Audiobook & Volume 2

ETA for Volume 2’s audiobook from the narrator:


Volume 2 is now available on Amazon! It’s finally up for people who want to read on a kindle. There’s no reason for anyone to buy it otherwise, but if you would, consider leaving a review, spreading the word, or recommending it to a friend! I’m also always on the lookout for typos, so if you find any in Volume 1 or 2, leave it below.

I deeply appreciate everyone helping me get to this point! And I hope to keep releasing e-books and writing more volumes of The Wandering Inn! I…should probably get Volumes 3-5 done too, shouldn’t I? Thanks for reading and supporting the story!


60 thoughts on “Audiobook & Volume 2

  1. 1.23 “Erin hurried into the kitchen to grab classes and the pitcher of freshly-squeezed juice.”

    I think that should be glasses.

  2. If you’re HTML-savvy you could invert it yourself on the webpage.

    I personally like the current colour scheme as it is less tiring on my eyes, and I usually read late at night. That said, a option to switch wouldn’t hurt.

    • This is for volume 3, since you dont have a spot for it

      Ylvon? That is my niece (Yvlon)

      I hold still, meeting his eyes as he crouches, hackles bared. (bared should be raised)

      but she’s not giving me frostbite, which I think (double spacing)
      even if she’s not apparently the best Runner around. (remove not)
      “Mayhap. Is there food in the pouch?” ( Need to correct sentence spacing after this sentence)

      The pitiful third daughter of a small kingdom, dying alone in an inn that wasn’t hers. (lyon is 6th, and isnt her kingdom large?)

      Well, there’s the Armored Legion—the Dullahans— (Iron Vanguard)
      they’re always at odds with the Flowing Wind Company. Mainly Centaurs (Maelstrom’s Howling)
      The Armored Legion and Flowing Wind companies are specialized (Iron Vanguard and Maelstrom’s Howling)

      We’re entering the (double spacing)
      dreamed of in the sixty years she had been alive (ceria is 65 i think)

      she got the [Double Step] Skill (double spacing)
      “No!” (correct sentence spacing)

      an honest [Noble] would do no less (yvlon is a [lady])

      I want at least one witness to interrogate. What good are dead bodies to me? I don’t know any [Necromancers]
      (can necromancers speak to the dead, or does it need to be removed?)
      I’ll need to gather my flight of attendants. My allies, anyone who can be trusted—do you know where all my attendants are right now?
      (4.26M has no mentioned of her gathering any attendants)

      videos on the computer, or play videogames (video games)

      Wistram Days pt. 2
      gossip like a pack of simpering [Noblewomen] (is this a class? we havent seen it)

      ill post more if i find them before you release the e-book

  3. Leave a typo before Volume 2 comes out!

    (Volume 2 typo-finders: WurmD, AVR, juppie, randomdigits, jklos, Ram Nevet, RareKindRain, S.Raven, Pisces, randomdigits, Qwiliman, RareKindRain)

  4. I’m selfishly upset the release date for audio is sept 10 >.< I only just discovered this book, and I have to do 2 hours of driving this weekend and was hoping to be able to listen to this story on audiobook during the drive! Oh well

    I’m loving the story so far and I’m only in vol 1

  5. Hey! Super excited for an audiobook. Your story is as long as the wheel of Time now. :D

    Do you think you could swing a moment to load your vol 1, and vol 2 when it comes out, on the Kobo store? I don’t have a Kindle, I use Kobo, and would like to pick up your books without doing the Amazon buy/DRM strip.

    Thanks for your time!

  6. You’re awesome, keep up the great work!

    Is the ebook going to be formatted friendly for black & white devices, like Kindle Paperwhites?

    Some of the magic and other coloured text doesn’t show up properly when converting your posts here into my own book. It requires tweaking the colour codes to appear properly. For example. the part where Ryoka is meeting the people in the woods by the camp fire, when Erin is meeting the three people in her inn, the colour there fades to invisible.

  7. Pirateaba (or is it Pirate Aba?, guess it depends on where you look), i am a 58 year old guy with not much to do in my spare time, mind you, I work in DC and have a two hour, one way commute, so “spare time” is relative, but recently (like within the past 24 hours) discovered your writing. WOW. Thanks. And so on. Typically, hardcore science fiction and historical fiction fan so this is something totally new. But you have reeled me in like a fish . I look forward to all the Wandering inn has in store. sO yeah, I’m a newbie. Chapter 1.07 is where i’m at. Hooked……

  8. If we wanted to send you a markup copy of each chapter we proofread as a file, is there an email address we can send it to? I’d like to help, but have a hard time doing it through comments… Faster to send markup.

    Also, I love this series, and thankful that you are releasing it as both a serial, *and* in book form… Such an amazingly rich world, and complex ideas/personalities expressed better than I’ve seen anywhere else.

  9. I just looked at the ToC of the Kindle version of Volume 2 and was unable to find the Side Story “Wistram Days (Pt. 1)”. Is that intentional or was it merged into another chapter?

      • Ah, good to know.

        It might be a good idea to switch around the order accordingly in the web version. People reading the second volume on Kindle and switching to the web version for volume 3 might miss the first part otherwise.

      • Just listened to volume one, and as a hardcore fantasy fan I am loving your work. Cannot wait until volume 2. There has not been many books I have enjoyed as much as I did volume one

  10. I have just finished the volume 1 audiobook, and I have to say that I adore your writing. it has been an absolute delight start to finish. I was wondering though if there are currently any plans for volume 2’s audio version. Thank you, captain

  11. I’ve just finished the audio-book version of volume 1……LOVED IT. Was looking for something short after just finishing the Wheel of Time (only took 15 years :P). I didn’t even realize this was a web-serial until I started googling around about it. I’ll be heading over to Amazon to get the e-book version of volume 2 this afternoon while I wait for the audio.

    I just have to say, the progression and pacing of this book was fantastic, started as a kinda slice of life book and ended with……….. well spoilers but it ended amazing. Really looking forward to more in the future.

  12. I didn’t even know this book was available here until after I finished Volume 1 on Audible and I went searching for volume 2. I love the story so far, and expect to enjoy the rest. I can’t help but to imagine myself in their positions, and I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that it would be a bad idea to have engineers cross over and live! Anyway, I guess I will be getting the Kindle version of Volume 2 solely to make my Alexa read it to me (I listen to books while I work). Thanks for all your hard work. This is great!

  13. I had never heard of this series, but audible recommended The Wandering Inn based on my usual reads. I’ve only just started but so far im loving the concept and storyline….I hope things go really well for you

  14. I neeeeeeed the second Audiobook. I’m not even done with the first and I’m already super sad the second isn’t on Audible yet. Eagerly awaiting! =)

  15. Audiobook version soon maybe?

    I listened to the first book in a frighteningly short period of time. I love the way the narrator pronounced the characters names and adapts to their accents, it’s been an amazing ride listening to it! And what a cliff hanger! I mean I am going to start reading it now and hope that the voices work in my own head with such a stellar and long first section to take on, but I’d love to know if you have a potential release date for the audiobook on audible, or where it might come out! Thank you ever so much!

  16. I am so angry right now. I didn’t mean to buy the audiobook because I tend to stay away from litRPG even though I love rpg’s. I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it out anyway.

    I was…. am…. hooked.

    Why am I angry?? Cliffhanger and the second volume isn’t yet released on audiobook!!!

    I SCREAMED in the car! NOOOO!!!!! I am filled with anger and fear and curiosity and frustration. I can’t even think right now!!
    I’m going to go cry now…

    Thank you for the ride. I honestly didn’t realize it was a litRPG when I bought the audiobook but I regret nothing. A book that makes the reader feel are too few and I cried. I screamed. I laughed. I agonized for the characters and screamed at them. So thank you. I can’t wait to hear more. (I work 60+ hours a week and can’t sit and read the way I would like to).

  17. I only discovered your INCREDIBLE writing when The Wandering Inn, Volume One, showed up as a recommendation for me at Audible. Elsewhere here I have posted, but will briefly say, the story and narrator are stunning, and I changed my whole life to listen as much as possible each day. FANTASTIC Audible book. I gave rave reviews on Audible and Goodreads. As I couldn’t bear to be without it, I bought the Kindle version of Volume II. I dislike reading on Kindle but I am half way through and will bear Kindle for the sake of your wonderful story writing. So basically…please please get the other finished volumes on Audible as fast as possible, and if not fast enough, then on Kindle. I would love to buy paperbacks as well, but Audible is my first choice as the narrator you picked couldn’t possibly be better!

    Thank you, Pirate Aba, for making my life richer. I love Erin almost as much as you :D. I bow to you.

  18. I’m almost at the end of the audible version of book one. I’ve been stretching it out hoping there’s going to be news of book 2. The book and the narrator are both amazing! Please tell me book 2 is also coming out in an audible version.

  19. So, I wasn’t sure what it was I expected when I started listening to your series, however I’m so glad you decided to have made into an audio book. I listen to books while I work, and often times I run into the issue of burning through books because of how much I listen. So needless to say, when I’m looking through Audible and I see a book that says it’s 44 hours long I felt like a kid on Christmas morning that just found out he got that really cool toy he’s been wanting. I’ve listened to about 10 hours or so so far and am thoroughly hooked now.
    I’m loving your writing and really hope you continue with it as you seem to be, I am equally glad you decided to take the leap and spend the money to get it produced as an audio book as otherwise I would likely never have come across it, I also hope you continue to produce more books both in written and audio forms.
    PS. I love the chapter about Erin’s first period in this new world, poor Erin.

  20. I loved book one on Audible as well as others who have posted. Can’t wait for book 2 to be on Audible and hope you can get the same narrator.

  21. First, let me start by saying i have over 500 fantasy titles on Audible and twice as many paperback. There isnt alot of fantasy out there I havent read, so I often brave the outskirts of fantasy where it morphs into LiTRPG or Sci-Fi or even comedic pieces. In the fantasy wilds, you find alot horribly written or narrated novels that are painful to finish, but finish them I do.

    So let me tell you that when I find gold(Age of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw for example), it reminds me why I roam the outskirts of fantasy. When I find a diamond, I have to tell the world(or my friends and discord server etc..). This is truly a diamond. Unlike most, I get excited when I see a long novel(Words of Radiance much?). If done properly, it allows the writer plenty of time to convince the reader of their love for the characters. Not only are the characters rich, but the thought put into how the forces and cultures of this new world define them is remarkable. I could go on for quite some time at everything positive this book has to offer, but there isnt enough time or space. So heres what i dont like…

    Volume II isnt on Audible. I know these things take time, but cant you..i dont know, teleport it or something?

  22. Amazon recommended. Reading ensued. I thought I was pretty up-to-date with all current great Fantasy epics, so this caught me very much by surprise. It started off ok. It got good. And then really good. I don’t know if you realize how much you’ve leveled up as a (writer/ storyteller) in the course of just the first year or so. I finished the two e-books quickly. And then I didn’t want to stop. So I unearthed my old iPad that had not seen the light of battery in years and now use it as my go-to reading device while my Kindle is collecting dust. Which has not happened – ever. It’s not ideal on my monitor-belaguered eyes and I’m wondering if there is a reason why you didn’t put volume 3 to 5 up as well? From a business point of view it would make sense to feed addicts like me straight away and the story is written, no? Or do you do revisions for the ebooks? (Which by the way are far too cheap – I would gladly pay two or three times the price. I’ll make up for it on Patreon.)
    Anyway, a big thank you for hours and hours of great entertainment!
    (On a side note, I live in the German speaking part of Switzerland and didn’t believe my eyes when I came across a reference to Reinhard Mey, whom I first discovered about 50 years ago. And still listen to. In a US Fantasy story! Hats off for listening outside the box.)

  23. Just finished listening to Volume One and can’t wait for more! My only complaint is that throughout the book, everytime any character said or thought the word “anyway” it was read as “anyways” with an s on the end… which is not a word. I never realized how many times we use that word, and every single time it grated on my nerves. Other than that, I loved it!!

  24. Chapter 2.00 when Erin is talking to Ryoka “Goblins. And there’s acid flies, you know, the one of the menu” I believe that should be “the one off the menu”

    • When I read Volume 2 on Kindle (as slowly as possible to draw it out!!), I used the reporting feature on my Kindle Fire for typos…at least once I learned how to do that. I hope it is okay to do it that way.

      I can hardly wait for the remaining volumes to be released on Kindle and VERY MUCH looking forward to the second volume on Audible. The first was a fantastic experience.

      Thank you so much.

  25. Hello, I like reading on the kindle, you like money, please publish volumes 3,4, &5 so I can give you my money please. Audiobooks would be preferable and would result in me giving you even more money but I am not expecting those for years sadly.

  26. How have people read Volume 3 onwards?! I can’t find it online.
    Love these books and the story, took a while to get into as i kept thinking it was quite silly and childish at first. But i quickly got dragged in and listened to all of V1 in 1 week! Brilliant narrator for V1, please use her again!!!

  27. Andrea is my favorite Audible narrator by far and the reason I found this book… Now I am hooked and need Volume 2 on Audible!!!! Great listen, and even better listen while stuck inside for COVID social distancing lol.

  28. I just finished the audio book of volume 1. I love the narrator, I have been spending each evening listening to it in bed before falling asleep. I really hope volume 2 comes out to audio soon!!!

  29. What do I need to do or what do I need to pay to get volume 3 read by Andrea ASAP! This series has pulled me out of my depression and given me a bright light to help me through long nights. The audiobook immerse you in the world so completely I feel like I’ve made new friends. Please tell me that audiobook volume 3 is in the works already!!!!❤️

    • Same here.. I’m almost done with volume 2! I at least need the hope that 3 is in the works. I’m going to be all mopey in a week or so when I finish this volume.

  30. Absolutely loved vol 1&2 bought audible 1 waiting on 2 would love rest in book form not been so addicted since glitter. Read 1st volume in 1 day, anyone that spoke to me got told to go away.

  31. Just finished volume 2. Is there more coming?? Omg I hope so, I’m in love with this leveling system. And the lengthier the better, I’m such a fan of each character. The system of levels is like character unto itself as well. I love hearing the narrator stage of falling asleep, with levels up. Your story has allowed me to escape reality in a most personally trying time. Many thanks. Keep going. I’ve now written one review of a writer, as well as one review on YouTube, it’s that rare I stop to connect with talent I’ve enjoyed.

  32. I am so looking forward to volume 3 on Audible. The series is funny, sad, sometimes scary, always intriguing and extremely addictive! I hope that you keep the same narrator, she is terrific!

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