Open Call – Publicist – The Wandering Inn

Open Call – Publicist

The Wandering Inn is looking to hire a full-time book marketer/publicist to promote the story, manage ad campaigns, run the Kickstarter for Book 1’s print, coordinate the launches of books and so on. This is a position that I, pirateaba, have never filled and I have never spent money on an ad campaign before. We’ve succeeded until now, but at this point with the launch of Volume 1, we need an expert.

With that said, we would like an expert and so I am reaching out to readers for any contacts in agencies or individuals who can be a Salii. Everyone wants a Salii. Please send your resumes and contacts to [email protected] and we will get back to you. The hope is that, like editors, this improves the story immensely behind the scenes in ways the audience will find later on.

If you know someone in the industry, drop them a line, but if you’re a high-level marketing professional who reads this story for fun–I would like to talk. Thank you for your time,


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