When I have new information for Volumes 2 onwards, I’ll edit this page. Until then, I’ll leave this page up so readers can leave typos they find in Volume 1.


12 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. Leave a typo if you find one in Volume 1! Typos for Volumes 2+ should go in their respective chapter so I can get everything when I go back and do the big editing. Thanks!

    (Volume 1 Typo Finders: Nick, juppie, Edward Alcorn)

    • Not a typo comment but would it be possible to publish black text on light/white background? Reading white text on black gives me a headache and makes my eyes hurt after a few minutes. Hope I am not alone on this! Loving the series. Cheers!

      • If you’re HTML-savvy you could invert it yourself on the webpage.

        I personally like the current colour scheme as it is less tiring on my eyes, and I usually read late at night. That said, a option to switch wouldn’t hurt.

  2. I don’t know the appropriate place to put this, so I’m just going to rest it here. Is there any possibility (remote or otherwise) of physical volumes in the future? Your serial is something that I’d love to be able to physically curl up with.

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