The Last Tide (Comicbook)

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This is an announcement I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. I’m extremely excited to tell you that a new story is being illustrated into a comic by Shane Sandulak through Cloudscape Comics, and it will be available this summer!

To explain, I was approached about the prospect of making a comic a while back, and so in my breaks and while writing, I secretly wrote the story of Solca Vis, a young woman transported into another world. But rather than finding herself near any nation or continent on earth, she finds herself at the end of the world. A [Fisher] by class and a fisherwoman by trade, Solca Vis will discover what classes, levels, monsters, and magic are at the place where even [Stormcaptains] and the bravest of adventurers fear to sail.

A few things to mention: this is going to be an ongoing story, and the first half will be out in a digital format sometime this summer! When the second half is done, it will come out as a real, physical book, which is a first!

I’ll get more details to you as I’m able, but I’m going to be sharing pages from the comic, details about the release, and more as time goes on! Bookmark this page and I really hope you enjoy the story! I can’t wait for it to come out! Thanks for reading and making this possible,


39 thoughts on “The Last Tide (Comicbook)

    • Got the comic and tore through it today. The art blew me away and the story grabbed me right in. The elements that were familiar from TWI made it feel nicely connected and part of the world but even in those there were cool new twists to make the story feel fresh.

      I like Solca as a main character, in part just because I find her appealing in her own right, but also because she presents a unique point of view from Erin, Ryoka and the other PoV characters we usually see the world through.

      I was wondering how a comic for the world would work, since TWI is so incredibly sprawling at this point, but with this setting feels like one that can support a nice contained story.

      I’m looking forward to the second half, but have to admit that a large part of me is hoping that the comic can continue on well beyond that. Even at the End of the World, there still feels like there’s a lot of room to grow!

  1. And that would be the first step to the multi-work multi-media Inn-verse.
    Good Job.
    Next would be a game? Or some animation? No matter. Nothing can stop this now.

  2. It appears from the context of your announcement that this new tale will take place on the same World (or at least the same Universe) as The Wandering Inn.
    can you clarify this, please?
    And more importantly- MANY congratulations on your successful quest as an {Authour}.
    did you get any Skills or Feats with that?

    • and… now that I opened “7.01” I see my question has been anwered, I clicked on ‘The Last Tide’ link (thinking, “huh. THAT’S new, whuzzat?”) before I started reading the new to me, if several days old post.

  3. woooo this is so cool. I was born in the Philippines! Can’t believe pirateaba was doing more writing on top of the main series :O

  4. Looking forward to seeing how a character figures out the whole levels, monsters, and magic aspect of this world without a native to fill her in. All the other characters so far have at some point had someone else fill in the details, even if they’ve figured some of it out by themselves. Unless I’m missing someone?

  5. As someone from the Philippines, I’m honored and flattered that you created a Fisherman from our country. I’m also a huge fan! keep up the good work!

    • I concur, it was not that secret a secret. I am looking forward to it as well. Although August is still two months away. I am glad that this is working out for you.

  6. Did the Filipino part of her character disappear? I swear it was on this page before, there are even people talking about it. Was it because of the name?

    • Yep. The main character was said to be a Filipino before.

      Dunno if the author decided to make the MC non-Filipino or she just removed it from the description to avoid conflicting with name. But, Solca Vis can still be a Filipino name as long as there is a background about how her parents got that name for her.

  7. short opinion on the first installment of “the last tide”

    while the first installment was a good read, i do feel it was very short, and also did not feel finished, like it ended in the middle of the story arc, which made me feel a little cheated i will be honest.

  8. Is it still possible to buy the last tide? I was interested before but couldn’t figure out how, and recent chapters have motivated me to try again to find a way, but I didn’t originally (and still don’t) see a button that will take my money on the kickstarter page (I’m in Canada)

    cloudscapecomics dot com slash last-tide seems to only have a button directing to the kickstarter

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