When I have new information for Volumes 2 onwards, I’ll edit this page. Until then, I’ll leave this page up so readers can leave typos they find in Volume 1.


10 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. Leave a typo if you find one in Volume 1! Typos for Volumes 2+ should go in their respective chapter so I can get everything when I go back and do the big editing. Thanks!

    (Volume 1 Typo Finders: Nick, juppie, Edward Alcorn)

  2. Another, later in 1.17

    “Klbkch ahd opened a window and an evening breeze was blowing through the kitchen.”

    These are from the book version, btw, as that’s how I’m reading them.

    • 1.23 “Erin hurried into the kitchen to grab classes and the pitcher of freshly-squeezed juice.”

      I think that should be glasses.

  3. 1.08 R

    “More than that, after my first fight when my parents had me learn martial arts to defend myself I studied how to fight.”

    Unsure but feels like a run-on.


    “Rags really wished she could speak other languages, or barring that, one human could understand her.”

    One where a human could understand her?

    1.10 R

    “She wasn’t quite glaring – mainly because Garia was kicking her none-to-gently in the shins and trying to get her to play nice. She didn’t feel like playing nice.”


    1.12 R

    “But she’d practiced one the off-chance her parents would allow her to fight in the ring.”

    On the off-chance.

    “Her first blurred and disappeared as it shot towards Yvlon’s face.”

    Fist, not first


    “He understood in a vague way that he would not acquire the [Innkeeper] class because it did not in fact own an inn, but the [Barmaid] class was, he felt, something of a misnomer.”

    Inconsistent pronoun usage. I think you switch from it to he as part of Toren developing sentience, but moving back and forth inside a sentence is confusing.


    “The Worker hesitated and then moved.”

    This is referring to Pawn, but given he’s *just* had a whole scene where he specifically says he’s now a former worker, it should say ‘former Worker’ here.

    “And Erin sang on, singing a sing no one in the inn but she had ever heard. A song from her world.”

    Singing a song

    1.00 H

    “They were colleagues and friends of course, but she’d only fought with them for less than year—in the case of their most junior members, only a month.”

    Less than A year

    “Olesm was silent for a while longer as the adventures trooped onwards.”


    1.02 H

    ““I do not want to run without seeing the enemy’s face.” “I’ll be the last thing you see if we stay here.”

    It’ll be


    “The zombies and skeletons weren’t able to even slow him down, and the ghouls he nearly dispatched with a spear strike to the neck or head.”

    Neatly dispatched?


    “Zevara raised her sword and slashed at his chest. The dead woman stumbled, but then raised a hand.”

    Her chest? Given the next sentence says it’s a dead woman.

    “A segmented head with two long…antennae made of flesh seemed dropped down towards her, and a fleshy mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth.”

    Seemed to drop down?

    ““Do not slow! The creature must not be allowed to retreat into the Ruins!” Klbkch’s thundered at his Soldiers.”

    Klbkch’s voice thundered?


    “That was Zevara, Captain of the Watch. Selys knew her if not in person, than by reputation.”

    Then by reputation

  4. The inconsistency is in 1.06 not 1.28 (Pisces has no trouble to mend bone from a distance.)
    Pisces pointed at Ryoka’s legs. She felt something begin to shift inside her leg and bit back a shout of surprise.

    It clashes with :
    “Not at my level. A [Necromancer] has extreme, and I do mean extreme difficulty working with living bodies. Manipulating bone? I can crack an unled skeleton in two at fifty paces, but it requires physical, skin-to-skin contact to manipulate a living person’s bone up close—and even then, only when they do not resist. (5.35)

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