Audiobook & Volume 2

It’s here! Pay attention because I’m only writing this once! You can read it as many times as you want. Volume 2 of The Wandering Inn is coming out as an e-book…soon! I’ve swept the after-chapter comments for typos and the cover art is done! Functionally, all that’s left is to create the e-book file, do some work on the Amazon sales page, choose a date, and launch!

But that’s not all. The Audiobook for Volume 1 of The Wandering Inn is planned for launch September 10! Podium Publishing will be putting it out on Audible, so save your credits!

…Whew. That’s a lot coming out and I’m still writing chapters. But I might be able to swing a Volume 2 e-book around the end of the month if I can get a little help! What help you may ask? Finding typos.

Just…finding typos. I asked for Volume 1 and I’m still asking! But for Volume 2, if anyone has the time to find bad typos, I’d like to kill as many as I can before the release. There will be more and I’ll leave a typo-comment below for people to post them! But that’s all. Volume 2 is coming out, and so is the audiobook! It uh, I know it brings joy to all your hearts since you’re only on Volume 1 and waiting for the next one.

But seriously, I do hope more people will find and enjoy this story with you all. Thanks for reading and helping make this story succeed! Look forwards to the next chapter…and the e-book and audiobook!


23 thoughts on “Audiobook & Volume 2

    • 1.45 (Pos 25,234 in Kindle): “That was Zevara, Captain of the Watch. Selys knew her if not in person, than by reputation.” Change to “then”. This typo is already corrected in the web version, but not the Kindle version.

      1.45 (Pos. 25,260 in Kindle): “Half of the skin on her face had been torn away. Her long blonde hair was ragged; her fair skin cut and marred. She stared empty-eyed though the window, sitting and looking at nothing.” Change to “through”. This is not yet corrected in the web version nor in the Kindle version.

      Incidentally, if we go by 100k words ≈ 10–11 hours narration, then volume 1 will clock in at about 36 hours and volume 2 at 56, give or take an hour.

  1. I’m selfishly upset the release date for audio is sept 10 >.< I only just discovered this book, and I have to do 2 hours of driving this weekend and was hoping to be able to listen to this story on audiobook during the drive! Oh well

    I’m loving the story so far and I’m only in vol 1

  2. not a typo but might be a inconsistency.

    >“Not quite, milady. He asks after the best chess player in the city. He believes that is Olesm, but…”

    The Queen shifted in her spot in the cavern, moving her bloated body. Her voice rose, and the Soldiers standing guard at the entrance to her room stirred.

    “Why does the world turn upon one small human? What makes her unique!?”

    The wrath of his ruler did not faze Klbkch, and his voice cut through her ire as he raised it.

    “Perhaps because another world turns upon her as well. And she is not alone. Ryoka Griffin, Erin Solstice…they are pieces. I believe they are connected with the other anomalies found by the Hives.”

    That stopped his Queen. She paused, and took in the silent messages he sent her across the telepathic link.
    here we see the queen knows about other worlder but later Klb is apparently hiding erin being another worlder from her?
    also the hive having other worlders never being brought up again?

    and next one:
    Later that evening, in Liscor, two teams of Gold-rank adventurers entered the city to the excitement of no one but Selys, who was at the desk in the Adventurer’s Guild at the time. A Named Adventurer began his slow journey north from the Walled Cities, and another sailed across the seas.

    And Erin hired her first employee. That turned out to be a mistake.

    2.20, these two named adventurers from volume 2 got swallowed up and never brought again (the one from the city isn't venitra as this happened before venitra was introduced)

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