And here it is. The first Volume of The Wandering Inn…

Is still underway. Sorry! I’m working on it, but I’m slow. Very slow. I barely manage to get the lastest chapter out, let alone anything else. So I’m creating this page so you can see how far I am along, and maybe help me out on some things. I have a rough checklist of things to do, which I’ll write out below. Once they’re nearly done, you can expect Volume 1 to hit…stores…on the internet…or something. It’s all a work in progress!


To Do:

  1. Typo-fix and plot-fix the rest of the Volume 1 chapters.

Mostly done! Readers will leave more typos as time passes, I have no doubt. Will have to create a central typo zone for when e-book comes out, but for now, all typos for Volume 1 have been fixed.

A good collection of errors for me:


2. Finish book cover.



3. A decent blurb for the book.

Blurb seems good! Will tweak a bit, but mostly done!



Forever on my list! I just can’t do it. I don’t know why. I’m bad at rewriting, and I need to capture the same elements of plot while making it actually entertaining.


5. Prepare marketing strategy for release day and where to sell.

Currently thinking Amazon and doing self-promo across multiple outlets, but perhaps I need to invest in actual paid promotions? Will consult with experienced authors when I am closer.


So there you have it. Currently my estimates are that the typesetting of the cover would take the longest set amount of time, once I finish the blurb. That’s highest on my list so I can begin the process of hiring someone to work on that…and the typos and rewriting are next. Hopefully this page gives me the motivation to work harder in between chapters. Poke me, suggest things to me, or leave me notes below. Thanks for waiting! I’ll add my own comments with work as I do it.


PS: The remaining Guestbook entries for about 2-3 months are also on my list. I think I have…a hundred? Two hundred? Lots. But I’ll finish Volume 1 first. So much to do, so little pirateaba!

37 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. “No killing Goblins.”

    So reads the sign outside of The Wandering Inn, a small building run by a young woman named Erin Solstice. She serves pasta with sausage, blue fruit juice, and dead acid flies on request. And she comes from another world. Ours.

    It’s a bad day when Erin finds herself transported to a fantastical world and nearly gets eaten by a Dragon. She doesn’t belong in a place where monster attacks are a fact of life, and where Humans are one species among many. But she must adapt to her new life. Or die.

    In a dangerous world where magic is real and people can level up and gain classes, Erin Solstice must battle hordes of somewhat evil Goblins, deadly Rock Crabs, and hungry [Necromancers]. She is no warrior, no mage. She doesn’t even like killing. Erin Solstice runs an inn. She’s an [Innkeeper].

    • “No killing Goblins.”

      So reads the sign outside of The Wandering Inn, a small building run by a young woman named Erin Solstice. She serves pasta with sausage, blue fruit juice, and dead acid flies on request. And she comes from another world. Ours.

      I’d delete all of the above. It’s full of spoilers. You want people to actually read your book don’t you?

      The remaining two paragraphs stand well on their own.

      • I personally don’t mind the first sections. “No killing Goblins” is an attention grabbing phrase. It instantly conveys that this a fantasy setting, but makes you wonder why you wouldn’t kill Goblins. The remainder is spoilery, though in such a way that makes you wonder how this comes to be.

  2. Typos done, pending more comments from readers!
    Blurb is tentatively done. Can always change it even after publishing, so eh.

    Thinking how to redo 1.00 and 1.01. The worst offenders…
    More plot inconsistencies done. Changed Ryoka wait from 2 to 4 days. Might square with what Discord chat debated over. Will check the logs if they exist.

    (Volume 1 Typo Finders: Pisces, AVR, Arky, Ocean23)

    • Could you delete it please?
      After all, the post the “correction” was referring to has already been removed.

    • Oh, I have to apologize.
      You actually did mention him being as tall as Erin in 1.15. I completely overlooked it.
      Again, sorry.

    • Not typo but a reminder

      I noticed that you gave 2 characters the same name. The one is Marian, a former human member of the Horns of Hammerad. She was the group’s 3rd mage. A Level 16 [Elementalist] that wanted to become an Innkeeper after having collected enough money.

      The other one is, well, Marian, one of Niers’ [Strategists]. She is also a Centraur.
      If this bothers you and you preferred to rename one of them, then I would suggest it be the Centaur.
      We know a (human) character with a very similar name, Maran, one of Agnes’ Barmaids that temporarily worked for Erin.

      This way you’d have 2 humans sharing a similar, in case you’d like to use names for one race that differentiate themselves from other race’s names.

    • She’d been happy to feed him pasta all night long. Happy that was, until Pisces and Relc told her that Antinium couldn’t handle bread or pasta that well. They were all naturally glucose-intolerant. Eating pasta was about as fun for Klbkch as poking his tongue with a knife. If he had a tongue.(1.21)

      You mentioned in several future chapters that they have a gluten intolerance, not glucose.

    • “I wouldn’t. It would bite and consume you first chance it got. Shield Spiders cannot be tamed. Unless you had the [Beastmaster] class, this child will eventually take your life.”(1.29)

      But back to my class. I get the [Beastmaster] class. It only makes sense that I’d get it. But why did I level up as an [Emperor]? Let’s think about that.(3.11E)

      [Beastmater]—>[Beast Tamer]

    • Several hives were destroyed entirely before a temporary truce was formed between the Antinium Queens and the leaders of the city states. This peace was tenuous however and lasted for only [four years] when the Antinium attacked again, leading to the Second Incursion War…’(1.04 R)

      You said the 2nd Ant War occurred 4 years after the 1st one.
      You wrote in S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.3) , however, that the 2nd war started
      [8 years] after the 1st war.

      . The previous Antinium War of only [eight years] ago had seen the upset of power in Izril

      • Although it belongs to volume 2, it is also about an inaccurate date in regards to the Antinium War:
        They didn’t mention much about the Prognugators, but this guy was around[ thirty years ago]. He dueled General Sserys—he’s dangerous. (2.34; Ryoka talking about Klb)

        The 1st Antinium War happened roughly 20 years ago, not 30.

        • The Timeline said that the war happened 21 years ago.

          It is currently 22.A.F and they war started 4-3 B.F., making it 25-26 years ago, so I guess you can take either 20 or 30, depending on whether you round up or down.

    • The Guildmistress of the Adventurer’s Guild in Liscor, an elderly Drake with dusky [purple scales] who was also Selys’s grandmother shot back when Zevara stopped to breathe.

      Tekshia Shivertail was the Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild in Liscor.

      Her scales were grayer and had a lot less luster than Selys’, but she was still spry and quite attractive with her [light green] coloration.

      Her scales changed from “purple” to “light green”

      • I forgot to add that the first passage comes from 1.45 while the latter one from S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.5)

  3. I think it’d be better if you had a quote or three from Erin.

    e.g. “Um. Is it three bars of iron and two sticks to make a pickaxe? Or can I make a wood sword by punching trees?” Erin, a chess champ back home, asked herself this as she sat in an abandoned inn she now called her own, in a world far bigger than home. An [Innkeeper] in a world of classes as real as a job in hers.

    • That’s the results of my look over Volume 1. Not every chapter even had typos or related problems that I could see, if I haven’t listed a chapter it’ll be one of those.

  4. In Ch 4.10 regarding the Stone Spears Tribe, Zel said, “More than I could with an army. The rest of the tribe went down fighting. Every last one of them.” But in Ch 2.29, ‘Zel seized a child, and saw his soldiers saving the rest. The adults were dead.’ Does this mean that the Children don’t count in Zel statement of “The rest of the tribe went down fighting. Every last one of them” or as survivor members of the Stone Spears Tribe?

    • Also, Ressa reprted to Lady Magnolia in Interlude – 3 “The [Scouts] and [Assassins] reported a higher number of Gnolls travelling with Zel’s army—they may have been saved.”

    • No, actually I think it’s because he is trying to avoid necromancy spells now, so he is relying on abilities from his lvl 18 mage class and not his 29-30 necromancer class.

  5. If you publish on Amazon, you also have the opportunity to publish on Kindle Unlimited. This allows many of your already curren readers to pick it up in Amazon read it to see the changes then return it at no cost. The down side to this is that if you publish on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you have to remove 90%+ of Volume 1 from as it must be exclusively located there. Kindle Unlimited pays authors per page read by person. I.e. If someone reads half the book you get paid for what they read. Many self published authors find it quite simple to publish with them.

    As for actual publisher houses I’m not very certain of good ones. May I suggest researching publishers and sending them a quick email that you’re very excited to publish this web novel, have a significant level of interest already and would like to seek their expertise?

    • Interesting fact about how Amazon calculates last page read. You can literally click on the author’s note at the end of a book and it will count every single page up to that as read.

      That means if we want to support pireateaba, not that I am advocating such an immoral support, we could check out the book on kindle unlimited, click on the author’s note, and then return the book. That would give pirateaba full credit for 100% reading even if we only read it on this website.

  6. You know, I was seriously thinking about arranging and cleanings as many chapters as I can to have it printed as a book for myself.
    I prefer books over ebooks and love your story so much I want to have it in my hands with this delicious odor of fresh paper.
    Also I didn’t look into it properly but while I was looking for a printer to print only one book I found that amazon does it with its KDP program where they can print on demand + Ebook format for kindle.
    If you do it and it can be shipped to my country I will definitely buy it!!
    I wish a lot of luck, happiness and hardship to Erin & co! Difficulties makes good thing even better.

  7. Quick Question: Are you going to leave the references to the 2016 Election in the Chatroom Interlude and 2.07 (not the April Fools one) in the published Version. I know you stood for them at the time because people at Erins age were very interested and emotional about that topic at the time, but I feel like the discussions about that topic aren’t as relatable as they were in early 2017 and even less so in the time you get around to publishing.

    I feel like these kinds of political discussions don’t age well and aren’t strictly necessary in a fantasy novel.

    Hmm, it is quite difficult to write criticism like this and not come around like I want you to censor your work, but I hope you re-read these chapters and make your own judgement.

    • Very interesting point, Zelemir. I’d say that it made total sense to write in the argument, trying to represent the feelings people from America would feel in that situation, despite being transported to another world. I’m obviously not going to worry about it too much yet as Volume 1 has yet to be published, but I’m definitely coming back to this idea and thinking on it.

      On one hand, it’s a record of what happened at a very specific time and all the more genuine because of it. On the other hand, a reader’s enjoyment of the politics is what I’d mostly be concerned about. A time capsule’s all very well, but like you said, an aged discussion doesn’t work as well. Thanks for bringing it up!

  8. In Ch 4.38 B, Ilvriss had stated to Zel that if he goes North, he would be the first Drake [General] to go past Liscor since the last Antinium War.

    While it is a true that Zel is the first one to do so, the statement is incorrect as Zel had already gone past Liscor to help Esthlem in Ch 3.34.

  9. Pirateaba, unless I am misremembering it, you mentioned that you want to leave it to the readers whether they would like to read the first volume here for free or buy it once you’ve published it.

    As far as I know, you won’t be allowed to have the 1st volume here, as amazon only permits you to leave the first 10% of the story you sell on their site.
    I am only aware of one story that is still available for free while being sold on amazon, which is The Slime Dungeon Chronicles on royalroadl. The difference, however, is that the last 3 chapters of the published version have been rewritten.
    If you rewrite the first chapters, as you intend to do, and only add them to the published version you might be permitted to leave the whole story on wordpress, though I don’t know if a certain percentage of the story must be different; considering the size of the volume, the first couple chapters might not suffice.
    I could very well be wrong about all of it. You would have to take a look at the amazon page regarding the requirements of having one’s novel published on their site, unless you intended to remove the 1st volume in the first place.

      • I believe it was this site:
        To be exact, below Exclusivity.

        However, you may choose to make up to 10% of your book available on other sites as a sample, as well as continue to distribute your book in physical format (including print on demand books), or in any format other than digital. 10% is roughly the length of the Kindle Free reading sample.

      • Ah, pirate, I just noticed that you don’t have to pick that option.
        The link I provided shows the requirements of joining KDP Select. However, you can publish your ebook just as easily via KDP (without the “Select”)
        The Select is what prevents you from using other distributors such as Smashwords; the same applies to the 10% I mentioned previously.
        What you have to keep in mind, though, is that you won’t be able to make use of Kindle Unlimited if you decide against using Select.

        Apparently, you are not bound to either of them. After a period of 90 days, you are seemingly allowed to cancel Select.

        You should check several sites comparing these two services(KDP vs KDP Select) to decide which one would suit your interests better.
        This would be one such site:

        • I can unofficially confirm. When Drew Hayes KDP published his web serials, access to books would be temporarily suspended and then reinstated after a few months. While the books are usually freely available on the web, he occasionally disables them when running the KDP promotions. The Cancellation section of the link that Pisces provided is probably the key part.

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