“On first glance, this may seem to the uninformed to be a simple story using the widely perpetuated ‘gaming world’ trope of the Japanese Light Novel. In the very first chapter we are introduced to our protagonist, one Erin Solstice. Despite the ludicrous nature of her name, she quickly subverts the long-held stereotype of the overpowered main character finding herself in a world ruled by a game-like system.

Erin Solstice is, in fact, no great hero or even that intelligent to begin with. Her first conscious action upon entering this world is to clean an inn, not vanquish a monster or even get her bearings. Thus begins her adventure as an Innkeeper rather than a hero, delightfully parting with at least one convention of such storytelling.

However, that is not to say this story is great by any stretch of the imagination. Frequent spelling errors, misuse of tenses, and a lackluster update schedule plague this web serial, and the astute reader may even question the fundamental economy and underlying structure of judicial law governing this world. Are these minor concerns? No. But the very least that can be said of this story is that it is not about those who are great, but those who are normal and through their own trials either grow into heroes and legends or die.

I am minded at this point to compare Erin’s journey to the hero of Greek mythology, Perseus as he…[WORD COUNT REACHED]”