9.38 TV (Notes) – The Wandering Inn

9.38 TV (Notes)

Intro: I believe I have been asked how I organize my notes per chapter. I never provided examples–mostly because I delete my notes once I’m ‘done’ with a chapter.

My process is to outline a chapter thoroughly sometimes. Such that I know both the order of events, as well as the broad contents of each scene.

The most prepared I am is having lines or scenes written down in brief, even quotes I build each piece of the chapter around. I do not have entire parts of the chapter pre-written; I just have enough to always know what comes next.

Sometimes I organically write and figure out what I’m doing in the moment, but I have found that having the chapter almost fully laid out in my head and in note-form is very helpful.

With that said, my notes are mostly dependent on what is in my head so the following is literally copied out of a word document I have open in a second monitor and stare at now and then. They may not make sense–I do not always know what I mean. But here are the notes I had for 9.38 TV. I have had much longer note docs, and I regret not saving the one I had for some of the Volume 8 chapters. Those are an example of me at my most organized. But if you were curious, here’s my process.

And yes, it is unorganized and I wrote it exactly like this. If I have too many notes I’ll organize but I generally don’t need to do that. Just by writing down the notes, I tend to remember most of what I want to do and only refer to this as a guide.


PS: I forgot things even reviewing my notes that never made it into the chapter. Like a scene where Valeterisa tries to ‘steal’ Yelroan by levitating him out of the inn. Also, the ‘child labor’ note means she realizes where she goes wrong in her project during the chapter.

She’s supposed to see Mrsha and Nanette doing magic and realize ‘aha! That’s how I solve the issue of hiring people and it being so expensive! Child labor’.

…I never wrote both scenes in, but that’s an example of how a single line is an entire scene I know to write. And how sometimes I can’t fit things in. They’re funny scenes but I’m tired and sick. Sorry.

And I also misspell things because I’ll write this on my phone or when I’m about to sleep and I have an idea. I know what I wrote. I think.



Vale getting stressed until she snaps and LIFTS

All these ideas–mages montressa knows like palt

Why not sell seels?

Hire an archmage

Gardening with the archamge of izril…

Keeping a budget and watching it go down


Ah, now I remember why I wanted to learn a magic to deal with what even my midn couldn’t…


Master Spell–levitation to mons

An apprentice skill for her at end…enchanted ink. Like the bacon…the entire chapter


Vale’s SKILLS!


Teriarch and rafaema–a mortal who wants to be paid 1,500 gold…are you worthy? Too much trouble

No–it’s reasonable for them. It is hard…

Let me explain it for you, Rafaema. A kraken. Fight it.

–you would not win.

Arrogance or…competance

The courage to face a giant knowing you’d lose

The ability to bring one down

The morality to know when it must be done and the integrity to choose

Fortgunately can be taught

Each has a preference for the ‘base’. Farmherds…some quality of rustic…

Some chose orphans or the altruistic

Me? Young women. YOung men get distracted and are hotheaded.

…does it work? Who’s the most effective?


Inhale. Exhale. Teaching abler, too.


Vale nothing is ready

Teleportation error

Trying to steal yeleoab


Griping out loud and hurting her apprentice feelings

Did not sign up for this

Ikea competency?

People taking advantage of over promising

Firevallunf a scribe

Teleport away. Am done


Restart small. What can you do? What are they good at?

Nanette and Marsha. Seeing magic in sweeping…

That’s it..aha. solution child labor


Rivals? The mage of moment, mage of icbor, triparte law bully

Taima…any interaction she remembers how she wants

Can recall a better one

Literally holding a day…they break

Yet even she cannot beat valeterisa menoru

Did she have any friends?

Telin the thiief of tables


Sneaking up on him in turn



Types–a wild tree-swinging battle

Lunging lancing strikes


Four hooves–rapid flash stepping–going BEHIND–unlimited movement and twisting

A fan in one hand–flying with magic


Ultimate healing vs ultimate putrefaction


A convening of ships–bk official

An execution

A delivery service

A boxing match

An accusation in scarlet

Delanay d’artien

Hiring an employee

Assassination–a young lord

A fine–kevin and the bike

A duel

A crossing of borders


My mana runs thick as blood

Arcane discovery


[Flawless Spell Circle Analysis]


Tell them to STOP

Then lean on them with all your–

Tell her.

Maybe we can make it.

Too slow, too tired. Teleport…


A sick boy

House byres–believing you can distribute


Magnolia comes in–I’ll manage it for you if you…


Ieka’s r reservations valeteria

How do you turn water into wine?

A basic test of competence

Second is keeping a budget

Third is knowing when someone who smiles at you lies


Teriarch–i must be unimpressive

I know I am to what I should be

I will make no excuses


I know…every step I have fallen down.

Mags haunts HER–

The icy queen of underworld–no, wait, that’s ressa, and her dreams abou ressa wera lot more pleasant


I know your foibles old man

I see the dragonlord of flame in when you aren’t trying. He slips out between all the posturing and ego


You are at your most heroic when you make no attempt at it

You said that


You have been the dragonlord of flame–but you are also an old man who acts like he’s and old…

Her expectation is you can do anything, and will–and never falter

Did I shatter the dreams of a girl?

The thing about Dragons is that one learns time is…

You didn’t shatter a girl’s dreams…well, perhaps a girl’s. But the woman’s were only deferred

I might not see it, but I have faith…


I think you’re impatient…

How he failed with the chosen ones

I think you know what must be done


You are clumsy in your body.

Run awy from more than two bossels

Run away from a void eater goat

Run away from anything that talks

A lightning wyvern…


I will see you on Lundas–

I am not ready to teach you

All our kind are born arrogant but you…you are around mortals. You need to know your STRENGTH as well as weakness

I think you need to be alone, truly.

And I…need to start at a fundamental lvel


She insults mons–it comes out

Not 6 hours, 40 minutes

Each scene a consequences–zevara. Big enough for a watch cOMMANDEr

Might not. Hiring Venim…don’t feel like I’m s uitable for the role



I took not a life while we stood on your land

INor pulled my rank or gave a single command

I ne’ever made a promise I wuld not keep

Nor did anything to make my shipmakes weep


If you call this justice on land, hear the plea of the surf!

Thing long on your deed before you lay me in earth

Cut off–


I am trying

No, you are trying to look good


Ikea sends ryoka

The unmarked…fierce

Earlier scene about boredom


On auto

Go away

Wait. Elvadin killer…battle mode


I don’t know how to apologize

A stagecoach whip cracking coat billowing

Make way


I have never spoken to someone like that

I have been her

I don’t want to be a bad teacher

The worst thing you can do is run away–

I believe her


Escalating—coming back as a fake one

Brooding to optimization to fact-checking…

we re we accurate?

What would larracel–we leveled up at fissival

Ieka liked out present

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