good in the Royal Road.
    I friend of mine buy the e-book and I want to know how good you aply that tricks in the e-book, and if I should say to him read that chapters in this site.

  29. I have just finished all the chapters available. This book has kept me interested from beginning to now. I am wondering how far it will go, but I am sad because it will eventually end. Your writing has improved quite a bit and I hope the end is as spectacular as the book itself!!!

  30. Amazing books! But on a phone, the Amazon Kindle app really are much, much better than the website. Very good at scaling and a nicer flow for reading, and for getting back to where you put it down (who am I kidding? To where I feel asleep at way too late in the night).

    Unfortunately, it seems you never got around to putting more than the two first volumes on Amazon. Any plans to do that? If volume 3 is upcoming, I’d rather wait a bit than starting here.

    Thanks for a great read. Really looking forward to see WTH Griffon Hunt unleashed upon the world!

  31. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY! Read volumes 1 & 2 in ebook (my eyes prefer the e-ink screen and my brain prefers not having constant internet distraction when I’m reading :) and am dying for volumes 3+

  32. I have never read the web series but bought both the volumes on Kindle as my eyes would thank me for it.
    By the time I finish with them hopefully the rest of the volumes might be available as well.

  33. I want to lend my voice to the people asking for ebooks. I desperately want to throw money at you. E-ink for my eyes, and kindle because I find reading from webreaders to be hellish – too much stuff on screen, too many buttons.

    You could inflate the price by ten and I’d still be willing to pay it. You’re easily among the best authors I’ve ever read, and I desperately want to catch up with your story. I beg you to release volumes 3+.as ebooks.

  34. I’m on Volume 2 now on my Kindle, and I second everyone who has asked for the future volumes to be released there as well. It’s for convenience as well as for my eyes, and it also makes me feel good, to be honest. I can’t imagine not paying for such a well-written story when so many people charge for much, much worse!

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