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9.44 P

June 8, 2023

(I am releasing a chapter a day rather than one every 3-4 days. Make sure you’re on the right one and you haven’t missed one! –pirateaba)     Persua Mavva finally reached Invrisil and hesitated at the door to The Wandering Inn. It was as cold as anything, and when she was able to transit […]

9.43 L

June 7, 2023

(I am releasing a chapter a day rather than one every 3-4 days. Make sure you’re on the right one and you haven’t missed one! –pirateaba)     That beach. That damn beach. “What kind of an [Innkeeper] has a beach in their inn? What is a beach? Damn her!” The Wandering Inn ate business […]

9.42 E

June 5, 2023

A week passed in the winter like a flurry of snow. Ser Normen and the Order of the Solstice, the downfall of Elia Arcsinger, Halrac the Grim. These things took Izril by storm—then the continent was busy talking about a duel between two caravans from the House of El and the City of Zeres that […]

Interlude – Trade and Travel

June 4, 2023

(MelasD, a fellow author and reader of The Wandering Inn, has released a webcomic for their story, Salvos! A webcomic for a web serial? Sounds like a good idea. Check it out here and give them some support!)   Foreword: I have returned. It is a day of prophecy. In Batman’s The Dark Knight Returns, […]

9.41 (Pt. 3)

April 30, 2023

(I am on break for the month of May to write a novel. Check the next post or Author’s Note for details.)   [The Tears of Liscor is out on Audible. Order it here!]   <The store has also launched a series of keychains! Check them out here! There is also a giveaway by Podium […]

Interlude – Levels

April 16, 2023

(I am taking a break until April 29th! I will be resting and writing a bit of Gravesong, Book 2 during the later bit.)     The [World’s Eye Theatre] was awash with tears. Awash with tears. The audience would have gotten up and applauded if they weren’t so busy wiping at their eyes. They […]

9.41 (Pt. 2)

April 12, 2023

(Podium Audio is featuring fanworks for the Tears of Liscor launch! If you would like to submit, use this form for a chance to be featured!)     Now came time for action. Now came flame in cold winter. Now began the Order of Solstice. But it was not going to be easy.   —— […]

9.41 (Pt. 1)

April 9, 2023

An [Innkeeper] rolled over in bed, and it was easier to do than it had been before. She caught herself and realized she was tossing and turning in her sleep once more. Her body was healing…just in time for her to find herself lying on her stomach while her lower half was twisted around and […]

Interlude – Stories

April 1, 2023

[Pale Lights, a new story by the author of A Practical Guide to Evil, is out on Royalroad! Consider giving it a read!]   (I am on break next update to write Gravesong: Book 2! This is an ongoing project. More details in the Author’s Notes at the bottom. Back on the 8th.)   <I […]

Interlude – The Spitoon

March 29, 2023

(Casualfarmer author of Beware of Chicken and the most subscribed webserial on Patreon at one point, is hosting an AMA right now! If you’re reading later, it might have ended but check it out and show them some support!)     As the month of The Wandering Inn’s break came to a close, this event […]

Interlude – Brewing Sariants

March 19, 2023

(The author is on break before they explode of tiredness. Back on the 28th!)     The following events took place during the month of winter quiet, including dancing lessons, a cold war between two girls, a Gnoll learning how not to fall, and more.   Some days, life kicked you in the face. And […]

Interlude – Innovation and Invention

March 15, 2023

The following story took place during the winter break of dinner dates, dancing, and a suspiciously quiet inn.     “Rufelt, what do you dream about?” The co-owner of Tails and Scales paused in cleaning a mug at his bar. The glossy countertop and recently reupholstered chairs were polished by a thousand occupants, the wood […]

9.40 GG

March 12, 2023

(A huge thank you to the medical readers who contributed to this chapter! Louis.EXE, Alan, Sishio, Hanna, Brian, and Arcane all added terminology and their expertise! Any details you note are wrong are probably my fault and should go in typos.)     She was no longer a [Doctor], the Last Light of Baleros. A […]


March 8, 2023

“Have you heard of The Wandering Inn?” It was a question that had grown louder over the past year. At first, it was a whisper amongst the guards on Liscor’s walls. Then it stole into the city, amongst the Antinium. It went to Celum—and spread further. Growing faster and louder, jumping to Invrisil, Pallass. And […]

Interlude – Beginnings

March 5, 2023

(Volume 1 has been completely rewritten and is up now. The old version can be found here. Please see the Author’s Note to find what’s been changed.)   This tale was about Mrsha. It belonged to her because she had been getting into less trouble of late. Valeterisa trying to pluck all her hair off […]

9.38 TV (Pt. 2)

March 1, 2023

(The writing notes for 9.38 TV can be found here. Warning—spoilers for the entire chapter.)   On the third day, Valeterisa asked Montressa if she was ready for the trial teleporting. She had just used her new Skill. [Arcane Discovery]! It was like…a moment of inspiration. A moment of insight that you had when puzzling […]

9.38 TV (Pt. 1)

During this week, ten events occurred in the world. Most were mundane or not immediately consequential in the grand scheme of things. They were just—details. First steps that only made sense after the spinning ball of destiny was crashing downhill towards the pins of fate. These ten occurrences were: a convening of ships at sea. […]

9.37 HO

February 15, 2023

[I am on my monthly break! Thanks for giving me all this time to rest and work behind the scenes. I will be back on the 25th for Patreons!]     “The greatest [Martial Artist] in the world is a [Spearmaster].” “Mm. It may be true.” Orjin sat cross-legged on a pillow in the most […]

9.36 HO

February 4, 2023

[I am taking two updates off to finish my rewrite of Volume 1. The next chapter will be out on the 14th. Wish me luck and enjoy this chapter.]   In the darkness crept a pair of wicked little girls. The scariest creature in horror to some. Their sinister…heads…and whispering voices terrified people in the […]

9.35 O

January 31, 2023

(The Wandering Inn is putting out an open-call for a book marketer/publicist! Find out more details here!)   He was drunk. And not supposed to be on air, clearly. The soothing broadcast of late-night music from the string quartet turned off, and there he was. Noass. He was leaning on the desk of Wistram News […]


January 29, 2023

“[Castling the Pieces].” With a single sentence, they could put a thrill in your blood. Fear—if you were their enemies. A Skill was meant to be used, and Perorn knew that it was not always wise to show your hand. But Niers’ great Skill had already been publicly unveiled, so there was no point keeping […]

Interlude – Foody Discussions

January 24, 2023

When Erin Solstice called Niers Astoragon the next morning, she looked tired. So tired that the Fraerling’s first comment was, against his desires— “Should you be resting, Erin?” She gave him a suspicious look. There weren’t bags under her eyes, but there were subtle clues, like how she seemed ready to topple forwards out of […]


January 22, 2023

Then she was there. Erin Solstice, before your eyes. She appeared wherever you were—in the rooms of your Wistram accommodations, walking out of a wall like the ghost of Emerrhain—but a better one. In the tent of the King of Destruction’s war camp, sending an entire army into chaos for fear of assassination or enemy […]


January 18, 2023

There was a plan. There was always a plan. There had to be—or else you were winging it and balancing the fate of your nation—nations—upon chance and ‘intuition’, the thought that you were in command of all the facts, all the knowledge, and were the superior intelligence. Objectively, that was a stupid thing to believe […]