8.11 E – Delayed

(Confirmed release dates unless all goes wrong: 8.11 E and 2 other chapters on March 16th, Tuesday release.)


Hi, it’s me.

If you didn’t see the last announcement about editors, 8.10 E is the first chapter that I’m hiring a professional editor to make better.

The chapter is done. It’s been released to Patrons, but it won’t come out for Public readers until the revised version based on the editors’ feedback is done.

Thus…you’ll have to wait for the Public chapter, and every chapter after that. It should not be more than a week at most of delay, but this is your heads up. When the revised chapter is finished, I’ll make it public as well as any chapters that should have been out. But not until revision so you get the best version possible! This is the one chapter that I’m having edited; the next will be in a few months.

Thanks for understanding,


45 thoughts on “8.11 E – Delayed

    • x2
      I had hoped we could get to see both versions, that way we could note the differences between the two and truly appreciate the increase in quality (which is already so freaking high that it’s incredible) that an editor will bring.

      • “ [the editor] is going to provide a full edit of the chapter within the week of its release. [pirateaba] will be posting copies of her editorial letter and changes for those who are interested in what a professional quality editor looks like. “

  1. “Also, the author is on break until March 6th, March 9th for Public readers!”-past pirateaba

    “you’ll have to wait for the Public chapter, and every chapter after that”- current pirateaba

    “I may have accidently baked it into a pie! It’s probably okay!”- future pirateaba

  2. Awesome! So glad you’re trying professional editing. Even if it’s just so you can spend less time fixing up typos :)

  3. Well, I’m lucky. I stumbled about this Webserial only 10 days before or so and have still much to read (at the moment I’m at Chapter 2.18) to come to the newest chapters …
    I only hope, that in the 2 or 3 months till I’m up to date anything is in calm waters again.

  4. Congrats! Making big investments in creativity is hard! I hope this editor helps you feel more flow, better clarity, and brighter character moments and not just find typos. (That’s what we’re for!) and if they try to get you to cut back on words per chapter = fired! Glad to wait while your writing levels up.

  5. As always, take any time you need, for your health or for the quality of your work! We are spoiled by the twice weekly updates, anyone who complains needs can go read some of excellent LitRPG on Royal Road.

  6. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I am a little sad i don’t get to read it right away but i understand. I always thought you did fine on your own even in the live stream you did very well. Welp i guess im gonna go eat and sleep then see the amazing chapter you put out!(ps it always amazing even flos.)

  7. Oh well. I think that the public chapters were good as is (since they’re, well, public), but thanks for the treat, even if it means waiting a bit more.

  8. “Thus…you’ll have to wait for the Public chapter, and every chapter after that.
    This is the one chapter that I’m having edited; the next will be in a few months.”

    Can we have the editor also proofread the announcements? Because this is confusing.

  9. I’m never going to complain when I am alloyed to enjoy a story like this even if I have to wait a few more days than usual. One day though I’m getting that patreon set up for this though cause heckin yes

  10. I prefer quality over quantity. I am also someone who likes to reread chapters. If you plan on revised some chapters, feel free to update us on which chapters you changed.

  11. i need more!!! evil editors who needs them!! give me your words any words i am addicted you have ruined me shame on you give me your words!

  12. 😪😪😪😪😪😪
    Keep coming back every day since this page uploaded for me with your announcement at 4 am (in Germany)…. still nothing.
    I love what you write, and I can’t imagine it being edited better than it is now.
    Well, they do say that patience is a virtue

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