Audiobook & Volume 2

Volume 2 is now available on Amazon! It’s finally up for people who want to read on a kindle. There’s no reason for anyone to buy it otherwise, but if you would, consider leaving a review, spreading the word, or recommending it to a friend! I’m also always on the lookout for typos, so if you find any in Volume 1 or 2, leave it below.

I deeply appreciate everyone helping me get to this point! And I hope to keep releasing e-books and writing more volumes of The Wandering Inn! I…should probably get Volumes 3-5 done too, shouldn’t I? Thanks for reading and supporting the story!


30 thoughts on “Audiobook & Volume 2

  1. 1.23 “Erin hurried into the kitchen to grab classes and the pitcher of freshly-squeezed juice.”

    I think that should be glasses.

  2. If you’re HTML-savvy you could invert it yourself on the webpage.

    I personally like the current colour scheme as it is less tiring on my eyes, and I usually read late at night. That said, a option to switch wouldn’t hurt.

  3. Leave a typo before Volume 2 comes out!

    (Volume 2 typo-finders: WurmD, AVR, juppie, randomdigits, jklos, Ram Nevet, RareKindRain, S.Raven, Pisces, randomdigits, Qwiliman, RareKindRain)

  4. I’m selfishly upset the release date for audio is sept 10 >.< I only just discovered this book, and I have to do 2 hours of driving this weekend and was hoping to be able to listen to this story on audiobook during the drive! Oh well

    I’m loving the story so far and I’m only in vol 1

  5. Hey! Super excited for an audiobook. Your story is as long as the wheel of Time now. 😀

    Do you think you could swing a moment to load your vol 1, and vol 2 when it comes out, on the Kobo store? I don’t have a Kindle, I use Kobo, and would like to pick up your books without doing the Amazon buy/DRM strip.

    Thanks for your time!

  6. You’re awesome, keep up the great work!

    Is the ebook going to be formatted friendly for black & white devices, like Kindle Paperwhites?

    Some of the magic and other coloured text doesn’t show up properly when converting your posts here into my own book. It requires tweaking the colour codes to appear properly. For example. the part where Ryoka is meeting the people in the woods by the camp fire, when Erin is meeting the three people in her inn, the colour there fades to invisible.

  7. Pirateaba (or is it Pirate Aba?, guess it depends on where you look), i am a 58 year old guy with not much to do in my spare time, mind you, I work in DC and have a two hour, one way commute, so “spare time” is relative, but recently (like within the past 24 hours) discovered your writing. WOW. Thanks. And so on. Typically, hardcore science fiction and historical fiction fan so this is something totally new. But you have reeled me in like a fish . I look forward to all the Wandering inn has in store. sO yeah, I’m a newbie. Chapter 1.07 is where i’m at. Hooked……

  8. If we wanted to send you a markup copy of each chapter we proofread as a file, is there an email address we can send it to? I’d like to help, but have a hard time doing it through comments… Faster to send markup.

    Also, I love this series, and thankful that you are releasing it as both a serial, *and* in book form… Such an amazingly rich world, and complex ideas/personalities expressed better than I’ve seen anywhere else.

  9. I just looked at the ToC of the Kindle version of Volume 2 and was unable to find the Side Story “Wistram Days (Pt. 1)”. Is that intentional or was it merged into another chapter?

  10. I have just finished the volume 1 audiobook, and I have to say that I adore your writing. it has been an absolute delight start to finish. I was wondering though if there are currently any plans for volume 2’s audio version. Thank you, captain

  11. I’ve just finished the audio-book version of volume 1……LOVED IT. Was looking for something short after just finishing the Wheel of Time (only took 15 years :P). I didn’t even realize this was a web-serial until I started googling around about it. I’ll be heading over to Amazon to get the e-book version of volume 2 this afternoon while I wait for the audio.

    I just have to say, the progression and pacing of this book was fantastic, started as a kinda slice of life book and ended with……….. well spoilers but it ended amazing. Really looking forward to more in the future.

  12. I didn’t even know this book was available here until after I finished Volume 1 on Audible and I went searching for volume 2. I love the story so far, and expect to enjoy the rest. I can’t help but to imagine myself in their positions, and I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that it would be a bad idea to have engineers cross over and live! Anyway, I guess I will be getting the Kindle version of Volume 2 solely to make my Alexa read it to me (I listen to books while I work). Thanks for all your hard work. This is great!

  13. I had never heard of this series, but audible recommended The Wandering Inn based on my usual reads. I’ve only just started but so far im loving the concept and storyline….I hope things go really well for you

  14. I neeeeeeed the second Audiobook. I’m not even done with the first and I’m already super sad the second isn’t on Audible yet. Eagerly awaiting! =)

  15. Audiobook version soon maybe?

    I listened to the first book in a frighteningly short period of time. I love the way the narrator pronounced the characters names and adapts to their accents, it’s been an amazing ride listening to it! And what a cliff hanger! I mean I am going to start reading it now and hope that the voices work in my own head with such a stellar and long first section to take on, but I’d love to know if you have a potential release date for the audiobook on audible, or where it might come out! Thank you ever so much!

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