inn – Page 11 – The Wandering Inn


August 7, 2016

Erin found a stream running idyllically down a hill a few hundred feet away from the inn. Its position and relative size meant that it was the perfect place for her to gather water or even wash herself should the need arise. All things considered, it was a windfall of a discovery. She took three […]


July 30, 2016

The inn was dark. That was because the world was dark, at least for the moment. Two moons hung in the sky, one light blue, the other pale yellow. But their soft light was obscured by a shifting layer of clouds overhead. Thus, light was scarce. Which made sense. It was nighttime. However, despite the […]


July 27, 2016

After a few minutes, the traveler sat back up. No, not a traveler. She hadn’t intended to travel anywhere tonight. The young woman frowned as she rubbed at her face. She’d been going to the bathroom and…she must have taken a wrong step somewhere. A really big wrong step, because instead of walking into her […]


The inn was dark and empty. It stood, silent, on the grassy hilltop, the ruins of other structures around it. Rot and age had brought low other buildings; the weather and wildlife had reduced stone foundations to rubble and stout wooden walls to a few rotten pieces of timber mixed with the ground. But the […]