Well, I’ve made a mistake. I’m going to be upfront about this one: the Incentives page was a bad idea. I thought it was a good one, but it’s not working out and I’m going to get rid of it. But you still get this bonus chapter and one more.

Here are my reasons. A while back I got a good comment from someone when I suggested building a subreddit for this story. The user pointed out that I shouldn’t involve myself so heavily in things that fans and readers get to decide to do.

I as an author don’t have time or the right to create fan works for my blog, and honestly, it’s not my place to bug people to make stuff for me either. Incentivizing that kind of thing is also a bad idea, because it can lead to a mess.

Example: the TV Tropes page. I thought it would be a great idea to have one, as it can lead to a lot of traffic to the blog. But as it is right now, it’s problematic for me and anyone who wants to edit the page.

Although there are now 50+ tropes on the page, I notice they’ve been cross-wicked wrong in places. The Wandering Inn is a Web Serial, which should be under ‘Literature’ when cross-wicked, rather than ‘Web Original’. Plus, some of the information on the page is wrong, only partly accurate, or just grammatically incorrect, which isn’t anyone’s fault, but it’s not good either.

If someone wants to make tropes and work on the page, it should be their choice, and not because they want the next chapter out sooner.

I know it’s a bit of a blow to take away something I’ve offered, but honestly, giving away that many bonus chapters is also a problem for me in terms of cost-efficiency. I realized pretty quickly that more reviews on any of the sites I offered isn’t really going to help the blog that much, getting to the #1 spot on Royalroad and TopWebFiction isn’t so important as lasting popularity, and most crucially, it is promoting a ‘I help you now you owe me words’ mentality, which isn’t how the relationship works.

I appreciate donations and I offer a chapter early on Patreon, but this is still my story and I like to write it at my pace and my way, which is also why I’ll never offer a reward like ‘$20 gets your character or a magical object you created in the story’.

I’m sorry to people who were psyched up about the bonus chapters, but you’ll still get two and this way maybe you’ll get a surprise week sooner, rather than me constantly playing catch up writing bonus chapters. If/when I get to a full time job, I’ll probably release bonus chapters and write fanfiction and other stories for fun, but it does have to be me doing it because I want to rather than constantly writing to meet goals that I shouldn’t have offered in the first place.

We live and learn, and this one’s a mistake I hope I won’t repeat. Slap me if I do. And thanks for reading this second-to-last bonus chapter!

26 thoughts on “Incentives

  1. I’d say the TV tropes option and the reviews one are the most likely to be completed first. The donations is something I saw other writers doing — counting donations through Paypal towards bonus chapters. I get some donations on Paypal anyways, so this is more a reward for people who use that rather than Patreon.

  2. Really appreciate the help! I had no idea about the mythological creatures wiki, but it’s great that you’re adding monsters there too!

    …Although, you might want to wait until tonight to do that indexing. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Hopefully I finish on time.

  3. For reaching #1, I’m just looking at the 1 week markers.

    Also, Patreon isn’t connected to the Paypal button — I only have that because some people use Paypal to donate and I want to reward them somehow.

    I do prefer Patreon as a general rule; even if I get only $1 or $5 per person, it’s long-term income I’m interested in and I can reward readers with bonus chapters and so on. My goal is to hit $1,000 on Patreon to be able to work as a writer full-time.

  4. This makes total sense; best of intentions from everyone, but it’s too easy to shift from “excited about the story and reading additional material!” to “excited about the story and now I’ve earned reading additional material!” with things like these up.

    This story, this world, is so cool. The last thing anyone wants is for it to go away because you’re burned out and feeling rushed. Thanks for trying to end it fairly (still giving those reward chapters), and a BIG thanks for realizing it now, NOT after you feel so trapped you decide to quit the story for a while!!!!

  5. I was wondering where this page went.

    Looks like a smart choice, just leaving the patreon link instead of that incentives page. I actually had to do a site search to find it before :v

  6. Considering the length of uour chapters the whole bonus chapter a la carte did seem a bit too much. Keep going, the story is only getting better and better.ñ

  7. Eminently sensible as always.

    I’m given to assuem one of the groups of word slaves you’re farming for chapters has escaped, and as some sort of AI, you believe we need an excuse for the resulting miniscule drop in your unbelievable output rate.

    Well, I’m onto you. But if our Singularity Overlords want to spend their time organising such incredible stories for us, I’m all for it.

  8. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. You should not let your readers dictate what you write; we read because we enjoy YOU and what YOU create. If you feel overwhelmed and write poorly because you are stressed or feel rushed, it becomes a detriment to you, your writing, and to the overall enjoyment of your readers.

    Focus on you and what you want to do. Your writing should come second to your sanity.

  9. You are right. This is your work and you should be the one to set the pace you write it at.

    A tiny bit of correction though: on tvtropes, “web original” is the category that encompasses everything that is created and/or posted on the internet, as opposed to the more traditional formats. This includes webcomics, various youtubes and yes, web fiction. Which means things like The Wandering Inn, Worm, A Practical Guide to Evil etc. are filed under the Web Original category and not Literature.

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