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Congratulations to Casualfarmer!

Beware of that chicken, Relc.


I have a special announcement to make. It’s not related to my writing, but someone else’s writing for once.

As you may or may not know, The Wandering Inn is on Patreon and funded via readers. For a long time, it has been the most-subscribed Patreon for any web serial or even published work, I think. I don’t talk about it because I didn’t believe it.

But I do check on my Patreon now and then and I see other authors getting lots of subscribers, and deservedly too! Shirtaloon, who writes He Who Fights with Monsters and Turtleme, author of both story and webcomic of The Beginning After the End are both amazing writers and I believe both have passed me. So I prepared to congratulate them…only to realize there was another.

Casualfarmer is listed under ‘Adult Writing’ on the analytics site I use, which is why I never saw their web serial until someone pointed out a giant had emerged this year with the most Patrons. So, to them, I commissioned the endlessly amazing ArtsyNada to create this.

It’s my way of saying that the #1 Patreon writer as of this moment is Casualfarmer, and may the sunlight and all the desrving attention and accolades go to them and their story, Beware of Chicken. If you have not read it–go and find out what the biggest web serial on Patreon is!

From me to you, Casualfarmer, congratulations. I hope you’ll keep that mantle for a while, but if you should ever be passed, consider nodding to the next person. All the best, and once again to everyone, thanks for reading our stories!



Beware of Chicken:

Casualfarmer’s Patreon, #1 Most Subscribed Web Serial on Patreon:


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