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An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.

Updates every Tuesday and Saturday.


(Banner images designed by Raoul at corellastudios.com)

227 thoughts on “Overview

    • Good question! If you have a link to it online, just post it in the comments of the latest chapter. Otherwise, you could attach it to the comment manually I think…let me know if you want me to put it in the fanworks section!

      • I’ll put it here, it’s not online so I’ll put here..
        A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
        His kingdom and dreams are dust in his hands, the sands rise to consume them both.
        Hollow dreams and broken memories plague him, hope is gone, his people fade.
        A lonely king sits upon a broken throne.
        His kingdom starves, his friends weep, the king still sleeps.
        Footsteps echo in the empty hall, his heart stirs, will he answer the secret call.
        He sees reason and truth, he sees his heart revealed.
        The king sits upon his throne.
        His friends gather, a message is sent and steel drawn, a new flame is borne.
        His toes gather and armies march, will he survive the coming war.
        A king sits upon a broken throne.
        The earth is shaken and blood is spilt, the lightning burns the past away.
        A war is won, a heart is broken as chains are forged, new slaves are born.
        Flos sits upon his throne.
        His people many, his army vast, his fire burning once again.
        He marches forth, a nation is broken, it’s city in ruins, a great foe he beheads.
        The world knows he is awake.
        Flos the King Of Destruction sits upon a mighty throne.

  1. I love this so much! I wished you’d stop teasing us with a certain minotaur though…

    I am worried that these questions will be taken as criticisms.


    Why did the “prev chapter” and “next chapter” buttons at the top of the page go away? It is now mildly inconvenient to get to the latest chapter when I’m compulsively reloading the page until it becomes public

    Is there any way you could make the chapters public at a set time? Unless you already do… I guess I’m just bothered by being awake at 3:00 in the morning and wanting to read the latest chapter xD

  2. I have a few question about the dungeon, in 1:40 one of the adventurers thinks to himself that the first chunk of the dungeon that was found could be the burial place of one of the Old Things, it makes his blood run cold when he thinks on it. What are the Old Things? are they truly monstrous threats? will they be mentioned again? and will one or two of them be locked in the dungeon, waiting to rise against the world? Or will the dungeon be a resting place for a dark and evil god that’s still sleeping?

    • Hi Miguel! Wow, thanks for the page of doodles! I’d love to put it on the Fanworks page. Let me know if you’d like me to add it there and under what name you’d like to be credited/want me to link to an artist’s page. Thanks for drawing and reading the story!

  3. Any sammich (sandwich) monsters guarding the inn, Pirateaba? Just an idea, to help Erin keep thieves away from the pantry… 😀

  4. Hi!
    Dont have much to say, but I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing. Just caught after 3 weeks of what feels like non-stop reading and wow what a ride! :)

    I am generally a huge fan of world-building and you have really crafted a wonderful world here , the contrasts between the different cultures (although a bitch tropey at times i guess?) comes across so well, this paired with characters that feel very real and have very satisfying developments makes it such a treat! I am “secretly” hoping for some more Erin growth, she feels a bit stagnated at times, that might just be her playing up the ditzy tho :)

    Im now a proud patreon member and cant wait for the next chapters :D

  5. Hi Pirataba,
    Just read the first volume (on kindle) and absolutely loved it! Cannot wait for the rest to be released in the same format (although I may well dip into the next one here!). Please continue with the great work and looking forward to reading the rest ☺️

    • Also, do you know when you’ll be able to get the next volume up on kindle? No worries if not, just seriously excited for the next one 😊

    • Another reader who started on the Kindle here. Your e-book was a suggestion by the amazon shop, and I liked the idea of an innkeeper as a hero(ine), so I bought it. After finishing it I came here immediatly to continue!
      I especially like that you have two female heros – a nice change from a lot of other fantasy literature! Thanks for your work!

      • Same here, read on the Kindle after it put Vol. 1 on recommended list and 3 weeks later I’ve caught up and become Patreon member. Amazing work!

  6. What is your stance on fanfiction and/or crossovers with your story? If you are okay with fanfiction about your story, what are some guidelines and/or limitations (ex. things/situations you don’t want happening to your characters)?

    • Hey Curious, my stance on fanfiction is like most author’s. It’s not something I’d ever go after someone over unless they were claiming credit for the story itself. Or, I dunno, doing something completely awful with it. Hard to tell what that might be. Fanfiction’s fanfiction! You do you. Just write well and with passion!




  8. Hi, I am new here and have a question. How do I read this without using the Worldpress reader as advised at the beginning?? Read the book already with my Kindle but this Scrolling is getting old. Any advice ??
    Thanks !! 😉

  9. While I waited for the story to load for the non Patreon readers I did search for what the corresponding letter would reference. I thought that it would be for Reynolds the Butler, but this one about Bird was amazing.

    What I believe to have figured out.
    Blank= Erin, though later (in book two) R dropped and merged into the blanks
    D= Doctor
    E= Emperor
    G= Goblin (five so far: Rags, Garen, Goblin adventures, Lord, Tremborag)
    H= Horns of Hammerand
    K= King Flos
    M= Magnolia
    M= Mrsha
    N= Niers (the Titan)
    R= Royoka
    S= Selys
    T= Toren

  10. not sure where to add my comments, but here goes.

    was reading through the glossary, and came across two corrections:

    Illphres – Fix spelling: “Wistram UNDER..” –> “Wistram UNTIL..”

    Mossbears – “Mothbears are larger…” –> “Mossbears are larger…”

    and lastlly
    Ishkr – What’s his secret?


  11. Will post my Amazon Canada review here and look forward to purchasing your other volumes as released. Just discovered by a recommendation on Goodreads so word of mouth works Bravo and thank you.

    Great read, fun enjoyable characters interesting world.

    Starts very slow in an enjoyable leisurely way, however it contains all kinds of joy, heartbreak and hope before you hit the end. This novel feels paced like an excellent TV series as opposed the more instant gratification typical movie that due to its nature must move the plot forward quicker.

    Enjoy the ride is my recommendation.

    Look forward to reading more hopefully the quality continues to this high bar.

  12. I just came across this image on Wikipedia for a post-glacial valley in Tierra del Fuego that reminds me of the description of Liscor- towering mountains (not high enough, but getting in that direction), a narrow valley that is full of pools and lakes and run-off. But no Bird. That I could see, anyways.

    The photographer has given permission for anyone to use it (if they give attribution).

  13. Now I wonder if they’ll just tunnel them down into the city of the dead in a dead drop, with the Necromancer allowing it because of all the high level premade undead.
    Also Goblin town

  14. It’s really weird. I get this odd very low, buzzing sound whenever I open this website for some reason. I can’t figure it out.

    • Sometimes (on my home PC) I get a virus warning. Not at work or on my tablet though. It is not a low buzzing, but a loud screech. Donno, if those are connected

      • Altra: that sounds like a audio alert sent through your speakers by your anti virus software. Probably different than what Lhans is talking about.

    • Buzzing is usually some “coil whine” on your motherboard, video card, or PSU rattling around at a very high frequency. It can occasionally be a fan dying too but its less common.

      Usually it means those components are getting stressed a bit too much. It can also mean a fan died inside your PC and its not getting ventilated properly too when that component is stressed. Or that there is dust build up on some components causing localized over heating when stressed.

      Occasionally its just a poorly manufactured part at play and it miiiiiiiiiight be getting near the end of its life but that is unlikely if you don’t hear the sound all the time.

      Easiest fix is to open the case while the PC is running and eyeball all the fans are spinning and dust isn’t caked on anything. If a fan is stopped then turn off the PC and replace it. If dust is caked on stuff then turn off the PC and blow it off with compressed air. If that doesn’t stop it then install some hardware monitoring software that lets you check temps like CPUID and make sure your CPU temp is less than 70C and that any motherboard temp readouts are below 90C.

      If temps are OK and there are no fan or dust issues then its either a poorly manufactured component that is getting over stressed on this site for some reason. The old fix for that was to find the coil causing the noise and hot glue it to stop the vibrating but that is seen as a half assed fix these days.

      If all that DIY PC fix it stuff is too much for you than you can of course pay some guy to find and fix it but its pretty expensive to do. You might just have to live with it for now. Or perhaps move your case farther away so you don’t hear the noise so much?

      Good luck.

  15. I am not a native speaker of English and I have a stupid question: Could you, please, elaborate on the meaning of the phrase “a moment of grace”? Does the word grace in this case mean “effortless beauty or charm of movement, form or proportion” or “divine favour”? Ivolethe said it once, and then Ryoka used that phrase, as well.

    PS: I LOVE The Wandering Inn! I hope it never ends! May you live eternally and may you never cease to have all those amazing and wonderful ideas!

    • Hi dreamyfill,
      Not sure if anyone ever responded to your question but I have some thoughts that may help.
      It seems to me that a “moment of grace” in this context was probably intended to mean something similar to the “unmerited divine favour” definition of grace but since the gods are supposed to be dead in Innworld, I’m not sure that any particular divinity is supposed to be responsible.

  16. Are you going to publish volume 2 on the Kindle? I prefer reading on my kindle over any lcd screen and am totally willing to pay to do that. I’ve only read volume 1 because of this but I loved, loved, loved it – and would like to get further into the story.

  17. I just realized that whenever read about a nameless/faceless woman on the internet that has an “alpha” quality to her, I think of Ryoka.

  18. Hi pirateaba. I read and enjoyed volume 1 some time back and am keen to get stuck in to volume 2. However I find I have less than perfect recall concerning events from the former. Are you aware of any sources where I get can a summary of events from vol. 1?

  19. I have a question. Will Erin ever become a General? I mean she simply told the world’s system to shut up and it essentially kind of went “FINE! NO LEVELS FOR YOU!” Was curious will she ever get that back?

  20. Quick question: Do Erin ever stop being so… Erin. I am only on chapter 16 book one, and I am listening to the Audiobook ; good job on the narrator by the way she is awesome. I can’t stop listening to the book by the way thank you for writing it and I love everyone but her. She has to be the most annoying female I have come across in a while. Tell me she grows a pair and she is nicer to the people (sentient beings) that are nice to her. And she stops being so cavalier about her own survival and her livelihood.

  21. It’s official I love everyone but the main character. She is the worst. Why is she so horrible to Pisces, the skeleton and everyone else. I am not done yet. I hope she gets better but at this point I just hope all of her patrons run the end by themselves and let the rock crabs have her. Okay that is all. I love everything else, everyone else. I am on book one listening not reading (I know, I know) but I am looking forward to digging into Volume 2 and hoping Erin stops being someone I hope gets hit by a run away cart.

  22. This is the first time a book has enticed me enough to find out more about ‘everything’. The author, which is you, the back story, what’s coming next & when can I get it??? I love your story, the characters, though Erin could lighten up a bit, the break from post-apocalyptic, survival,zombies & vampires which seem like all that’s available for today’s sci-fi fans. You are refreshing, engaging, and I hope you have more stories left in you because I love your style. Props to the selection of narrators.. Whether deliberate or fate, you couldn’t have found anyone to better tell the Audible version of your story. I have vision problems so was glad to have the choice of audio. However bright lights & a magnifying glass are at the ready for the next stories. Please hurry and thank you for a wonderful tale and some wonderful, creative fans who have added to my enjoyment!

  23. Volume 2.1 “Ryoka took Selys’s hand, shook it once, and then quickly let go. It took her all of her self-control not to wipe her hand at the touch of smooth scales”
    The second sentence didn’t make much sense to me I understand what you were trying to say maybe it was a typo or something. I know you wanted to know if we found anything but I wasn’t sure where to post it. I bought volume one on Audible and when I googled the book I found this website, I usually just do Audiobooks but The Wandering Inn Volume 2 has me reading again. It’s also cool that I listened to volume 1 on audiobook so when I am reading I hear all the different characters voices. By the way the audiobook Rocked!!!

  24. Is there any estimate of when volume 2 will be released as an audiobook? I’m absolutely in love with the first book and I can’t wait for more, but I’m visually impaired and reading is difficult.

  25. Stumbled across your book on Amazon. Bought the first one, fell in love with your writing, bought the Audible version (want Book 2 in audio pretty please same narrator) then bought Book 2 from Amazon and in the middle of the book. Totally forgot TV, and am so engrossed. Will start Book 3 online, but wonder if you could have it transferred to Amazon so I could buy it, and all your other books on the Wandering Inn. Have trouble sitting for long periods of time at my computer. But will continue reading your books. Thank you, thank you for continuing this series.

  26. I absolutely loved volume 1 and 2 on Amazon kindle, and was heartbroken to see that the next volumes aren’t available. I thought about reading the rest here, but white letters on black background is incredibly irritating to my eyes, so I just physically can’t. When will the next volumes be published?

  27. I am very impressed with your ability to make so many characters and so many aspects of this world all come so alive. After the first volume, I was really invested in Erin and it felt a bit awkward every time you wrote a chapter from a different P.O.V. but now I find myself sinking into each new character with delight, especially when we see so many familiar faces crossing paths, like in the newest chapter with the Players of Celum, or the way Reynold helped Laken in Invrisil.
    The world you’ve created has become so very big but you’ve accomplished the extraordinary feat of making the whole thing personal and familiar. So many different characters, so many different stories, and yet every one is realistic, fantastic, and soon to be (if not already) intertwined with all the rest. There is the potential for so very many stories still to come in this world. It’s incredible!
    These stories bring me much joy. Thank you for that and keep up the great work!
    Oh, and are we ever going to find out how Niers learned chess? At one point you wrote that, though he is credited with creating the game, he knows that to not be true. If I remember correctly, I think it was said that only he and Foliana knew the truth. Does he know about our world? Is that why he’s starting to show interest in the United Nations Company?

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