Interlude – The Call – The Wandering Inn

Interlude – The Call

[User Rose has joined the conversation.]

[15 Users Connected]


[Squirtle344]  – Lol. Another one!

[BlackMage] – Rose, welcome. Glad you made it.

[batman] – SUP.

[Rose] – Okaaaaaay. Magical floating screen. o.o

[strider_479] – That was the last one in several minutes. Looks like most of us are here so do we want to get things started?

[plusOne] – what is this?? how is this happening?

[Level 12 Warrior] – ikr? Floating screen popped up after I answered the phone. i nearly died!

[Rose] – Is this some kind of Skype call?

[strider_479] – More like a magical chatroom. I’m not sure how this is possible, though.

[BlackMage] – Right, let me start things off. I’m uh, the one who set all this up. We’re all connected by magic.

[Squirtle344]  – bull

[50fiftyCents] – no its true i can detect magic with my skill

[twinTrouble_53] – Still impossible. How is this happening?

[batman] – iPhones r magic. duh. apple has wizards.

[America Group] – Hold on, let’s let BlackMage speak.

[BlackMage] – I managed to link up our phones, but it takes a LOT of magical power to do this. And I thought having a bunch of voices would be too confusing so we’re in chat.

[twinTrouble_53] – How much power?

[batman] – over 9000 lol.

[BlackMage] – I hope we can use this as a way to communicate and make sense of things here.

[Loran Grimnar] – Not many people here. Is it because of distance?

[BlackMage] – Shouldn’t be a problem.

[strider_479] – Maybe this only works with iPhones?

[ayan] – everyone is dead. we are the only survivors!

[50fiftyCents] – fuck android users man. Their loss.

[asdf] – send help pls!

[America Group] – Let’s all calm down and try to make sense of things. If we all type no one will be able to understand anything.

[ayan] – who make u the leader?

[BlackMage] – I think he’s right. We should start with basics.

[Rose] – What basics? I’m sitting in a forest in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I haven’t seen anyone except monsters for DAYS!

[asdf] – help

[strider_479] – What, really? I’m in a city right now with some other people who got teleported with me.

[BlackMage] – Really? Where?

[Kent Scott] – Does this city have a name?

[America Group] – HOLD ON. Let’s start with basic information. Where are all of you?

[strider_479] – I’m in the Adventurer’s Guild in my city. Pentagost.

[Rose] – I’m in a forest, like I said. I have no idea where I am.

[batman] – this is a trap lol.

[twinTrouble_53] – It’s not a trap. What makes you think that?

[plusOne] – who CARES? if you can send us a message, can you send us home?

[Squirtle344]  – omg pls!

[Level 12 Warrior] – yes.

[asdf] – yes do it please!

[BlackMage] – I can’t do that. This is all I can do. I don’t even know what sent us here.

[50fiftyCents] – damn

[Squirtle344]  – i want to go home.

[America Group] – Not much we can do about that now. Priorities should be linking up & sharing information to survive.

[strider_479] – In that case, start with levels and classes.

[ayan] – why?

[strider_479] – Good information to know. I’m a Level 16 [Ranger], by the way.

[Rose] – Classes? What?

[BlackMage] – Not bad. I’m a Level 11 [Engineer] at the moment, and Level 8 [Mage]. That’s how I set up this call.

[Loran Grimnar] – What?? You can become a ENGINEER?

[BlackMage] – Seems like it. I took apart my iPhone and some of my electronics and got the class.

[twinTrouble_53] – Whoa, electronics? You have more stuff?

[batman] – when r you gonna get [Technomage] class?

[Level 12 Warrior] – There’s a [Technomage] class???? How do u get it?

[plusOne] – hes just trollin. ignore him.

[50fiftyCents] – Level 10 [Mage] here. Magic is AWESOME!

[ayan] – ive just been running away from everything ur killing monsters??? level 4 traveler level 1 trader

[America Group] – I am a Level 26 [Knight]. Others with me are [Assassin], [Pyromancer], [Beast Tamer], [Tactician], [Fist Fighter], etc…and one [Clown].

[Squirtle344]  – wut.

[strider_479] – Get out.

[twinTrouble_53] – Do you have a list of all the classes?

[Kent Scott] – How many people are with you? What are their names?

[plusOne] – no wey. u can’t be 26

[America Group] – I am.

[batman] – i am [Dark Avenger]. level 999999.

[Level 12 Warrior] – Impossible. How did u level so fast? I’ve been killing monsters every day as an adventurer, and I’m only a Level 12 [Warrior].

[America Group] – It seems like our summoning spell blessed us in some way. We all gained the [Hero] class when we were summoned, but none of us have managed to progress it past Level 1 that I know of. It seems to make us all level up faster.

[batman] – gtfo. pics or it didn’t happen.

[BlackMage] – Some people on my end are telling me that no one’s gotten the [Hero] class in centuries. What kingdom is this?

[Loran Grimnar] – Wait a second. Slow down. SUMMONED????

[America Group] – Weren’t all of you summoned here?

[strider_479] – No.

[Squirtle344]  – no.

[batman] – i’m the chosen one.

[Loran Grimnar] – We arrived in a storm. Half of us FELL down a cliff on our first night!

[Rose] – I woke up here! No idea what happened!

[asdf] – help please!

[strider_479] – Backtrack to the Level 26 part. I’ve been here for two weeks. How the fuck did you get that high so fast?

[Squirtle344]  – language.

[batman] – shut up fag.

[plusOne] – omg. can we block u?

[Loran Grimnar] – Two weeks? I’ve been here way longer than that!

[ayan] – wait. ive been here for three months.

[50fiftyCents] – WHAT

[BlackMage] – This is important! What’s the last big thing you all remember from our world?

[ayan] – um. the election?

[BlackMage] – Did it already take place?

[ayan] – no, i meant we were still in the primaries. TRUMP just got nominated for republicans.

[Loran Grimnar] – Hold it. The election’s over. Way over.

[Squirtle344]  – No way.

[ayan] – liar

[Loran Grimnar] – I’m serious. It was just after Christmas when I got abducted.

[strider_479] – There’s a huge time difference here, it seems.

[America Group] – Wait, if the election’s over, who won?

[BlackMage] – Hillary, duh.

[Rose] – No. It was Trump!

[plusOne] – omfg no way yESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

[Level 12 Warrior] – America is doomed.

[ayan] – glad im here.

[50fiftyCents] – shut up! Trump is 100000X better than lyin hillary.

[ayan] – aaaand now the idiots appear. good luck i hope a monster eats you.

[plusOne] – fuck u liberals


[strider_479] – I’m not even American.

[Squirtle344]  – wut

[ayan] – seriously?

[strider_479] – Yeah. I’m from Australia. What about everyone else.

[plusOne] – u don’t sound australian.

[strider_479] – This Australian enough for you, ‘mate’?

[Rose] – Who types in accents?

[batman] – racist

[plusOne] – shut up.

[twinTrouble_53] – England here.

[ayan] – WUTTTT

[Level 12 Warrior] – i thought everyone was American! hey there!

[America Group] – I’m with a group of Americans over here. We’re from all over the continent, though.

[plusOne] – you and your ‘summoning spell’ right

[America Group] – Not a lie.

[Loran Grimnar] – Who’s from America? Me.

[50fiftyCents] – America! FUCK YEAH!

[Rose] – I’m from California.

[BlackMage] – Okay, so we’re from everywhere. I’m from America too, by the way. But back to when we arrived. How long have all of you been here?

[Loran Grimnar] – Maybe four weeks? It gets hard to tell.

[ayan] – seventy eight days.

[batman] – forever

[plusOne] – a month? not sure.

[Rose] – A week.

[strider_479] – Wow. Really?

[Rose] – Yeah, I just got here and I’m flipping out.

[BlackMage] – Wait, what’s the last thing you remember from home?

[Rose] – Um. Last thing? It’s really hard to remember. Trump banned all Muslims, but it got blocked by the judicial courts. That’s the biggest thing.

[ayan] – omg. Hitler’s back with a wig!

[50fiftyCents] – don’t be stupid. the muslim ban was a long time coming. Obama should have done it if he weren’t a traitor.

[America Group] – I’m Muslim. Several people in my group are, too.

[batman] – BURNED

[50fiftyCents] – i don’t mean all muslims are bad. but a lot of you are terrorists. we’ve got to protect Americans first.

[ayan] – so racist.

[50fiftyCents] – Fuck you!

[strider_479] – Let’s all STOP with the politics. We have a lot more to cover.

[Kent Scott] – Indeed. We should all meet up.

[plusOne] – where?

[Level 12 Warrior] – more like how

[Kent Scott] – I am in a well-protected city. If we meet where I am we will be safe.

[plusOne] – yes pls!

[Rose] – I don’t know where I am.

[Kent Scott] – Tell me what cities you all are in, or what continent.

[America Group] – Our group is in Karas, a city in the Blighted Continent.

[BlackMage] – I’ve heard of that place. It’s constantly at war, right?

[Kent Scott] – Where are the rest of you?

[plusOne] – im in a city. its called Shieldmeet. i dont know anything else

[batman] – this is a total trap yo

[asdf] – help us i dont know where we are!!

[Loran Grimnar] – This isn’t a trap. We’re trying to link up.

[batman] – sez you. could be a trap.

[plusOne]  – wtf is wrong with you? We’re all in this together.

[batman] – u could all be fake.

[Loran Grimnar] – Fake? What the hell are you on?

[BlackMage] – There are multiple continents on this planet, and this place is HUGE. I’m not sure we can meet so easily even if we know where everyone is.

[America Group] – Agreed. There’s a lot of extremely dangerous monsters where we are. Not a safe place.

[Kent Scott] – Tell me where the rest of you are.

[asdf] – help us please!!!!!!

[Loran Grimnar] – This is such a clusterfuck.

[America Group] – Let’s try to organize. We should start with a basic description from everyone. Write down your name, location, classes, and so on.

[Kent Scott] – That is a good idea.

[asdf] – HELP

[ayan] – so annoying!

[Loran Grimnar] – Would you STOP THAT? We’re trying to communicate here.

[asdf] – HELPHELP

[asdf] – HELP

[asdf] – HELP

[batman] – asdghhASDaj

[Loran Grimnar] – STOP.

[asdf] – help us pls!!! we need help!

[Loran Grimnar] – Why do you need help? WE ALL NEED HELP.

[asdf] – save us we r dying

[Loran Grimnar] – what really?

[asdf] – monsters r everywhere we need help!!

[America Group] – You’re under attack right now?

[plusOne] – omg.

[asdf] – not now but they will come BACK!

[asdf] – they’re coming out of ground. They liv down there.

[America Group] – Where? Do you know where you are? What country?

[Level 12 Warrior] – what continent more like. how many does this place have?

[asdf] – i dont know but we need HELP!

[strider_479] – We can’t help you unless we know where you are.

[ayan] – its too far how would you get there?

[asdf] – pls…

[America Group] – I’m sorry. Is there anywhere you can hide out?

[asdf] – please come

[strider_479] – Can you give us a description of the monsters? I’m with adventurers. They can give you tips on how to fight.

[asdf] – howW?????? WE HAVE NO WEAPONS

[strider_479] – Damn it.

[Kent Scott] – Describe where you are.

[batman] – To exit the simulation, please type ‘EXIT’ without the quotation marks in the chat box and hit send. A virtual aide will be sent to you momentarily to begin the extraction process.

[50fiftyCents] – EXIT

[plusOne] – exit

[ayan] – EXIT

[strider_479] – You trolling bastard.

[plusOne] – EXIT

[Level 12 Warrior] – EXIT

[asdf] – EXIT please now pls

[batman] – …lol

[plusOne] – FUCK YOU.

[Loran Grimnar] – Jesus. Can we kick batman off the chat? Or at least mute him or something?

[BlackMage] – Sorry. The system isn’t built that way.

[Prophet] – Do not take the Lord’s Name in vain.

[batman] – wut? lol

[strider_479] – Seriously batman, if you can’t contribute anything, please keep silent.

[Loran Grimnar] – Agreed.

[Squirtle344]  – totally. shut the fuck up.

[batman] – ur all haters. u don’t know anything.


[Prophet] – Pray for Salvation and His Hand shall shelter you.

[Loran Grimnar] – …And now we’ve got crazies running around. Wonderful.

[Level 12 Warrior] – dude, shut up. we don’t need two worlds with your bullshit.

[Prophet] – All those who pray shall be Saved by the Lord our God.

[Kent Scott] – We must focus. Tell us your names. First name and last name.

[Squirtle344]  – y?

[strider_479] – Zara Walker.

[plusOne] – caren glover

[50fiftyCents] – Ridley Wallis

[ayan] – Thompson Green

[batman] – Bruce Wayne

[BlackMage] – This isn’t what we should be focusing on.

[America Group] – Agreed. We should be sharing information. Survival tips. Anything you know?

[ayan] – how do u do magic?

[batman] – with a wand. duh

[plusOne] – shut up.

[BlackMage] – You need to be activated. Not everyone has the potential to do magic, but another magic-user needs to test you.

[strider_479] – Important tips? Seems like leveling in this world is based on adversity, not repetition?

[50fiftyCents] – what? ENGLISH.

[Loran Grimnar] – She means that you can’t grind. But is that true?

[strider_479] – Seems like it. The bigger the challenges, the faster I’ve leveled.

[America Group] – I can confirm that.

[plusOne] – weird. Can u game the system?

[Loran Grimnar] – If we could, that would be amazing.


[User s has joined the conversation.]

[16 Users Connected]


[plusOne] – oh hey another one!

[America Group] – Welcome s.

[Level 12 Warrior] – i know how to game the system. multiple classes. the more you have, the more skills you get!

[Loran Grimnar] – Acquiring new classes is hard. I don’t have more than 3.

[strider_479] – This is so unfocused. Can we split up the chat somehow?

[BlackMage] – I’m sorry, this is the best I can do.

[Kent Scott] – s, what is your first and last name? Where are you from?

[s] – ?

[ayan] – wut

[batman] – looool

[s] – I can read little. Can u translat my language?? क्या आप हिन्दी बोलते हैं?

[ayan] – omg wtf is that?

[Loran Grimnar] – That’s some kind of middle eastern language, I think. Can anyone read it?

[batman] – i can.

[plusOne] – bullshit

[BlackMage] – Hang on, I think I can use Google Translate.

[ayan] – offline???

[Loran Grimnar] – You have the app? SWEET!

[batman] – खतरे यहाँ है बात नहीं करते नकली व्यक्ति यहाँ है asshole

[Loran Grimnar] – What did batman just say?


[User s has disconnected.]


[15 Users Connected]

[plusOne] – OMG YOU BASTARD.

[ayan] – wft did you type?

[batman] – haha rekt!

[BlackMage] – I just translated that. batman, I’m warning you. If you keep acting like this, in the future you will NOT be invited to other calls.

[batman] – पसंदीदा फिल्म पूछें go fuck yourself

[plusOne] – omg stfu!

[ayan] – please tell me we can kick batman

[Level 12 Warrior] – it all makes sense. hes some dude who doesn’t know English trolling around.

[Loran Grimnar] – Damnit. Can we just FOCUS for one second?

[Kent Scott] – Agreed.

[BlackMage] – Actually, I’ve got a better idea. Everyone name one of your favorite movies. It’s very important. Mine was the fourth Harry Potter movie.

[ayan] – wut?

[50fiftyCents] – are you insane?

[Rose] – ???

[America Group] – Just do it. Lord of the Rings.

[strider_479] – Seriously. Stop asking questions. I watched Red Dog as a kid.

[ayan] – um okay, Spiderman.

[twinTrouble_53] – The Princess Bride.

[asdf] – y? Star Wars Episode III.

[Loran Grimnar] – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

[Rose] – Interstallar? Not my absolute favorite but..

[50fiftyCents] – alien. best movie ever.

[plusOne] – independance day or godzilla

[Squirtle344]  – Naruto: Road to Ninja!

[Level 12 Warrior] – Back to the Future


[plusOne] – everything u say makes me feel like i have cancer. The Matrix.

[Kent Scott] – Spiderman was my favorite movie as well.

[BlackMage] – Prophet?

[Prophet] – The only Truth is the will of God, not baser delights.

[America Group] – We need to know.

[strider_479] – Tell us.

[Prophet] – Before I heard the Voice and was Reborn I watched movies such as The Ten Commandments. Is that what you wish to know?

[BlackMage] – Yes, thanks.

[America Group] – I see.

[strider_479] – Got it.

[ayan] – wtf are you talking about?

[BlackMage] – Hey Kent Scott, quick question. What’s Spiderman’s real name?

[plusOne] – what??

[ayan] – are you srs right now?

[strider_479] – No one else answer.

[Kent Scott] – Very clever.

[Loran Grimnar] – What’s going on?

[BlackMage] – Whoever this ‘Kent Scott’ is, they’re not from our world. How did you get that iPhone?

[ayan] – omg

[batman] – haxx!

[strider_479] – Who are you?

[Kent Scott] – I found this device by accident.

[strider_479] – Bullshit. How did you figure out the password?

[Level 12 Warrior] – fuck that’s right

[Kent Scott] – Hahaha. Well done.

[America Group] – Did you kill the real Kent Scott?

[BlackMage] – GUYS. The mage I’m with is telling me that your FIRST and LAST names could have been used to scry on you! He knows where you are and what you look like!

[ayan] – omg omg omg

[50fiftyCents] – FUCK.

[Loran Grimnar] – Did you do all this? WHO ARE YOU?

[Kent Scott] – Only one group could work a spell to reach across the world. You, BlackMage, are in Wistram Academy.

[BlackMage] – Everyone, disconnect now. This isn’t safe.

[plusOne] – but we need help!

[asdf] – Help us PLEASE! WE WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!

[America Group] – There’s nothing we can do right now. DO NOT ANSWER ANY CALLS. Everyone who said their names, be CAREFUL.

[BlackMage] – Disconnect NOW. Someone is trying to take over the spell here!


[User BlackMage has disconnected.]

[14 Users Connected]


[User batman has disconnected.]

[13 Users Connected]


[User Level 12 Warrior has disconnected.]

[12 Users Connected]


[User 50fiftyCents has disconnected.]

[11 Users Connected]


[Kent Scott] – I mean you no harm. I will protect you.

[asdf] – please help

[plusOne] – no he will kill you. don’t say anything

[strider_479] – DISCONNECT


[User Prophet has disconnected.]

[10 Users Connected]


[User Loran Grimnar has disconnected.]

[9 Users Connected]


[User ayan has disconnected.]

[8 Users Connected]


[User asdf has disconnected.]

[7 Users Connected]


[User rose has disconnected.]

[6 Users Connected]


[User America Group has disconnected.]

[5 Users Connected]


[User plusOne has disconnected.]

[4 Users Connected]


[User Squirtle344 has disconnected.]

[3 Users Connected]


[User strider_479 has disconnected.]

[2 Users Connected]


[Kent Scott] – Well, well. How inconvenient. Can I persuade you to stay, twinTrouble_53? I mean you no harm.

[twinTrouble_53] – Liar. And it is not twinTrouble you speak to anymore.

[Kent Scott] – Ah. Someone else?

[twinTrouble_53] – I am Flos.

[Kent Scott] – My. I would bow before you had I legs.

[twinTrouble_53] – Name yourself, thief.

[Kent Scott] – I am no one. Certainly not anyone to trouble the sleeping king.

[twinTrouble_53] – I sleep no longer. Thus I issue you a warning, thief. To you and to Wistram and all the mages who cower behind spell and door. Know that I, Flos, have returned. Those who would oppose me, tremble for all that I see will be mine. I will come for you and break down your craven towers and unmask those who would hide.

[twinTrouble_53] – I am Flos.

[twinTrouble_53] – I have returned.

[Kent Scott] – Then let us see what the King of Destruction brings. Until then.


[User Kent Scott has disconnected.]

[1 Users Connected]


[User twinTrouble_53 has disconnected.]

[0 Users Connected]


[User 伶央 has joined the conversation.]

[1 Users Connected]


[伶央] – こんにちは.

[伶央] – だれかいますか?


[User 伶央 has disconnected.]

[0 Users Connected]


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