Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn – The Wandering Inn

Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn

It’s out! The e-book is on Amazon right now for the price of $3.99! I encourage you not to buy it!

Not unless you like reading on Kindle. Because honestly, if you’re reading the latest chapter you’ve already read Volume 1, right? This is just for new readers and to tell people that The Wandering Inn exists. I tell people to read the web serial right in the book’s description. I don’t want to take your money and the e-book is simply the web serial’s first volume with a nice cover.

With that said, I have an appeal! Please review the book! Anyone can do it regardless of whether they’ve purchased the e-book, and it would help me out a lot if you gave me a review. I don’t want you to just 5-star it; I’d rather you tell people exactly what you love and hate about the book, what keeps you reading after five entire volumes. I’d love to know as well.

Apparently, Amazon’s algorithms only acknowledge a product in the rankings after 15 reviews. At that point it will start promoting the book to other customers. If we can get to 15 reviews, it’ll already help out a lot. More than that and…?

Thanks for your help. I hope the e-book sells a bit, but I’m just grateful to be in a position where I don’t have to rely on it to earn enough to live off of. I appreciate everyone who pledges on Patreon, shares my story with other people, reviews the book, leaves a comment, or just reads. We’ve just started Volume 5 and I’ve finally released Volume 1. All those new readers will have a lot to catch up on. Thanks for reading!



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